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Spunky furrowed her eyebrows as she stared at the stick in front of her.

They had been playing hide and no seek after Peter's request, but Spunky was the first to lose. That was on purpose though, for Spunky is much too smart and good at the game to actually lose.

You see, she wanted to be as far away from the group as possible, because our dear Spunky was, for the first time in her whole existence, utterly distressed. But who could truly blame her? I mean, how would you feel when a new 'friend' turns out be your 'mother' who has come all the way from this odd world she calls 'London' when you didn't even know that 'mothers' existed in the first place? The poor girl was absolutely flustered.

So she, with the help of being rattled by the whole situation and the fact that she was also a girl, wanted to have time to herself. To think, to ponder, to wonder, and to ask the world why it hated her so much that it just had to put her in this messy situation.

With a sigh, she grabbed hold of the stick in front of her and swung it back before throwing it as far as she possibly could. She jumped a second later as she was greeted by an "Ouch!"

Spunky quickly stumbled up into a standing position, ready for the mysterious monster to reveal itself. But when it did, she couldn't help but scold herself for being so easily frightened.

"What was that for?" Peter whined as he rubbed his forehead.

Spunky let out a sigh of relief as she sat back down. "Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you," she answered sheepishly as she rubbed her shoulder in embarrassment.

Peter chuckled and sat down next to her. "Well you did, and on the head too. Could be serious you know. So if I die, it's all your fault," he said as he laid down on his back.

Spunky snorted and rolled her eyes. "It was an accident Pan, suck it up."

Peter chuckled once again and placed his hands behind his head.

There was a long period of silence between the two before Peter spoke again. "So, you were the first to lose huh? Odd, considering you've learned from the best," he said as he raised his eyebrow and gave her a smirk.

"Yeah, well I guess I'm losing my touch," Spunky replied.

"Or, maybe you just did it on purpose. Maybe you don't want to hang out with us anymore."

Although Peter meant no harm by his remark, Spunky couldn't help but feel offended.

"Or maybe I just wanted to get away from you, you jerk face! Gosh, you shouldn't even be talking! I mean you probably lost on purpose yourself since I'm pretty sure the game hasn't ended so quickly and you always end up winning it as well. And if you want someone to blame, blame it on yourself, because you're the reason I'm so messed up right now! So just shut up!" Spunky huffed furiously.

Peter immediately sat up, shocked and slightly hurt by Spunky's outburst. "Whoa, calm down Spunks. I didn't mean it that way, okay? I was just messing around with you. No need to be so harsh."

Spunky starred at Peter for a few seconds before looking down at her feet. "I-I'm sorry Peter. I don't mean to be harsh, it's just that..." Spunky sighed and hid her face with her hands. "I feel so….confused."

Peter watched Spunky with sad eyes. There was another round of silence between the two as Peter contemplated what he should do. He was never good at the whole comforting thing; he always felt awkward and never knew what to do exactly. But Spunky was his best friend (or second best friend, just in case Tinkerbell ever reads this) and he hated to see her so upset. He knew something had to be done, especially since she claims it's all his fault, but what?

Then it came to him.

Peter smiled as he shot up to a standing position. "Come on," he said as he offered Spunky his hand.

Spunky looked up, confused. "What?"

"I said come on. I thought you said you were confused, you never said anything about being deaf," Peter teased with a smirk.

Spunky rolled her eyes and grabbed Peter's hand as he helped her stand up. For a moment, both of their eyes shot to their intertwined hands. Both felt something odd. Like an electrical shock or something along those lines. They locked eyes and immediately ripped their hands apart from one another. Spunky blushed as Peter cleared his throat.

"Ugh, well umm….ugh…what were we doing again?" Peter asked as he rubbed his neck.

Spunky bit her lip. "Ugh, I don't know. You just said 'come on' and then called me deaf."

"Oh…. right. Ha-ha," Peter said awkwardly as he blushed. "Yeah, I remember now. So, umm, let's go then." The two then walked away together, both embarrassed and ashamed by how they acted.

Wendy sighed as she rested her head against the tree she was hiding behind in.

Hide and no seek: It was the longest game in existence and made absolutely no sense.

I mean, hide and no seek? More like hide and go be stupid.

What was the purpose of the game? And if there was one, how would you even get to that purpose? All they were doing was hiding and staying there doing absolutely nothing. And how would you even know if you've won? Wendy wasn't even sure who had lost already. All in all she decided that this game was plain ridiculous. She rolled her eyes as she stood up and dusted off her dress.

No matter if she was the first to lose or the last, Wendy was not going to play any longer. She left her spot behind the tree and began to walk back to the hideout. But before she was halfway there, Wendy saw a peculiar sight that caught her attention.

