One dark Halloween night in the small dark town of Gloomsville the king and queen of Halloween made their routinely rounds making Halloween more and more scary than before with their band of mischievous children. Their family was in charge of Gloomsville and the other neighboring towns around it while the others in their run of Halloween tricks and treats an scares and pranks covered all other towns and cities and villages all around the world. The king and his queen were a happy and fruitful couple with 5 children causing mayhem and a set of twins on the way. All was well in their eyes and naturally they needed extra help caring for all these children especially after….that night! So they kept a caretaker around the house and the kids to make sure everything was good.

Once the king and queen made sure every person who casually passed by them and their hiding spots got a good fun scare out of it they had the children trick-or-treat and the caretaker escort them from house to house while they checked on the others progress. The king was a very tall and thin. Nothing but bones and a pinstriped suit! He adjusted his bat-bowtie and looked to his wife. "Sally? Are you alright?" he asked concernedly. Sally didn't look at him but nodded slowly and sighed "I will be" her long red hair hiding her face from the view of her worried husband and she pretended to be interested in the stitches of her forearm that held her arm together and in normal place. The skeleton knew better and he smiled warmly and stroked Sally's hair comfortingly "The kids'll be fine" he assured her. She turned her head to where she met the eye sockets of her husband and smiled "I know Jack." she said quietly. Her big eyes glistened softly in the light of the full moon and she put on a brave face for her children herself and Jack.

After reminding the children of the rules for trick-or-treating, Jack and Sally Skellington walked down the dark street hand in hand and out of sight. The children all tried to go their separate ways but the caretaker caught them all in one swoop before even the fastest and smallest of the children could make it a block. The caretaker scolded the children who groaned and griped about not getting to do what they wanted to do so the caretaker had an idea that will make everyone happy. "Okay what we're going to do is we're going to split up into teams! Joseph, Annabelle? You two are the eldest so Annabelle? I want you to take little Cassandra and be sure to keep an eye on her okay?" the caretaker said while ushering a small girl to her older sister. Annabelle nodded and said cheerfully "yes ma'am!" and she took her sister's hand and ran off. "Joseph? I want you to take Timothy and keep an eye on him!" the caretaker said Joseph rolled his eye in response but took the little one by the hand and began to run off when suddenly the caretaker had a thought and she moved to stop Joseph and Annabelle she caught them swiftly and said "When you are done with your trick-or-treating you must be back here to report to me and your parents! Got it?'' "yes ma'am!" they responded and she let them run off. "Looks like its just you and me William" the caretaker sighed. William cooed and tried to fit his tiny foot into his mouth. He succeeded in breaking the foot off his ankle and proceeded to teethe on the heel.

Joseph and Timothy were spitting images of their father except Joseph had his mother's right eye. Annabelle had no eyes but other than that was a younger image of her mother. Cassandra and William were half and half. The caretaker adored each child for their differences and thought they were all beautiful the way they were made! She remembered being the assistant to building their first child from Sally's fathers laboratory. Little Jack Skellington the second! She could never forget the look on Sally's face when the procedure finished and she held her very own bouncing baby boy. Brains from his mother and a rib from his father and those big round green eyes! Such a lovely innocent creature! Fortunately they only had to build a baby once before the two were gifted with the ability to create life naturally. That was a joyous day for them!

The caretaker looked like a normal human being but like all other residents of Halloweentown she wasn't normal! She had the ability to change her appearance to anything she wanted to look like with the mere thought of it and she could stretch at incredible lengths which made it easy to catch the children who were fast enough to get into things they weren't supposed to and not get caught at all normally.

She held little William close to her and he yawned and continued to teethe on his heel. William cooed and babbled as the caretaker headed towards the first active house she saw. A large mansion that was lit up and covered with Halloween decorations and streamers. She opened the gate that creaked and walked up to the front door William yawned and sighed. "Oh come now William stay up for the nice people with candy huh?" the caretaker urged and little William grabbed at her nose playfully "there ya go!" she smiled and she walked up to the huge heavy double doors and pulled the rope to ring the doorbell. The chatter of people could be heard on the other side of the front doors and the door creaked open. At first the caretaker didn't think anyone was there but then she looked down and saw a small Indian flying fox bat fiddling with the purple scarf around his neck timidly as he looked at the caretaker and William timidly but he cleared his throat and spoke in a thick Indian accent when he said "oh h-hello there….um…we don't have any candy to pass out but….um…you are welcome to win some I-if you'd like" "huh?" the caretaker asked confusedly.

"Oh…um….RUBY!" the little bat trembled. "What is it Scaredy?" asked a girl with pale skin and freckles her eyes were big and bright and her hair was a bright red. She looked at the bat then to the caretaker and baby "hello! What's your name?" she asked nicely "uh…my name is Heather and…this is William. I think I accidentally scared your friend….um…I was just taking William trick-or-treating but your friend said that you don't have any to hand out." the caretaker said slowly she was still very confused and didn't exactly know what to do about that particular house. "Well I figured it would be more fun for all the trick-or-treaters to get their candy and have a party at the same time! So by all means please come in! The more the merrier!" the red headed girl said happily.

