Final Cut

Back at Shady Cabin, Eddie was getting inpatient. As he anxiously paced back and forth, Alyssa managed to undo he gag and tried help her boyfriend regain his sanity. "Eddie stop, you don't know what you're doing. You'd never hurt any of us" she said, desperately trying to talk some sense into Eddie. As Eddie listened, once again he temporarily regained his sanity. "Oh my God, what the fuck am I doing?" Eddie said to himself as he grabbed his head. Suddenly he heard the Director's voice ringing in his head. "Don't listen to her kid; she's trying to get in your head. Come on focus, listen to me" the voice said causing Eddie to scream in agony before his eyes turned bloodshot red once more as he picked up his Golden Desert Eagle and pointed it at Sam. "Sorry, Eddie's not here right now, he's about to blow this bitch's brains out!" Eddie yelled.

Just as Eddie was about to pull the trigger, Danny burst in. "Danny, I thought you'd never get here" Eddie said before he dove at Danny, who responded with a roundhouse kick sending Eddie flying across the room. "Oh, so the ghost boy wants to play, let's play" Eddie said before nailing Danny with a roundhouse kick of his own followed by a flurry of stiff blows, his martial arts training allowing him to take the advantage. Danny eventually blasted Eddie before the two continued their vicious fistfight. While this was going on, Wulf had managed to find the Shady Cabin and was freeing the others. "That's it, fuck this shit!" Eddie said before he shot Danny with a lightning bolt causing Danny to fall to the ground and go back into human form. "Again, he has got to teach me that trick" Danny said before he fell unconscious. "Game, Set, Match" Eddie said just as he was about to kill Danny before Wulf threw him to the ground and slashed at his chest. Eddie, not to be easily defeated threw a fireball in Wulf's face, blinding the beast and allowing Eddie to blast him. Eventually the fight made its way outside and near the cliff. While the others watched, Eddie was growing weaker and weaker, finally reverting back into human form and dropping to his knees as his girlfriend ran to embrace him.

All of a sudden the Director's voice boomed "I've had quite enough of this nonsense!" As the Director yelled the ground shook violently and Alyssa fell over the side of the cliff causing Eddie to once again regain his sanity, this time permanently. "Alyssa, No!" Eddie yelled as he dove over the cliff, saving Alyssa just in time. "I'm BAAAAAAAACK!" Eddie yelled back to his normal self. "So does this mean you're not going to try and kill us anymore?" asked CJ. "Yeah, but there's still one more thing we need to take care of," Eddie replied "I think it's time we wrap things up"

Suddenly the Director popped out of nowhere. "Cut, Cut, Cut! This isn't going as planned! You're supposed to kill them, come on blow their brains out; and you (Wulf) where'd you come from? No matter, I'll just destroy all of you right now!" the Director yelled angrily as he grew larger and larger until he was the size of a giant. "And Lights, Camera, and ACTION!" "I'm going ghost!" yelled Danny as he and Eddie transformed into their ghostly alter egos. As Danny, Eddie, and Wulf went on the attack, the Director reached for his "special effects" frag grenades, but they were snatched and destroyed by Eddie. "Oh no you don't; not this time" Eddie said before blasting the faceless film freak. The director however bounced back and using his megaphone as a weapon nailed Eddie in the head with it. "Really; using a megaphone as a weapon, who are you, Jimmy Hart?" Eddie taunted. "Shut Up!" the Director yelled, Eddie's distraction allowing Wulf to slash the Director with his claws and then frozen by Danny.

The Director however quickly broke free of his frozen prison and fought back, and threw his director's hat at the three, the hat changing to a giant shuriken which slashed Eddie's neck. "Ahh!" Eddie screamed as he grabbed at his bleeding neck. "Eddie, you alright?" asked Danny. "I'm fine, you just take care of The Director" Eddie replied.

While the others helped Eddie, Danny and Wulf tried to weaken the eccentric ghostly film producer, but the Director seemed to grow stronger and stronger. The Director then used his sunglasses to blast Danny and Wulf with laser beams, sending them flying. Suddenly Eddie attacked the Director with a fireball, slowing him down for the moment. As the dazed "Hollywood" phantom got to his feet, he was picked up and hurled by the incredibly strong Wulf and then hit with the ghostly wail by Danny. "Ugh" moaned the Director as he got to his feet. "Man, this guy just won't stay down, how does manage to keep getting up?" asked Danny, exhausted. "I don't know, but we've got to finish this soon" Wulf replied. "I've got it, Danny; remember that magic hypnotizing camera the Director used earlier, that might be the source of all his power" said Eddie.

Eddie said that at just the right moment, as the Director reached into his pocket and pulled out his magic camera. "Smile for the camera" the Director said devilishly as he pointed it at Danny, Wulf, and Eddie. "No, why don't you smile for the camera" said Eddie as he snatched the camera and smashed it on the ground. "My camera, NO! I'm practically powerless without it!" The Director screamed as he shrank and shrank until he was back to his normal size.

"Now let's finish this shit!" said Eddie before he and Danny attacked the Director with a lightning bolt/Ghostly wail combination. "AAAAAAHHHHHH!" the Director screamed as he was bombarded by the two deadly attacks. Finally, the Director succumbed to the attack and dropped to his knees before laying flat on his back. Danny then picked up the Fenton Thermos and sucked up the eccentric ghost. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed the Director as he was sucked into thermos. After taking care of the Director, the gang suddenly found themselves back in Amity Park.

"Thank God that's over" said Danny. "Tell me about it, I can't believe I almost killed all you guys, what the fuck was I thinking?" Eddie said. "It wasn't your fault, the Director did something to your brain, although personally I think you were already insane before that." said Danny. "Yeah, I know, cutting off someone's arms and legs off, melting half their face off with a blowtorch, stabbing their eyes out, ripping their guts out, slashing their throat, and ripping their heart out is just downright vicious" said Tucker "You didn't have to say all that. So I got some issues, everyone does" Eddie replied. "C'mon let's go home" said Isaac as they walked off.

The End