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Rachel was quietly putting books in her locker when a tanned hand gripped onto the door slamming it shut in the singers face.

"I know!" Santana growled keeping her hand on the locker above Rachel's head.

"You know what?" Rachel frowned looked up at the Latina who didn't look nearly as angry as she sounded.

"You know what! Meet me at the Starbucks a few blocks from your house at half past four got it?"

"You're not going to throw me in a river are you?"

"That depends on you hobbit! If you don't annoy me and actually do as your told, no harm will come to you!"

"And why should I trust you? You've done everything to humiliate me over the past two years!"

Santana sighed letting her arm drop to her side "Just please, trust me Berry this is important" Rachel was taken aback by the Latina's use of the word 'please' Santana had never begs for anything especially not off Rachel.

"Fine, OK!"

"Great see you there smurf!" Rachel watched Santana strut down the hall way, and even though she wasn't a cheerio anymore they all moved for her which , in Rachel's opinion, was a smart move.

"Jew babe!" Puck smiled slinging his arm over Rachel's shoulder "What was that all about?" he pointed at Santana who had stopped by her locker.

Rachel shrugged "I have no idea!"

Wwell Santana can be kind of crazy!" the boy shrugged as he and Rachel began walking to there shared math class.

"Kind of?" the brunette mumbled under her breath as she took her seat next to Puck, she didn't understand what the Latina exactly knew? Sure there was a lot of things Rachel was hiding so the brunette could take her pick, Rachel was nervous about meeting the taller girl, this could all just be a trap, but even when she was planning something Rachel had never seen or heard Santana beg for anything.

Rachel sat waiting for the Latina, it was now twenty to five and Rachel was considering going home when Santana stalked into the shop slumping down on the chair and frowning at the two coffee cups.

"Here with someone?"

"That's for you!" Rachel said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Really?" Santana frowned and took a sip of the coffee "You're not all that bad Berry"

"So what did you want me to come here for?"

"Ooh right yea, I know!"

"Yes we've established you know something but what!" Rachel said growing a little frustrated.

"That you're gay!" Santana said bluntly making Rachel choke on her coffee.

"What?" Rachel squeaked "I am not!"

"Tut give it up man hands! I've seen you leering" Rachel stared at the girl in front of her not really knowing what to do, Santana sighed "Don't worry, I'm on your side!"

"Why you hate me?"

"Not like that, we're both batting for the same team" Rachel's eyes widened making Santana roll hers "And we're both hung up on two certain blondes!"

Rachel became really interested in her cup of coffee at the mention of Quinn "How did you know?" she mumbled not looking at the Latina.

"Awesome gaydar!" Santana shrugged "Look Rachel, we could help each other here! Brittany's dating wheels and tubers is dating guppy mouth!"

"Don't call her that!" Rachel snapped finally looking at Santana.

"Cute!" the taller girl mumbled before continuing "Quinn is dating guppy mouth, and we both want the girls!"

"Could you just get to the point Santana!"

"We date each other, if we did we would be unstoppable at the school! You with your weird way of keeping people away from you, which I think has a little to do with those sweaters and FYI I am getting Kurt to sort that our right away, and me being, well the awesomeness that is me! Think of how jealous and worked up Britt and tu- Quinn would get if they saw us together!"

Rachel chuckled but her face turned straight again when the Latin didn't laugh along "Ooh god you're serous, are you insane?"

"What? Don't say you wouldn't like to get up on this, and once Kurt gives you a make over you'll be smokin' to"

"You've lost your mind!"

"Do you want Fabray or not!"

Rachel sighed, what harm could it do? She was Santana Lopez after all and Rachel would be lying if she said Santana was attractive "Fine"

Santana grinned

"But what do I have to do?"

"Be a girlfriend! But none of those calendar things you and Finessa had going on, just hold my hand let me walk you to class, take you home and pick you up and kiss you by your locker, not that hard"


"God, Berry do you have to be soo annoying, its no big deal I don't like you and you don't like me its fine, it means nothing"

"And you think this will work?"

