This was definitely not how she saw her life ending up. She'd always thought that she would stay in Lima with Finn, living in the suburbs with three kids but never did she think, at the age of twenty-three, she would be studying at Yale, spending most of her weekends and all of her holidays in New York and she most definitely didn't think she would be date Rachel Berry.

They'd left Lima the second week of summer after senior year. Rachel had got accepted into NYDA but Quinn couldn't go to college, she couldn't afford it without her dads money so she works her ass off for year in New York but even after that she couldn't afford it.

But about half way through summer she got an email from Yale saying that she had been accepted and that her tuition had been paid. At first she'd assumed Rachel had paid it but Rachel promised that it wasn't her and that it wasn't her fathers either.

It had turned out to be her mom that had paid it. To say she was shocked was a sever understatement, she hadn't seen either her parents since they'd found out she was dating Rachel and her dad had tried to barge into the Berry house. It's safe to say Leroy put a stop to that before her dad could even get a foot over the threshold.

So now she was sat on her bed in her dorm room with her laptop in front of her waiting for Rachel to answer her Skype call.

The smile instantly spread across her lips when a grinning Rachel popped up on her screen "Hey, baby look who I found!" Rachel said, wrapping her arms around two peoples necks and dragging them down into the camera view.

Quinn frowned at the sight of Santana and Brittany "What're you guys doing there?"

"We're done for Christmas break and B wanted a white Christmas so here we are"

"When are you coming Quinn?"

"Tomorrow, B. no offense but, you know, shove off I wanna talk to Rachel"

"Charming" Santana mumbled as she and Brittany walked away.

"Hi" Rachel said, biting down on her bottom lip lightly.


"I miss you. So much"

"I miss you to sweetie. I'll see you tomorrow"

"Can't you leave tonight"

"Sorry, I have a paper to hand in in the morning but I will be on the first train I can"

"Can't you just transfer to NYU?" Rachel pouted.

"Sorry baby but half a year and we'll be out of college"

"Living here"

"We'll live wherever you want"

"I love you"

"And I love you. I'll be there by noon tomorrow"

Rachel nodded "And you'll be here all of Christmas break"

"Of course. I gotta go, Rach, or I'll never finish my paper in time"

"Ok, love you"

"Love you to sweetie" Quinn smiled before hitting end call and closer her laptop before shoving it into her bag.

So maybe she'd lied to Rachel. But not really because she should have had a paper to hand in tomorrow but she'd stayed up all night the night before finishing it and handed it in this morning so that she could surprise Rachel tonight.

'I'm just heading for the train, text you when I'm outside the house. And shh rachel doesn't know' Quinn typed before sending it to Santana. She didn't actually know the girl was there but it was good that she was, she could help Quinn sneak in.

"Is this girlfriend of yours ever gonna come to Yale?" Quinn's roommate, Elisha asked, looking up from her paper

"Probably not"

"Well enjoy yourself anyway, ok"

"See you in the new year" Quinn smiled grabbing her back and rushing out the door

"'bout fucking time" Santana hissed, opening the door to Quinn.

"The train was delayed! Where is she"


Quinn nodded, throwing her bag on the floor and rushing quietly up to the kitchen. She couldn't help be smile at the girl over the stove, stirring the food, clearly in a world of her own.

Quinn smiled, wrapping her arms around Rachel's waist and mumbling into her ear "You know, I don't really like noodles"

"Quinn" Rachel turned, frowning confused at Quinn "What're you doing here?"

"What do you think?"

"To see me I hope"

"No to see Santana"

"Knew it" Santana teased from the front room.

Rachel rolled her eyes, jumping up and wrapping her arms an legs around Quinn "I love you" she murmured against Quinn's neck and the blonde smiled.

"I love you, too"

"The noodles!" Santana called.

"Make'em yourself" Rachel hissed, grabbing Quinns hand and dragging her towards the bedroom.

"Ew, no. We'll go out to eat" Santana mumbled but Rachel ignored her, dragging Quinn into the room, pushing the door closed and pushing Quinn up against it, pinning the blondes arms above her head.

"Miss me?" Quinn asked, grinning as Rachel nodded, surging forward and pressing their lips together.

Quinn smiled against Rachel's lips, pulling one hand free from Rachel's grip and wrapping it around Rachel waist and allowed Rachel to lace their fingers together, keeping her arms pressed against the door.

"I feel like you're trying to take control right now" Quinn murmured making Rachel grin and bite down on her bottom lip.

"Maybe I am?"

"Well it's not gonna happen" Quinn pushed off the door and guided Rachel backwards to the bed, laying the brunette down and straddling her waist.

Rachel tried to protest by pushing Quinn onto the mattress but Quinn caught her hands and pinned them above Rachel's head as she brought her face down to within a few inches of Rachel's "You're so mine tonight" Quinn whispered into Rachel's ear, biting down on the girls neck as she brought her thigh in between Rachel's making the girl gasp and arch against her.

It have been a little over a month before she'd see Rachel so Quinn wasn't really up for foreplay and apparent neither was Rachel. The brunette broke one of her hands free from Quinn's, grabbing onto Quinn's hand that was against her side and guiding in down to where the buttons on her jeans were "Please" Rachel almost whimpered and Quinn didn't need to be asked twice. She easily unbuttoned the girls jeans as Rachel sat up a little on the bed and pulled her shirt over her head before pulling Quinn's off.

