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Prologue start:

Hueco Mundo, Aizen's chambers...

Aizen's Sousuke sat in his personal chambers with a bowl of strawberries dipped in chocolate next to him. Taking one ruby red strawberry from the bowl, he bit into the chocolate covered end, silently savoring the decadent taste of bitter chocolate with the tangy sharpness of the strawberry.His mind is immediately drawn to think of the orange haired substitute shinigami, one Kurosaki Ichigo. Letting out a sigh of satisfaction, Aizen continued to muse on the subject of the teen, whom he honestly admitted that he wouldn't mind having that wonderful lithe body underneath him, or in his bed. Cotinuing to fantasise about the lithe yet muscular body writhing in pleasure beneath him, amber eyes half lidded and glazed over in desire. He could hear the delicious moans the teen would give him as – Aizen was jerked out of his fantasy by the growing tightness in his hakama. Glancing down, he groaned in disbelief and self reproach. He needed a cold shower.

Real World, Karakura Town:

Isshin sat alone in his room, for once silent and serious, as he mused over his son's fast increasing reiatsu. He knew Yamamoto, and thus knew his personal motto: "If you can't control it, destroy it." Coming to a decision, he knew he had to act soon.

Ichigo knew something was up when Isshin walked into his room without the goofy act he put on. So he sat down and listened – as calmly as possible – to all that Isshin had to say about his past. Needless to say, Ichigo was shocked, overwhelmed... and shocked. Who could have known that Isshin was a former captain, Kisuke his lover, and Aizen his kouhai? It was mind numbing, for certain, to know that your 'enemy' is actually your father's friend.

Isshin walked to Urahara Shoten, with a letter written to Aizen in hand, and a request in his mind. As usual, Urahara awaited him with a cup of tea and an enigmatic smile hidden behind that fan and his favourite green and white striped hat on his head. Isshin sat down comfortably and got down to business, ignoring Urahara's pout for not getting his 'hello' kiss.

Seireitei, Captain's meeting hall:

Yamamoto summoned the captains. Ignoring the usual formalities, he started the meeting with two simple, yet devastating statements which would bring about war. "Kurosaki Ichigo has grown too strong and we are unable to control him. Thus, I will assign Captain Soi Fon to assassinate the Kurosaki family as well as to take care of any loose ends." This brought about many different reactions in the room.

Byakuya's widened then narrowed in anger and a hint of defiance.

Unohana, Ukitake and Kyouraku glanced at each other resignedly, as it had come to this after all.

Hitsugaya Toshiro's eyes narrowed.

Soi Fon's eyes showed a bit of regret but knew that she would carry out her orders.

Kenpachi was unhappy that he'd never get to fight the boy again.

Komamura was silent.

Mayuri was simply ecstatic at the chance to 'study' such a rare specimen.

And so it came to pass that the Gotei Juubantai was separated into the two factions on that very day that Ichigo's assassination was announced. And underneath the floors of the meeting hall, an arrancer sonidoed away to report to his master the recent developments within Seireitei.

And so, a whole new chain of events was brought into existence.


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