"Quinn Fabray is not good with jealousy, what the little princess wants the little princess gets, she's scared to go after you that's understandable, but when she sees you with me that will be it she wont stop until she gets you!"

"And what about Brittany"

Santana shrugged "I'm out of ideas now, this is my last resort"

Rachel looked at the girl who looked the most venerable and open she'd ever seen the girl.

"You really love Brittany huh?"

"What would you care"

"Of course I care, we might not be friends but I don't want to see you get hurt"

Santana smiled before outstretching her hand "Can I walk you home?"

Rachel smiled, liking this side of the Latin "Sure thing" she smiled letting Santana take her hand and lace there fingers together.

"You know your not so bad Berry"

"And your not as evil as I thought" Santana chuckled as they left the coffee shop and began the short walk back to Rachel's.

"How long have you known?"

"Known what?" Santana asked.

"Well two things, one how long have you known I've liked Quinn and two how long have you known you loved Brittany"

"Well one" Santana started playfully making Rachel smile "I've known since regionals when she got made to sit next to you on the bus, which for the record she was more happy about than she let on, and she fell asleep on your shoulder remember? You stared down at her for like an hour with a look of pure awe on your face, and as for how long I've loved Brittany that's a hard one, Britt's been my best friend since preschool and since then we've been glued to each others sides, I think deep down I've always loved her but I only really realized it when she asked me to do a duet together and I freaked like I always do and told her no, then she got with wheels to get at me and it hurt, it hurt more than anything ever has before and I guess that's how I knew"

"How long have you two been, you know, fooling around with each other?"

Santana smiled at Rachel's slight discomfort "Our first kiss was when we were thirteen, Christmas day actually, she bought me this" Santana held the heart shaped necklace in between her thumb and index finger, stroking it adoringly "And I got her that charm bracelet with the duck and heart charm on it and she got excited in her usual Brittany way and jump on me wrapping her arms and legs around me, and she meant to kiss my cheek but I turned my head just as she was about to, I didn't mean to, and she kissed me but neither of us pulled away, and when she did pull away her eyes were shining she looked so happy," Santana smiled at the memory, clearly lost in her own mind and Rachel didn't mind she just looked up at the girl waiting for her to continue "And for someone who'd been told countless times off of people who were suppose to care about me that I was useless, I didn't think I could make someone that happy so I kissed her again and after that it just got more and more frequent and the first time we slept together wasn't a drunken fling like everyone thinks. We were fifteen and it happened at my house, the last weekend of spring break and after going to parties almost every night for two weeks we decided to just take it easy, you know, chill on the sofa watching movies and eating junk food but, like every other time we were alone in my house, it turned into us just making out on the sofa, but that time was different than the others and it did kind of scare me a little but then Brittany told me she loved me and that terrified me, I didn't say it back I just pined her down on the sofa and it kind of just happened" Santana's smiled disapeard when she realized who she was talking to "But I don't know why I'm telling you all this" she said with a chuckle as they reached Rachel's door.

"Do you want to come in, my dads are out?" Santana smirked at Rachel making the small girl realize how that sounded "I didn't mean it like that, I have movies and food"

"I think I might just take you up on that offer Berry"Rachel smiled opening her door and let the taller girl in first "Not exactly what I expected the Berry manor to be like"

"What, expecting stars, pink and maybe the odd rainbow" Rachel teased throwing he keys on the side table and walking into the front room.

"Funny" Santana mumbled sitting down on the sofa "Get me food would you?"

"Get it yourself" Rachel snapped falling back onto the sofa and took the remote out of Santana's hands.

"You know you keep going like this, with the attitude, I might actually start to think of you as a slightly likable friend" Santana said getting up off the sofa and headed for the kitchen.

"Make me food to?" Rachel yelled from her place on the sofa

"That's pushing it hobbit!" Santana called back playfully making Rachel laugh as she flicked through the TV.

"So when will you dads be back?" Santana asked looking down at the girl who was now curled up at her side her head resting on the taller girls shoulder, her small arms wrapped around her waist.

"Not until tomorrow" Rachel mumbled not looking away from the TV

"You're here on your own?"