"Um…okay sure! Why not?" Heather shrugged it was extremely odd to find someone with such open hospitality towards strangers but who was she to turn down such an offer? "Great! We were just about to start! My name's Ruby Gloom, that bat over there is named Scaredy Bat, don't worry about him he's extremely shy. Follow me and I'll introduce you to the rest of my friends!" Ruby smiled.

Heather smiled and followed Ruby inside the parlor room where there was more streamers and a stage where Siamese twins were setting up instruments and amps. "Hey guys! There's more party guests!" Ruby called over to them. "Awesome!" they said in unison as they headed toward Ruby and Heather.

"Heather I'd like you to meet Frank and Len! They're going to play the party music" Ruby said. The twins shared a body but were colored different the head on the left was blue and it seemed his look was somewhat inspired by 50's rock 'n' roll with his sideburns and hair swoop. He had a very thin black wristband on his wrist and the shoe on his foot was a black and white checkered converse. The head on the right was olive green and his look seemed to be inspired by 80's punk rock with his messy wild short hair eyebrow ring and thick wristband with spikes. He had a tattoo on his arm just below the T-shirt sleeve. The shoe on his foot was black with red flames.

Both the brothers offered a hand to shake while introducing themselves Heather took their hands and shook "Hey my names Frank!" the blue one said "yeah and I'm Len!" said the green. "Hello my name is Heather and this is William" Heather said nicely. "Nice to meet ya!" they said in unison and Len took Williams hand and shook it "nice to meet you too little dude" he laughed. Heather smiled and William gripped onto Lens hand and when Len pulled his hand away he pulled the baby's arm off with it "WHOA!" Len said in surprise as William began to tear up and cry loudly "Nice goin' Len! You broke him!" Frank said over the cries "I-I-I didn't mean to! I-it just popped off!" Len stammered.

Heather rocked William back and forth and hummed a soft lullaby while she dug in the diaper bag she kept over her shoulder. Soon she pulled out a blue and green pacifier and put it in William's mouth which settled him down quickly and he was soon asleep. "Whu-wait-WHAT?" Len stammered "that's it?" Frank asked in astonishment.

"Yeah that's it. What do you-OH I get it you thought his arm falling off would hurt! Oh no its actually tiresome trying to keep him together" Heather laughed then held out her hand "may I have his arm back please?" she asked Len who almost tossed it at her immediately and watched as she just popped it back in. "Whoa! Freaky stuff man!" Len commented "Oh come ON you guys! You act like it was the first time you saw an arm get popped back into place! Skullboy loses his parts all the time and you've got no problem helping him get put back together" Ruby laughed. "Yeah but this was a little dude's arm! Skullboy's not such a little dude!" Frank replied. Heather giggled at the two "happy Halloween guys!" she said with a smile. Frank and Len shared a slightly faked laugh and went back to the stage to finish setting up.

"Ruby?" "yeah?" "who's this Skullboy guy?" Heather asked while rocking little William. "Oh he's-" Ruby began but was interrupted by a very loud crash then a very feeble "I'm okay" Ruby and Heather ran to where the crash came from and it came from the great hall. There sitting on the floor was a girl with long black hair and a blindfold over her eyes. She laughed and removed the blindfold which revealed that she didn't have two normal eyes but one very large one. "What happened Iris?" Ruby gasped. "A totally awesome trust exercise! I was helping Skullboy test the psychology between friends and he blindfolded me and said that he was going to be my eyes-er-eye" laughed the Cyclops excitedly.

"Was he really that bad at giving directions?" Heather asked "no it was a success! The goal was to get to the great hall from my room" Iris explained happily then she asked "what's your name?" "oh…uh…my name is Heather and this little tyke is William" Heather smiled and helped Iris to her feet. "Cool I'm Iris! Are you here for the party? Has it started yet? Ooh Do you wanna play a game?" Iris asked quickly "Yes I don't know and maybe later" Heather replied happily. These people were very nice! Jack and Sally would be pleased to meet these people!… "Oh! Cripes!" shouted Heather suddenly and she bolted out of the room and towards the window facing the street where the kids had to meet up at. "Please don't be there Please don't be there PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAAASSSEEE DON'T BE THERE!" she repeated to herself over and over again as she looked out the window.

The street was dark and deserted Heather sighed out of relief and then heard someone right behind her ask "you looking for something?" it was a boy's voice and the closeness startled Heather so bad she nearly jumped a mile high. She turned to see who was talking to her and what she saw was surely a trick of the light! It was a walking talking skeleton with big round green eyes and a kind smile.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you! Ruby told me you're here for the party? My name's Skullboy! What's yours?" he introduced and offered a friendly handshake. Heather took it and said slowly "my name's Heather and this is William" Skullboy laughed and looked at the still sleeping baby "aw cute kid! Is he yours?" he asked "who him? Oh heavens no! I-I don't have a family I'm just the caretaker" Heather laughed nervously "no family huh? I know how THAT feels!" Skullboy said "wait…you do? You can't be more than 15 years old! Surely you MUST have parents somewhere! A guardian at least!" Heather asked in surprise. Skullboy shrugged in reply "I did think one of my ancestors was a psychologist maybe even the great Sigmund Freud! But you heard how great the trust exercise with Iris went I assume" he added sarcastically.

