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Will Nudge ever learn to shut her mouth? The world may never know.

You would think she'd learn by now, but no, she just keeps rambling. But, hey, what can I say? I love her just as much as everyone else in the Flock.

"Oh my GOSH! I think I love the world," Nudge screamed through the wind. We were flying around in the night air, all six of us. The original six. "Or at least the part of it that wasn't trying to kill us!"

Iggy flew up to me, close enough so that only I could hear him mumble, "My ears are still bleeding."

I suppressed a smile and gazed below me. Gazzy and Angel were chatting, happy to be reunited. I was happy for them. Nudge was above me, spinning as if she were on hyper drive. And Fang… FANG? Where was he? I turned around frantically, afraid he had disappeared again like so many times before, only to find him staring at me with his dark eyes.

Some things never change.

"Let's land here," I told them, and my wings extended a tiny bit more as I began my descent.

I as sure as heck didn't know where we were. I didn't care, and no one objected. My wandering mind went back to the night's who knows how long ago, back when I was fourteen and more of a mother. We used to camp out all of the time. Nudge would sing Brittney Spears songs so many times that Iggy's ears wouldn't be the only ones bleeding. Gazzy would make a melody to the songs by passing gas. And even though it would be our five millionth time hearing Toxic, we would sing along anyway. Fang would stay silent, counting grains of sand or whatever he did. Angel would be whispering the next one on the playlist, and everything was as normal as life ever would have been.

If we hadn't been bird mutants.

The area we landed in had a decent clearing, perfect for us. The pine trees were plentiful as they surrounded us, and the crickets made me calm.

Iggy made the fire like always, taking matches from his never-ending supply of fire starting material. I reached into my torn, mud-and-blood covered backpack and took out all of the stuff inside before throwing the bag into the fire. Too many bad memories were etched into it, and I didn't care to remember them.

Granola bars and Capri Suns served as our exquisite five-star meal that only I could've made. Soon after finishing, Gazzy patted him tummy with a sarcastic edge. "Wow, full! Goodnight." And with that he collapsed onto the ground and started snoring not ten seconds later. I couldn't blame him. It had been a long day.

One by one, we started sleeping. Angel was in my lap when she did, and she was just a tired, little girl. Not anything else… other than a winged, shape-shifting, mind-reading freak.

Only then did I notice that Fang was still awake, still staring at me from ten feet away. I sighed. "Hey."


It is funny how one simple word can just make a person feel better. Gently, I set Angel on the ground and made my way over to him. I sat down and laid my head on his shoulder. I felt his tense body loosen up and his right arm encircle me protectively. My eyes closed and I let out a puff of air.

We didn't really talk. I must've fallen asleep in his warm embrace, because soon he was shaking me.

"Whamf?" I asked grumpily, my voice muffled by his shirt. Then it occurred to me that my head was lying on his chest.

Did you expect me to move it? Uh, no! It was comfy and I was too lazy. It's not like I was mesmerized by his killer six pack or anything…

"Get up," he chuckled, and when I slid my gaze up to his face, he gave me his Fang grin (the one where it is not really a smile, but the closest you'll ever see on him) and pushed me off him.

"Ugh," I groaned as my pillow was replaced by dirt. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my aching feet. Then he started dragging me through the forest, which I did not appreciate, due to the fact that I continuously tripped over roots and acted completely stupid and un-sexy. Not that I was trying to be sexy!

Okay, maybe I was. Fang was there, and I didn't want to be a drill sergeant, but then again, sexy has never really been my thing.

We reached another clearing, but this one, unlike ours, was a cliff.

"Why did you bring me here?"

Fang smirked. "You want to go fly around?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Hm, I don't know. It seems to me that something bad always happens when we leave the flock to go 'fly around'."

"I think they have proved that they can defend themselves, and it will only be for a few minutes." His voice was willing me to give in. It was true; they could take care of themselves perfectly. Maybe that is why I didn't want to leave.

Of all times, it had to cross my mind now. I wasn't ready for the Flock to not need me anymore. They'd soon be grown up and gone, not needing me to make, or attempt to make them food. They wouldn't need me to save their butts.

Fang pretty much read my thoughts. "Max, you will always be their mother. You aren't going to let them go today, and you aren't going to let them go tomorrow."

"I know," I replied, but I wasn't sure if I really did.

"No you don't. You're just too stubborn to realize it."

Normally, I would have been taken aback, but I was too fatigued to do anything other than stare back at him.

So then, at that moment when my mind was blank, Fang cupped my chin in his hand and kissed me. I was lost in the passion of it, and I swear that I floated up to heaven and danced my little love-filled heart out.

He wasn't like Dylan, not by a long shot. He was definitely better. He was the one I loved, and no one would ever tell me different.

I told you so Max.

I ignored the stupid Voice, knowing that maybe, at one point, it had been right. Maybe the Voice had always been on my side.

Sometime later, he released me, but captured my hand in his. We walked to the edge of the cliff, and I thought of Ella, Mom, Jeb, Ari, and so many others that had impacted my life, my decisions. Without those fights and those secrets and those experiments, there would be no me, no Fang, and no Flock. Perhaps I actually had something to thank them for.

We and gazed out into the night, like how people in those romance movies do it.

"Ready?" Fang asked me.

"Yeah," I whispered.

We extended our wings, making them overlap, and prepared for flight.

And so, that is how I thought it would end.

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