Invader Zim – The Movie!

"Attack of the Zhengians!"

Basic Plot: A rival race of conqueror aliens has attacked Planet Irk! After a failed attempt at getting aid from the Universal Congress (yes, it's a cheap imitation of Star Wars' Galactic Senate), The Tallest must call back all of the Invaders who are off on missions – including Zim! And when Dib and Gaz wind up stowing away on his Voot Cruiser, you just know there's gonna be MADNESS!! And who are the two crazy Earth girls who seem to pop up in odd places for a quick laugh? You'll just have to wait and find out!

Songs for Soundtrack:

The Beatles – "Help!"

The Beatles – "Run for Your Life"

John Melloncamp – "Hurt So Good"

Pink Floyd – "Another Brick in the Wall"

Billy Joel – "You May Be Right"

REM – "It's the End of the World"

Clear Water Revival – "Bad Moon on the Rise"

Super Tramp – "Take the Long Way Home"

Queen – "We Will Rock You/We are the Champions"

The Rolling Stones – "Satisfaction"

Billy Joel – "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me"

Elton John – "I'm Still Standing"

[More to come as we think of them]

Zim's Classmates (just for reference): Aki, Brian, Rob, Sara, Melvin, Zita, Alex, Carl, Chunk, Mathew P. Mathers III, Spoo, The Letter M, Tae, Keef, Smolga, Penny, Smeedge, Gretchen

Script (yes, we're starting things very fast!):

Scene One: [Fade in on deep space. A huge armada of spaceships (all sleek and black) pulls out of hyper-drive. Camera zooms in, through the window of the largest ship, to the interior of the cockpit. The Zhengian captain is sitting in the center of the large room in a metal chair with a high back. Other Zhengians are scattered about at different control stations, monitoring everything. One of the Zhengians sitting in front of what looks like a huge steering mechanism, turns towards the captain.]

Zhengian #1: We've entered out of hyperspace, Captain Khain, sir.

Khain: [nods] Very good, soldier. I trust we've had the coordinates set right?

Zhengian #1: Yes sir, we should be arriving in the 2654th solar system any moment now.

Khain: [puts a finger to his chin] Excellent…and how long until we reach our destination?

Zhengian #1: About an hour, sir.

Khain: Good…good…we've waited for decades…we can wait one more hour…

[Camera cuts back to view the armada again, this time from the back as they float off into the blackness. Screen is black for a few seconds, then Theme Music starts and the Movie Logo-thing appears on screen in all its glory! Then fade to black again.]