"Is Skullboy really your name? I mean forgive me for saying but that sounds more like a nickname more than a birth name." Heather asked. "Well yeah I suppose so but if I knew my birth name then I would know my birth parents and therefore have a family…or at least have knowledge of a family I was apart of at one time" Skullboy laughed then asked "why are you staring at me like that?" "oh was I staring? Staring like what?" Heather asked in reply "like you've seen a ghost or something!" smiled Skullboy "oh well that's because….I think I've seen you before? But I couldn't have" Heather explained.

"Really? Well I thought I was the only one who truly looked like me! Why couldn't it be me? I mean I've never seen you before but still….I'm curious" Skullboy said happily "really?" Heather asked "yeah!" Skullboy nodded "I've been itching for a good story!" he added laughing. Heather shrugged at this and said "about 15 years ago I worked at this laboratory creating very strange things and one day the scientist's daughter and her husband came in and said they needed…help. Said they couldn't….um….procreate naturally…er…that is to say-" "no I got it" Skullboy interrupted "uh…okay so they decided to come to the laboratory to see if science would help and it did but…well to create a…life you need body parts but thankfully the lab came prepared for such occasions but we were missing a part of the body…well actually two parts but technically only one of the two was needed. Anyway what we needed was-" but the rest of what Heather was trying to say got drowned out by the music.

"Alright! The party's started I hope they didn't start the games without me!" Skullboy said loudly over the music and he started to run toward the parlor room but he turned and looked at Heather. "Come on! You can continue telling me your story when Frank and Len take a break!" he called over to her "I'll catch up don't worry" Heather smiled and gave him the sign to go on without her until he was out of sight.

Once he was gone Heather started hyperventilating and she checked back out the window. There in the street light stood Annabelle, Cassandra, Joseph, and Timothy. It appeared to just be the children alone there but Heather couldn't possibly risk just strutting out the front door to the children Jack and Sally were experts in stealth and Heather was extremely terrified of them both particularly Jack but perhaps they would pardon her for her findings. Yeah! But she had to be careful getting out there….hmm….There must've been a back door to the place! Yeah! She'll go out the back unseen by public eyes and tell them what she found! She went to the parlor room in search of Ruby.

The parlor room was nearly shaking from the music and everyone was dancing. Heather found Ruby dancing near the middle of the crowd with Skullboy. Heather tried to get to her but accidentally ran into another girl in a flowing blue dress that touched the floor and dragged when she danced and she wore a blue veil over her waist length black hair. Her skin was blue and she had big sad looking eyes and tear stained cheeks but she was smiling and dancing happily. Heather apologized as soon as she bumped into her and she looked at Heather and said "Hey Ruby I didn't know you had a child" Heather looked at her strangely 'Ruby?' then she looked at her arms and hair. Her arms were pale and her hair was bright red. "Oh! Oops…I'm not Ruby! Ruby's over there dancing with Skullboy. I'm Heather." she said laughing

"Oh…so why do you look like Ruby?" the blue girl asked "it's-uh …sorta my gift" replied Heather as she transformed back to her normal self. "Oh well…what are you doing here?" the girl asked. "Um…I was sorta invited at the last minute" Heather shrugged then she asked "what's your name?" "It's Misery" "Misery? That's an interesting name!" Heather replied "Thanks" said Misery. "Can you help me out Misery?" Heather asked "with what?" Misery asked in reply "I need to get out of here without being seen" Heather explained "Oh….why?" Misery asked "well….I'm not exactly supposed to be here…and I really need to get out of here and not get caught" replied Heather nervously.

Misery just looked at Heather for then shrugged and said "okay. Follow me" and she walked out of the room with Heather close behind. Misery walked into the kitchen and showed Heather to the back door. "There you go." she said and began to walk away but Heather caught her "wait! Can I ask you something?" "sure" Misery shrugged. "Can I borrow your look?" heather asked "what?….um….I don't know" Misery said worriedly "it won't hurt I just need to think of your look and bam! I look like a Misery clone" Heather explained with a smile.

"Um…sure okay" Misery agreed and Heather shook her hand vigorously "thank you SO much!" she said gratefully. Heather looked at Misery for a bit then closed her eyes and counted to three then opened them and looked at an astonished Misery. "What do ya think?" smiled Heather "do I really look that sad!" Misery asked in reply and Heather looked at her arms and dress and hair. "It worked perfectly!" Heather said happily.

Misery waved goodbye as Heather walked out the back. The street was dark and empty as Heather walked back to the children who saw her as Misery and looked a little confused. Heather made sure William was still okay and she found some more dark shadow a few yards away from the kids and decided to change back since there was no sign of Jack or Sally. She was walking away from the shadows when from the very shadows emerged a very angry Sally. Sally said nothing but took William from Heather and stormed off towards her other children.