Peter Pan was carrying her daughter off into the sky with him, a wide grin on each of their faces. But what caught Wendy off guard wasn't just that, but the way that they were looking at one another as well. Her daughter watched the boy with a look that Wendy knew very well. A look that she once used herself even. And she knew exactly what that look meant, even if her daughter didn't. Meanwhile, the boy who never grew up gave her daughter a smirk as his eyes twinkled with something Wendy knew as well; mischief. Wendy's mouth opened slightly as a nerve wracking thought crossed her mind.

He knows.

And with that, Wendy ran after the two, determined to stop whatever unfair advantage Peter had in this little 'game' of theirs.

Peter smiled as they came across his chosen destination: Mermaid lagoon.

He set Spunky down on a rock as he continued to float next to her, a smirk still on his lips.

"So this is your great idea? Mermaid lagoon? Peter, you know I hate this place! Those fish chicks are out to get me!" Spunky protested.

Peter rolled his eyes. "Oh come on Spunks, they know you didn't mean it. Besides, that was forever ago!"

Spunky scoffed. "Yeah, maybe for you," she mumbled.

"Oh Peter!" A voice squealed.

"Peter, over here!" another one echoed.

Spunky cringed at the shrillness of the voice. This was exactly why she didn't want to come here. Well that, and because of the incident that, according to Peter, happened forever ago…..


Young Spunky laid on the fresh green grass that surrounded the Never Forest. One hand shield her eyes from the sun as the other pointed towards the sky.

"And that cloud looks like a bunny with a top hat, and that one there looks like an elephant wearing pants, and that other one right next to it looks like…like…."

"Like a slice of cheese," said Peter, his eyes concentrated on the little girl next to him.

Spunky giggled and turned towards Peter.

"Cheese?" she choked out through her laughter.

Peter chuckled. "Yeah, you don't see it?" he asked as he turned to the sky and pointed at the suppose 'cheese cloud'.

Spunky shook her head as she continued to giggle. "No, I think you're just hungry silly!"

Peter laughed. "I am not! And I'm not silly either. You just can't see what's right in front of you."

Spunky giggled once more as she sat up straight. Peter stood up and began to float in front of the young girl, smiling brightly.

"You know what kiddo? I think it's time that I take you to see the mermaids," Peter said.

Spunky's eyes widened as her lips began to form a smile. "Oh really Peter! The mermaids? Oh how delightful!" the little girl cried enthusiastically.

Peter nodded. "Yup. I feel like you've earned it Spunks."

Spunky squealed excitedly as she jumped up and down repeatedly. "Oh thank you Peter! Thank you!"

Peter shrugged as he smiled. "No problem. Now come on, hold on tight," Peter said as he offered Spunky his hand.

Spunky reached out towards the boy, but then pulled her hand back quickly. "But Peter, what about our bucket of mud that we spent all day collecting for our big mud slide?"

Peter furrowed his eye brows as he put a hand to his chin. "Oh, right." Peter looked towards the big silver bucket filled with excessive amounts of mud. He and the Losties were planning to make a super cool mudslide today, so he and Spunky went off to the forest to collect some mud for it. He completely forgot about it though, and probably would have still if it wasn't for Spunky reminding him. "I guess we'll just have to take it with us. No biggie."

Spunky smiled and grabbed the mud filled bucket. At first she struggled with the heavy load, but then managed to hold it tightly as she flew over the Never Forest with Peter Pan.

The two arrived shortly to Mermaid Lagoon and Spunky couldn't help but stare in wonder at the beautiful creatures that inhabited it. She watched in awe as Peter began to chat casually with them all, having each and every one of the mermaid's attention on him. She wished that she could be able to do the same. To have the mermaids look up to her as much as they do Peter.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to young Spunky's mind. She remembered Peter telling her once that mermaids were great singers, which was part of the reason why Spunky wanted to go to the lagoon so badly. You see, along with pranking and having fun with her friends, Spunky loved to sing, and she was rather good at it, if she could say so herself. She sang multiple times for the Lost Boys before they went to sleep, and even sang to Peter whenever he asked. So, with a smile, Spunky straightened her back and walked towards Peter and the mermaids, determined to charm the mermaids with her mesmerizing voice.

But as Spunky marched towards the group, she failed to notice the bucket of mud that she left abandoned near the edge of the lagoon.

Meanwhile, Peter Pan was too busy telling his mermaid 'fan club' another one of his famous tales about his many adventures. This time he was telling them the story of how he cut off Captain Hook's hand, which, as they state, happens to be their favorite.

Then again, what story of Peter Pan wasn't their favorite?

