Okay, at first, this story might be normal, but then it gets weird, but I think the message will be clear. I've basically been ripped apart with the whole Blu thing so here is my take on it. Enjoy T (slightly M) readers.

The day started off with just an ordinary morning. After just a couple of days of being back, Jalin and Salvia were getting some well-deserved rest from their long celebration of returning home. Some of the birds were chirping, the waters glittered as the sun shone down, and the branches on the tree were still. Jalin and Salvia awoke as the sun was rising up into the clear, blue sky. Salvia opened her eyes lazily.

"Time to get the vet store ready."

Salvia looked around and then remembered life in Oregon was over. She was now in a tree nowhere near civilization. There were no cages, no mirrors, no sinks, no counter... She was a free bird. It was just what the jungle offered...and Jalin. She looked to her right and smiled at the sight of Jalin's face. She felt his body's warmth radiate onto her and his masculine wing around her. She inched to his face.

"Jalin? Jalin?"

Jalin remained asleep. Salvia just grinned and decided to let him sleep. She then proceeded in getting up. However, it did not work. Jalin's wing was wrapped securely around her. She tried to wiggle out, but Jalin's grip was too tight.

"Jalin, wake up."

Jalin was still asleep.

Salvia tried harder to wiggle out. The key was to be both stronger than Jalin's grip and and gentle. She wiggled again, but this time, she succeeded. She moved forward but then felt Jalin's wing grip her firmly again. She looked back and saw Jalin's wing gripping around her rump. She stood still and blushed.


The yell from her was enough to wake Jalin. His eyes shot wide-open, and he jumped to his feet, ready to fight. He curled his wings and jabbed into the air, hopping in a fighting stance.

"C'mon! Who's here? Who wants to fight?"

Jalin looked around his empty den and then saw a blushing and angry Salvia staring at him. He calmed down and looked at her nervously.

"Oh... Hey, Saliva, Did I-did I wake you?"

"No," she replied seriously.

Jalin grinned anxiously and rubbed the back of his neck.


Salvia fiercely pointed her wing at her boyfriend. His concern grew.


Jalin put his wings front of his face.


Salvia started to walk towards him. He slowly walked back.

"You," Salvia repeated with every step. "You. You. You."

Jalin continued to walk backwards until he backed up into a wall. He saw his girlfriend's wing poke his chest.

"What?" he asked innocently. "What did I do?"

"You touched my butt."

"What? No, I didn't."

"You used a double negative. You did do it."

"No. I was asleep."

Salvia huffed and crossed her wings.



Jalin took a moment to take it in and placed both his wings on his ear-holes.

"Oh no. I just can't be my father. I just can't be!"

Salvia's expression dropped.

"Your...your father?"

"Yes. My father is like that with my mother."

"Blu? Mm... Nah. You're over-exaggerated."

Jalin half-closed his eyes.

"I am not."

"But Blu? He just doesn't seem like one..."

She paused for a split second and half-closed her eyes.

"...unlike someone else I know."

"I told you I was asleep."

Salvia smugly closed her eyes and nodded.

"Sure, sure."

Jalin sighed.

"C'mon. My mother invited us for breakfast."

"Fine. Let's go."

Salvia started walking out of the den. Jalin rubbed the back of his neck and let out another sigh.

"Oh please, let this be a normal, non-perverted day."

Jalin and Salvia left their den to join Blu and Jewel for a scrumptious breakfast.

"Oh, where is Blu?"

Jewel looked out of the den once again Blu had been out for thirty minutes now, which was longer than usual. Even if they had guests over, he would not take this long. The female Spix's Macaw with blue eyes paced around the den again. After a couple more minutes, Jewel heard flapping outside. Relieved, she rushed to the entrance, but her smile dropped. Outside, she saw an amber-eyed and dark blue feathered Spix's Macaw that was a little taller than her mate and a hazel-eyed, light blue feathered Spix's Macaw with dark blue-feathered wingtips. Jalin and Salvia happily greeted her as they walked inside the den.

"Hi, Mom," Jalin said. "Um...you don't seem that happy to see us."

Jewel finally took noticed of her children's faces and then perked up a little.

"Oh. No, no, no. I am. I just... Blu is just taking longer than he should."

She looked over at Salvia and returned a worried look.

"Salvia, what's wrong?"


"You look like if something upsetting you."

"Well..." she started, eyeing at Jalin for a brief moment. "Jewel, when did Blu started hugging you?"