Rachel nodded looking up at Santana "Why want to stay and keep me company?" Rachel raised her eyebrow flirtatiously.

"Rachel Berry are you flirting with me?" Santana gasped in a Rachel Berry dramatic way, Rachel smiled putting her head back down on Santana's shoulder.

"I like this side of you"

"Well don't go telling people about it, I have my badass rep to keep" she said leaning her head on top of Rachel's.

"Sure thing, how many girls have you kissed?"

"Two sober" Santana mumbled twirling a strand of Rachel's hair around her finger "Brittany and Quinn"

"You kissed Quinn" Rachel squeaked her eyes shooting to the Latina's.

"Yea it was part of truth or dare, how many have you kissed!"

"None" Rachel mumbled averting her eyes away from Santana.

"Really? Well you could practice now if you want?" Santana offered figuring it would be easier for her first time to be someone where they were alone rather than a school hallway "You don't have to, I'm many things but a sex pest isn't one of them" she added seeing the unsure look in Rachel's eyes.

"No I want to" Rachel piped still looking unsure,

"You don't look to sure about that"

"I am" and the Latina took that as a go ahead, putting her hand on Rachel's cheek she brought her face closer to the smaller girls not once breaking eye contact, Rachel stiffened when she felt the Latina's breath wash off her lips.

"relax, its OK" And weirdly Rachel relaxed at the taller girls words, before Rachel could protest again or over think it Santana took a breathe and pushed her lips onto the smaller girls, who whimpered slightly at the contact.

Santana kept it slow letting it sink into Rachel that this was actually happening and that didn't take long, within a few seconds Rachel's nails were digging into Santana's side as she kissed back.

Santana never thought about kissing Rachel but if she had she wouldn't of thought it would of been like this, Rachel was actually an amazing kisser. Santana thought she would be the first to introduce tongues but to her surprise Rachel's swiped across her bottom lip making the Latina groan.

Rachel smirked and that's when Santana knew that's what she was trying to do and that, the fact Rachel wanted and reaction out of her, made Santana want to do the same thing and she sure as hell wasn't going to let Berry get the better of her so she pushed herself forward into Rachel making the singer fall back onto the sofa Santana now hovering over her, one hand on the sofa next to her hips and the other hand tangled in her hair.

Rachel's hands wandered around the Latina's back digging her nails into the skin under her shirt dragging her nails along Santana's back gaining another moan from the taller girl

"I know what you're trying to do" Santana growled into Rachel's ear, dragging her teeth along the girls ear before nibbling down the smaller brunettes neck

"I don't know what your talking about" Rachel breathed her nails digging harder into Santana's

"God, if Quinn only knew what she was missing she'd be over here like a shot" just as those words left Santana mouth there was a knock on the door making the Latin pushed her top half away from Rachel and peered over the sofa.

"You don't think?"

"If it is her I'm quitting school and becoming a physic" there was another two knocks on the door, impatient? There was ever chance it could be Quinn.

Santana stood up fully, helping Rachel to her feet.

Rachel swung the door open sighing when she saw Kurt standing there.

"What the hell happened you look like you just had sex" the boy signaled to Rachel's crinkled clothes and messy hair just as Santana appeared next to Rachel pretty much in the same state as Rachel "No!" Kurt gasped making Santana smiled and hook her arm around Rachel's waist, to say Kurt was shocked would be a major understatement "How? When?"

"Today and I asked her out"

"What are you doing here Kurt, not that I'm not glad to see you"

"Umm you texted me and told me to come over and give you a makeover"

"Ooh no sorry that was me" Santana said raising her hand a little.

"How did you get my phone!"

"Ooh come on give me a little credit! If I can pick locks I can sure as hell pick pocket without any trouble"

"So are we going to do this?" Kurt asked looking at the girls.

"Yea but at my house, Rachel doesn't exactly have the best choice of clothes"

"Hey!" Rachel protested but she knew it was useless.

"Come on" Santana gripped onto Rachel's hand and grabbed Kurt's car keys out of his hand "I'm driving!"