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Chapter 1- The Moon Kingdom

The Earth shone bright against the deep and dark night sky. It illuminated the entire Moon Kingdom, making the white pillars of the castle seem to glow like slivery crystals. The breeze was light with little tension in it, as if everything at that moment should be perfect. Unfortunately, everything was not as perfect as the breeze might have claimed.

Princess Serena stood at her balcony railing, observing the palace from above, watching people laugh with one another, giving off the vibe that they were having a good time. The princess let another tear fall down her rosy cheeks. She had been crying all night. Prince Endymion had left her this morning, and not at the best time either. Princess Serena slammed her fist against the railing in frustration, 'he couldn't have waited until after the ball? I have no one to escort me to the grand entrance! I will look like a fool in front of my people!' she thought, 'Mother doesn't know either. She will be so disappointed in me. Goodness, she's worked so hard to get this ball organized with the Egyptian Palace, and now I've ruined it by not having Endymion with me! He was supposed to be the one to form an alliance between our kingdom and the Egyptians!'

People gradually started to file into the palace for the start of the ball. The princess buried her face in the palms of her hands and cried. She didn't know what she was going to do; she had let her mother and her kingdom down. She felt like running far away from the mess that was laid out in front of her. Princess Serena perked her head up, her blonde, meatball-shaped hair flopping around on top of her head. She had an idea. She was going to run.

The Pharaoh walked swiftly into one of the Moon palaces many meeting rooms with his High Priest and guards to have a quick discussion with Queen Serenity before the ball began. The palace was big and beautiful, just as the Pharaoh expected and he was happy to finally have an opportunity to meet with the Moon Kingdom. When Queen Serenity walked into the room it was as if time had stopped. Her grace and beauty reflected her gorgeous palace, as the Pharaoh expected, but he truly underestimated the kingdoms ruler. She was captivating, her silvery hair falling slightly over one shoulder, her white dress catching every curve perfectly, and her silver eyes were beyond anything the young Pharaoh had ever seen. The Pharaoh and his High Priest bowed to the Queen, and she mimicked them just the same.

"Thank you, your majesty, for hosting this fitting event for my kingdom," the Pharaoh said sincerely, "we are thankful for you blessings."

Queen Serenity smiled brightly at the young Pharaoh, his hair was spiked upward and colorful, his skin was tanned, and the golden puzzle necklace shined brightly, matching nicely with the other golden accessories he was wearing. "The Moon Kingdom and I are pleased to have the Egyptians as our guests." The queen paused for a moment and observed the Pharaoh's High Priest. The Priest was tall, dark skinned and handsome, he was wearing the same golden accessories as the Pharaoh and had a golden rod attached to his side. The queen smiled at the man and asked, "What is your name, my dear?"

The High Priest's sapphire blue eyes flashed as he fixed his vision upon the queen, "my name is Seto, your majesty."

Queen Serenity nodded, "Thank you for assisting the Pharaoh thus far, Seto, but your assistance is no longer needed. I would like a moment alone with your king if you'd be so kind," Serenity smiled innocently and continued, "feel free to roam about the palace as you please."

High Priest Seto looked down at his king and the Pharaoh nodded to him, signaling his permission to leave along with the guards, "Thank you, your majesty," and with that the High Priest and the guards were gone.

As soon as the porcelain colored doors were shut Queen Serenity let out a sigh, "Alone at last…"

High Priest Seto walked about the palace like he'd lived there all his life even though he had no idea where he was going. He felt as though he were going in circles but he had to keep his composure, he was the High Priest after all, he couldn't appear as though he was a lost puppy. As he wandered about the palace he came across a noise that seemed out of the usual. The priest looked towards where the sound was coming from. A little ways down the long hallway there was a light shining from underneath a tall, pearly white door. High Priest Seto made his way to the door. As he approached, the noise seemed to sound like sobbing or crying. The white door was cracked just enough for Seto to peer inside. He saw a girl with blonde hair, wearing a white dress rushing to grab some belongings from a drawer. Before Seto realized it, the door flew open!

"AH!" The girl screamed as she jolted backwards in surprise, "Wh-who are y-you?"

High Priest Seto stood there, frozen like a statue. He didn't know what to do or say, he'd been spying on her, what was he supposed to say?

The girl blinked a few times, the remaining tears flowing down her face. She stared at him, confusion crossing her ocean blue eyes, "Excuse me…. I-I nee-need to go…." She tried to move past him but the Priest's hand caught her wrist abruptly and she turned swiftly to face him, this time frustration flashed through her eyes.

