Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter

Rating: M (violence, sexual themes)

Pairing: Alex/OFC

Genre: Romance/Crime

Summary: Alex is recovering from his... disease, his sickness. When a woman crosses his path his past comes out to help, and he possibly finds just who he needs to survive.

Author Note: I love the Clockwork Orange. It's a very... disturbed movie that I find interesting. If any of you know; one of the few songs played was called "Lighthouse Keeper" and Alex had been told he should find a girl which he was last seen contemplating during the end of the movie at the National Record Library where this first starts off at. Thank you so much for taking time to check this out.
This chapter itself is rated T, not M. Just to make that clear before I get any questions as to why it's not full of mature content. :P

Alex was settled happily at his desk in the National Record Library, he'd spend hours at work and forget what time it was, he'd spent much of his time now working overtime just to keep his mind at work.
His sickness was subsiding and work really did pull out the better of him. He tilted his head up when he heard the door open and shut close. A woman stood before him, she had long red hair that was curled at the bottom lightly. He estimated she was about 5'2", she had very pale skin and caramel brown eyes. She was in a very small silk dress with a bright red rose pinned to the left side, little was left to the imagination as she walked forward in her three inch black stilettos.

"Hello." he gave her a smile, "How may I help you?" it was rare anyone ever came into the Library, especially a sexy woman clad in so little.

"Hello," she replied, she had a file pulled close to her busty chest "I need to look at a deed file." she requested, he gave a nod, not sure why she'd be curious about a deed.

"What kind of deed?" he asked, raising a brow at her, she pushed the file onto his desk and opened it up. A lighthouse deed, eh? "Follow me." he motioned for her to stay close as he stood up and headed for Lighthouse deed files. "Which particular deed?" he asked her, pulling open the cabinet.

"Smithson Lighthouse." she muttered, sighing lightly, "A man came claiming my pa's lighthouse belongs to him. We're trying to prove it's rightfully ours."

"Ah, Smithson... Here." he pulled up the file and looked at the deed and information all about the lighthouse and its past. "It's original owner was a Jeremy Smithson." he said, continuing to shift through the rest of the deeds and files, "Then it was Carl Waters who was killed in the lighthouse four years after he inherited the lighthouse." He would have continued, but the woman continued,

"Yes. My great-grandfather married Smithson's daughter, he loved great-grandpa and gave him the lighthouse." he nodded to her.

"It seems as if there is no reason it should be under question." he took a moment to continue looking over the deeds. There really wasn't any reason at all. Unless, "Did Smithson have a son?" the woman nodded once.

"Yes, he did, he was killed when he was 23." she noted, none the bit happy to mention it.
"Interesting." he said quietly, "Who is fighting the deed being yours?" he asked her.

"A man named Jacques Evermore. He says that Smithson gave him the deed, not Carl." she sighed loudly, "It's very irritating. The lighthouse is all I have that connects me to any of my family now that my father is dead." she hugged herself tightly and Alex frowned, depressing. Really.

"How'd he pass?" Alex asked suddenly, she gave a very disapproving look but answered anyway.

"He fell off the top of the lighthouse. He died in the hospital from the injuries he sustained in the fall." she wasn't telling him everything, but he wasn't about to fight for the full story. "I don't think it was an accident." she finished, seeming to have read his mind.

"Interesting indeed." he nodded and went to the records over the Evermore's in the area. He pulled Jacques file out and passed it to her. "What's your name by the way?" he asked her, she gave him a small smile as she took the file into her hands.
"I'm Crystal Waters." she said quietly and looked through Jacques file. "Yourself?" she asked, he smiled at her and closed in on her a little.

"Alex DeLarge." he gave her a victorious smile, winking at her which she seemed to be fine with. "What'd you find on him?" he asked her, looking into the file.

"He was charged with assault, and domestic violence. Other than that he's pretty clean." she frowned at Alex. "I could probably charge murder on him too, if I had my way." she growled, "What about his father?" Alex shifted through and found none on any Evermore's related to Jacques.

"None." he said, she looked for a birth certificate only to find none. "That's. . . not right." he tilted his head to the side and looked at the file she was shifting through. None at all.

"Thank you for your help." she said quietly and handed him the files back. "I think I have obtained all I've come here for." he watched her begin to turn around and he grabbed her wrist.

"Don't you want to know why?" he asked her, she gave him a slight smile and shook her head.

"No, I don't. I'll just fix this myself." he smiled back at her and took her hand into his,

"Would you like some. . . assistance?" he asked her quietly. She gave him a devilish smile that he knew too well. He'd done it before many times he left his disastrous life that had cursed him for so long. "I think I can provide just what you need." she gave him a smile that told him she was thinking the same thing.

"After work then? He'll be coming over today." she pushed herself lightly against his chest and turned to walk out. "See you at six." He watched her walk out, she swayed her hips just enough for Alex to find a small peak of enjoyment out of it. She was going to be fun. He gave a smile and sat down at his desk again. Oh, the fun he would have today.

Alex walked out of the Library and saw Crystal waiting patiently in her car, it had a small dent on its side and multiple scratches around the entire car, but it was a hot-rod car, and he knew it had to be fast. "Hello." she said to him as he stepped into the car. "Hope you don't mind the scratches." she laughed, "Too many drag races." she laughed a bit louder, he stared at her with an interesting gaze, "Happens."

"I suppose so, Crystal." she nodded to him and stepped on the gas. "So, the plan is?" he raised a brow at her, noticing how high her dress had ridden up.

"Kill him." she turned to him for a moment, he gave her a devilish smile. She was going to be much more fun than he figured originally.

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Chapter 2: Plots and Hots