He forgot about everything else until the sound of a throat being cleared brought him back to reality. Peter turned around to see Spunky with her hands behind her back and a bright smile on her face.

"Oh, hey Spunks! Girls, this is Spunky. I'm sure you all heard of her. She's the first ever Lost Girl in Never Land," Peter said proudly as he introduced Spunky to the mermaids.

Spunky smiled brightly as she waved to the group of fish tailed girls.

The mermaids, though, were not so enthusiastic.

"Oh, so this is her? The special one?" The red haired one spat.

"Well, she doesn't seem very special to me," the blonde scoffed with a flip of her hair.

"Yeah, I mean look at her hair. Ponytails are so last year! And one's higher than the other," the dark haired one snorted.

"Hey! I did those for her!" Peter said, feeling insulted. Sure, he knew he wasn't the best hair-maker-doer, or whatever you call it, but he tried. And he thought he did an excellent job on Spunky's hair. Even if one ponytail was higher than the other.

"Oh, I meant that they look great! Yeah, a real work of art Peter! Just…not on her," the dark haired one said again as she glared at Spunky.

Spunky bit her lip as she twirled one of her ponytails self-consciously.

Was her hair really that bad?

"Yeah, maybe you should try to do them on me. I bet they would look much better," the blonde suggested with a wink.

"Yeah right! They would look better on me! Right Peter?" The red head said as she batted her eyelashes.

Peter rolled his eyes as the mermaids began to bicker. Sometimes even Peter had to admit that they could get really annoying.

"Hey Spunks, don't listen to them. They're just jealous. All girls get like that around me," Peter stated with a smirk.

Spunky giggled and rolled her eyes, thinking nothing of it. But the mermaids, on the other hand, were not so happy to hear that.

"Jealous!?" one of them shrieked.

"Of her?!" another one yelled.

"Why on earth would we be jealous of her?!" one cried out in disbelief.

The mermaids began to splash water at Spunky, each spitting out an insult with every splash.

"She's ugly!"

"She's boring!"

"She has no taste!"

"Her hair is a mess!"

"Her dress is horrible!"

"And she's filthy!"

Poor Spunky was blinded by the water that was being splashed at her aggressively. And so, because of that, she could not see where she was going as she tried to escape from the cruel girls. So, with the last insult and splash that was thrown at her, Spunky stumbled into the large mud filled bucket, causing it to fall in the lagoon and causing the clear blue water to turn a muddy, yucky brown. The mermaids all shrieked as they crawled up on several rocks to avoid getting dirty by the now muddy water.

Peter watched the scene in pure disbelief. He could not believe what he had just witnessed. He turned towards Spunky and immediately regretted it as a pang of guilt filled his chest. Poor Spunky was on the ground, covered in mud and soaked with water. She was visibly shivering and even though she was completely wet, Peter could still see the tears that poured down her cheeks. He quickly flew over to the trembling girl and wordlessly gathered her in his arms. He gave one last look at the shrieking mermaids and couldn't help but feel glad. They deserved it for making his Spunky cry.

Peter than flew off to the hide out where he cleaned Spunky up and apologized for the incident that had occurred. He assured her that it was not her fault, but instead his for not doing anything about it in the first place.

Once cleaned up and done with sobbing over the incident, Spunky laid down next to Peter in his hammock, having accepted his offer to sleep with him that night as a way to make her feel better.

"I'm really sorry Spunks. Really sorry," he whispered over and over again that night.

He felt such a terrible pain, but he had no idea what it was and how to make it go away. No matter how tight he held her or how many times he apologized, the pain would just get bigger and bigger. The only other feeling that he felt besides that was anger. And that was towards himself for not stopping the mermaids in the beginning before things got really bad.

The next day both Peter and Spunky acted like the other day never happened. It was also the day that Spunky decided to wear her hair down from then on.

No more uneven ponytails for her.

And no more mermaids either.

*End of flash back*

Spunky shivered at the memory.

Yeah, no more mermaids, until now.

She looked around for Peter, hoping to see him nearby, but the flying boy was nowhere in sight. She sighed heavily, angry that he had brought her here in the first place. I mean, how inconsiderate could he be?

"Hello again, Spunky," a shrill voice spat suddenly.

Spunky froze, her body feeling numb as she forced herself to turn around. She gulped as she came face to face with the ones who caused her such pain so long ago.

"H-hello. I see you've haven't forgotten about me," Spunky replied nervously, biting her lip.

The dark haired mermaid laughed as she flipped her hair with her hand. "Oh, of course not Spunky. We could never forget about you. Ever."

Spunky swallowed as she fiddled with her fingers.

This was going to be a long day.

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