Seto stared at her for a few moments; light and dark blue eyes piercing through each other, creating a whirlpool of emotions that boiled up in the two of them. When Seto finally spoke his voice was quiet and demanding, "Are you alright, Miss?"

The blonde girl let another tear fall softly. She spoke in a whisper, "Yes…. I'm fine…. P-please le-let me go…."

Her stutters were unconvincing to Seto and he pulled her a little closer, "I think you are lying to me, Miss. You seem to be upset."

Her eyes flashed of anger once again and her voice suddenly became strong and edgy, "I do not need to tell you anything! Who are you and what are you doing in my presence?"

The priest was a bit shocked at her words but was unmoved nonetheless, "Do you even know who you are talking to?" He tightened his grip on her wrist slightly, making her wince in pain.

She growled at him, "Excuse me!" She ripped her wrist out of his grasp and placed her hands on her hips, "That is no way to treat a princess!"

Seto's eyes widened with realization and he bowed slightly in apology, "Forgive me you highness, I did not realize that I was speaking to the Moon Kingdom's Princess."

"What is your name?" the Princess demanded.

"I am the Pharaoh's High Priest. My name is Seto."

The Princess suddenly let her intimidating demeanor fall as she gave him a small curtsey, "Oh, please forgive me the Pharaoh's High Priest," she paused, her embarrassment taking over, "I should not have met you in such a way before…."

High Priest Seto cracked a small smile, "What is your name Princess?"


Queen Serenity slouched slightly in her chair, placing her hand on her temple, as if she were trying very hard to think of something. Nothing did seem to come and Serenity spoke in a stressed tone of voice, "I am worried, Atem. The state of the solar system is unstable. The Moon Senate doesn't know what to do about the threats to the Moon Kingdom. The Plants are all trying to help, but it's not enough. I'm afraid at this rate Queen Beryl could be after the Earth and it's kingdoms as well…."

Pharaoh Atem stared at her, his piercing violet eyes did not fluctuate their determined composure, "Serenity, Prince Endymion has informed me of this but he, as well as myself, do not know what to do. All we can do is fight and hope for the best."

"But what about my people!" Serenity pleaded, "What about the people of the Planets!"

Atem stared her down, the determination never leaving his face, "I have just defeated the Dark Emperor Zork," he paused to put more conviction into his voice, "Queen Beryl will be defeated, I can assure you."

The two had a staring contest for awhile before Queen Serenity spoke, "I'm afraid Beryl might be after the Silver Crystal…." A tear fell lightly down Serenity's pale face, "And if she gets a hold of it….. I'm dead…. The Moon Kingdom will die…."

Pharaoh Atem stood up from his chair and grabbed the Queen's soft hand, "I can assure you, my kingdom will do everything in its power to stop Beryl."

"But if the Silver Crystal is destroyed-"

Serenity was cut off by Atem, "I have placed my faith in the Millennium Items," Serenity glanced down at the pyramid-shaped puzzle around the Pharaoh's neck, "If anything happens to my kingdom, the Millennium Items will restore peace and justice."

The Queen blinked, "What do you mean?"

Pharaoh Atem picked up the golden puzzle and held it up to eye level, "My soul is locked away within my Millennium Puzzle…." He paused to stare at the item and then said, "I suggest you do the same with the Silver Crystal."

Queen Serenity took a deep breath, "I cannot. When it's my time to die, I must."

"Where are you going on an evening such as this?" High Priest Seto inquired, "Isn't this ball important to your mother and yourself?"

Princess Serena glared up at the Priest, "It is none of your business, High Priest. I am sorry."

Seto smirked, he was not expecting the sobbing princess he had met just a short time ago to have such a feisty bite to her, "I am sorry for pressing the issue, Princess."

Serena nodded and started to walk away. She was frustrated with him. What authority did he have snooping about her wing of the palace anyways? He had spied on her and disrespected her! But on the other side of things she was a mess when he'd first seen her, and anyone would like to know what happened. She shook her head, 'No! He does not have a right to know! Besides, I am on an important mission. Mission Run Away.' And that's when it hit her. What was she doing running away from her problems? She would soon become the leader of the Moon Kingdom, and she couldn't run away then, could she? Absolutely not! She had to face this and find someone to take Endymion's place at the grand entrance.

Serena swiftly turned on her heels to where High Priest Seto was now starting to walk the other direction. "HEY! HOLD IT!"

Seto spun around to face her, "Yes, Princess?"

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