"Salvia, I'm your mom. You can call me mom."

Salvia rubbed the back of her neck.

"I..I, um... Mom?"

Jewel smiled.


"Um, when was the first time Blu hug you?"

"Well, when we were falling from a plane."

"Falling from a plane? You mean you were diving off, right?"

Jewel shook her head.

"When Blu and I met, it was basically by force. But things happened that made me love Blu even more."

"But a plane?" asked Salvia. "What happened to you two?"

"Well, we were kidnapped by poachers."

"By poachers?" Salvia wondered in shock. "How did you get out?"

Jewel smiled, remembering the day.

"Blu and me and another bunch of birds were captured. The poachers had put us in a plane, and we were flying over the ocean. Everyone had given up, but it was Blu's quick thinking that freed us from our cages. He opened the hatch of the plane and directed the birds out."

"Wow," commented Salvia. "I didn't know Blu saved the lives of several birds/"

"Yeah, your father is a smart bird, but he couldn't fly during that time. He was raised by Linda for all his life... It's another story to tell, but let me finish. Your father was afraid of jumping out of the plane. I tried to calm him down, but the poachers' bird, a cockatoo, attacked your father. I tried to save him, but I was thrown back, breaking my wing. But your father outsmarted the cockatoo. We were saved, only for a few moments. The plane started to go down, and I was thrown off. Though Blu couldn't flu, he jumped off the plane and embraced me, saying we were chained-together birds."

Jewel smiled and sighed happily.

"Then I kissed him, and he found the spirit to fly," finished Jewel.

"That's...that's an amazing story," said Salvia.

"I've never heard this story before," said Jalin.

"You were too young, and when you got old enough, you lost interest in our stories and just got into trouble."

Jalin half-closed his eyes.

"I only got into trouble because of Leoncio. I'm not as bad as him."

"Just a little clumsy," Salvia said.

Jalin turned to Salvia and looked at her dully.

"I think you're over-exaggerating."

Salvia placed her wingtip on her cheek and tapped it.

"Let's see...you fell off the tree when I surprised you, got tangled in some vines, and thought river rafting with a jumbo leaf would be fun... And this was just yesterday."

"I'm not that klutzy."

"Didn't Leoncio and Elena call you little Blu as a chick?" wondered Jewel.

"Not helping, Mom."

Salvia giggled.

"Don't worry, Jalin. I still love, even after what happened this morning."

"I'm not like that."

Jewel looked at them curiously. She then faced Jalin.

"Like what?"

"Well, he touched my butt."

Jewel looked from Salvia to Jalin and stared down at her son. It was like if his eyes were being pierced by daggers. He flinched in nervousness. Salvia's eyes widened.

"You really got to teach me that."

Jalin turned his head towards his girlfriend for a moment and looked back at his mom's fearsome face.

"What?" he innocently asked.

"Jalin, you don't touch a girl down there, until you both agree you are ready."

"But Mom, I was asleep. See, Salvia was doing something to wiggle out. I remembered last night I put my wing around her. She woke up first, and I guess she didn't want to wake me up. We were slowly trying to get out, but I think I tightened my grip and touched her...you know."

"Were you awake or something?" asked an amazed Salvia.

"I was asleep, but it's not that hard to make an accurate guess," smirked Jalin. "Remember, Blu-like?"

"...Oh. That reminds me. Is Blu a pervert?"

Jewel was instantly taken back by the question. At first, she did not give an instant respond. Jalin looked at Salvia

"So blunt, Honey."

Salvia blushed.


Jewel continued her silence while Salvia was too embarrassed to continue. Jalin sighed.

"She's just worried that I inherited everything from Dad... Everything."

"Everything? There's nothing wrong inheriting your father's traits."

"How about his feistiness of se-"

"Careful Jalin."

The three birds looked towards the entrance to see Blu with a jumbo leaf of fruits in front of him. The amber-eyed macaw looked at his children and smiled.

"So, what happened?"

"Hey Dad," greeted Jalin.

"You three seem deep in conversation."

"Oh," said Jewel. "It's nothing really. Salvia is just scared about Jalin being...um...sexy, in a bad way, like you."

Blu faced Salvia from Jewel and shook his head slowly.

"There's nothing wrong being sexy towards your mother."

Jalin rubbed the back of his neck, blushing a little.

"Kind of weird if you say it like that."

"Jalin, what's wrong with me saying comments like that to your mother?"