"Have you been working out?" Quinn asked, noticing the clearly more defined abs on her girlfriend.

"So not the time to talk about this" Rachel mumbled, pulling in the back of Quinn's neck until their lips were pressed together.

Quinn dug her nails into Rachel's abdomen, dragging them down until she reached the waist band of the girls jeans.

"Quinn!" Rachel growled out, biting down in Quinn's lip when the blonde began toying with her waist band.

"What?" Quinn grinned when Rachel growled, grabbing into her wrist and pushing it under her waist band "All you had to do was ask" Quinn breathed, attaching her lips to Rachel's collar bone as she dragged her nail along the brunette a clit.

"Fuck" Rachel breathed, her back arching as Quinn bit down on her collar bone "Quinn just do it!"

"Yes ma'am" Quinn agreed, slowly pushing two fingers into Rachel, grinning when the brunette gasped and dug her nails into Quinn's shoulders.

Rachel grabbed onto Quinn's hair and pulled her face up to press her lips roughly against Quinn's as the blonde began moving her fingers in and out of Rachel at a fast pace.

Rachel arched her back again, feeling herself lose complete control of her body as her hands loosened in Quinn's hair. Quinn pulled back slightly, leaving her head pressed against Rachel's, looking down at the brunettes ecstasy filled eyes.

Quinn rolled off of Rachel and within a few seconds Rachel had rolled shakily on to her "When will Santana and Brittany be back?" Quinn asked, resting her hands on Rachel's waist and allowed Rachel to pull her up to sitting position.

"Not for a while yet. Hopefully"

Quinn just nodded, leaning up and pressing her lips against Rachel's again.

They'd woken up early the next morning to see a sheet of snow along the street.

Quinn insisted they got to central park since it was work hours and it wouldn't be all that busy and Rachel was reluctant at first but finally agreed.

"You know I've been thinking.."


Quinn stopped, grabbing onto Rachel's hands and turning the girl to face her "I'm serious Rachel. I've been thinking a lot lately, over the past six months"

Rachel face dropped "You aren't breaking up with me are you?"

Quinn smiled fondly, shaking her head "Of course not baby. It's just that we've only got half a year left in school and then we will both be here together so, I thought.." Quinn stopped, trying to figure out the right words before just reaching into her pocket and holding out the little black box towards Rachel "I get that there is still six months before we'll be together and maybe another year after before we have ourselves stead jobs but I don't see the harm in asking now. Will you marry me?"

Rachel stared down at the ring in the box, a stunned expressing on her face.

"Feel free to say no. I'll ask you again when we're more financially secure"

"What? No! Yes, I'll marry you"

Quinn's face brightened up, her mouth curling into a smile "Really?"

"Yes! One million times yes!" Rachel grinned, wrapping her arms and legs around Quinn "I love you" Rachel pressed her lips excitedly against Quinn before hopping out of the blondes arms and looking back at the box.

Quinn smiled, taking a hold of Rachel's hand and slipping the ring snuggle onto the girls finger.

"Perfect" Rachel mumbled dreamily, staring down at her finger before looking up at Quinn.

"I love you. More than I ever thought I could love anyone. That holiday to Miami was the best time of my life and spending Christmas with your family made me feel more at home than I ever thought possible" Quinn whispered, fiddling with Rachel's hands as she looked up at the girl through her eyelashes "I guess I- I only ever really feel at home whenever I'm with you, it doesn't matter where we are as long as you're there"

"You're supposed to say the speech before you show me the ring"

Quinn shrugged, resting her hands on Rachel's neck and running her thumbs along Rachel's cheek "I like to mix it up" Quinn leant down to press her lips against Rachel's but the brunette stopped her

"we have to tell Britt and Santana. And them my dads!" Rachel said, grabbing onto Quinn's hand and dragging her through the snow back to the apartment "Brittany!" Rachel called dropping Quinn's hand as she rushed into the front room.

Santana emerged from the bathroom as Brittany and Rachel squealed in the front room "You buy a puppy?"

Quinn shook her head, grinning at Santana "We're getting married"

"You crazy?"

"Probably a little" Quinn agreed and Santana smiled, patting Quinn on the shoulder.

"Congrats, Q-ball. But if Brittany expects me to propose now I will kick your soon to be tied down ass!"

"San, look!" Brittany called excitedly, pulling Rachel out to the hallway and holding up Rachel's hand to show the Latina the ring.

"Jesus fuck, Fabray. How much was that?!" Santana said, taking a hold of Rachel's hand to get a better look at the ring.

"None of your business!"

"I never thought Quinn would ever get married" Brittany said, grabbing onto Santana's hand and dragging her into the front room.

"You're sure this is what you want?"

"Of course I'm sure" Quinn assured, wrapping her arms around Rachel's waist "I've been sure for the past six months. Your cousins know, Faye and Cloe. I talked to them about it two weeks ago"


Quinn nodded, pecking Rachel on the lips "You wanna go call your dads?"

Rachel nodded, running of to find her phone leaving a smiling and happy Quinn in the hallway