"Well, um, don't they ruin your image?"

"I don't care. Listen, Jewel has been wonderful to me these years, and I couldn't think of anyone else who I love more than her."

Blu proceeded to put his wing around his mate. Jewel smiled at Blu as she felt the warmth of his wing.

"Me saying those 'perverted' comments was just a way to express my love towards her."

"Couldn't you be normal and give Mom a rose or something?"

"You do know your mother doesn't like roses? She likes the Angel's Trumpet. I really hope you know Salvia's favorite flower."

"The Coral Charm," Jalinn said proudly and quickly.

Salvia cleared her throat loudly. Jalin looked back and saw her eyes staring at him. He stood there for a moment and realize his mistake. He faced his parents and nervously smiled.

"Sorry. The Red Charm."

Salvia smiled.

"Still," Jalin promptly said, "that doesn't explain anything about those perverted comments."

Blu rubbed under his beak with his right wing.

"Guess so," he said and dropped his wing to his side, "but I view it as nice."

"Dad, do you need to get your shot of vitamins again? How can it be nice when you say weird things. Remember when Leoncio caught you a bird so you could have a three-way."

Jewel and Salvia immediately blushed. Blu just stood still, thinking what to say.

"That boy shouldn't have heard the things that are private between me and your mother. Part of mating is, well, mating. Sometimes, it is okay to communicate those things with your partner. It shows trust. I mean, if telling your mate those things is not trust, what is it? Like when you had that imaginary friend for a week and would tell all your secrets to because you trusted him...it."

Jewel smiled, "I remember that. Like when he told his imaginary friend he did an accident in the nest... Oh, that was so adorable."

Salvia chuckled a little as Jalin blushed and groaned.

"I thought we were talking about Dad, not me."

"Anyways," continued Blu. "When you mate and have real trust in one another, there is nothing wrong about saying a few sexy comments. Your mom and I are old, but that doesn't stop me suggesting we should do it."

"This conversation is getting too weird," commented Salvia as she lightly scratched her head.

"How about using words like beautiful and you shine as the stars?" proposed Jalin.

"Yes, but you can said that to anyone. Saying something you could only say to the one you truly love is more beautiful that way."

Jalin was about to say something, but Jewel intervened.

"Actually...your father is right," she announced, slightly blushing. "It does make me feel more beautiful...and I know he really means it."

Jalin sighed and looked down. He took two of his wingtips and rubbed his closed eyes gently.


Blu smiled.

"Just relax, Son. Just be glad I don't write about your mother and I being intimate and publish it in a book or online."

Jewel faced her mate.

"Wow... How strange would that be? I just can't image it."

"They already do that Mom."

Jewel gasped.

"They just scientists trying to understand how species mate," explained Jalin. "...Or authors who are unattractive wished they have a buff werewolf and a sexy vampire fighting over her."


Blu, Jewel, and Jalin turned to where the voice came from. In the middle of the den was the jumbo leaf. Salvia had positioned fallen fruits up and organized everything so it could be easily reached. She beamed.

"Let's eat before this goes bad."

Blu grinned.

"Agreed. C'mon Dear."

The three macaws walked over to Salvia and gathered around the leaf. Jalin stood next to Salvia and Blu and Jewel stood across from them. All of them smiled and soon started to eat. The food ranged from berries to mangos to guava. Salvia took a peck at her blackberry and swallowed it. She looked over at Jalin and smiled as he finished a raspberry. She placed her wing across his waist, but she was not expecting Jalin to bend down to pull a blackberry near him. Her wing slid across his back and touched below his waist. He stood still as Salvia blushed. She then moved her wing to her. Jalin stood up and faced her.

"It was an accident."

"Oh, okay," Jalin said and faced forward, slightly blushing.

Salvia look down to hide the embarrassment radiating off her face. Jewel and Blu just looked at them, slowly eating their food. Jewel leaned over towards her mate and whispered to him.

"Um... I think Salvia also got it from you."

Blu swallowed his food and smiled.

"No, it's not genetic. True love is the ultimate sign of trust, and doing stuff like that is part off it. They will learn not to mind when they do something embarrassing like that."

"Dad," said Jalin, still blushing, "we can hear you loud and clear."

"Good. Probably then I can see your grandchildren faster the more you touch Salvia."

"Blu!" snapped Jewel.

Salvia silently sigh and whispered to herself.

"I really hope Leoncio and Elena are less embarrassing when we have dinner with them.."