Scene 19: [Earth, nighttime, the Membrane living room. Prof. Membrane is coming out of the kitchen with yet another sandwich when the front door opens, and Dib and Gaz come running in.]

Prof. Membrane: Oh, there you are. I was wondering where you'd gotten off to.

Dib: [runs up to his father, grabbing the hem of his trench coat excitedly] Dad! It was incredible! We went to Irk with Zim and fought a huge army and blew up the Zhengian mothership and crashed into Captain Khain and saved the planet and I got shot!!!

Gaz: Yeah, it was pretty cool.

Prof. Membrane: [reaches down to pat them each on the head] Well, I'm glad to see this heat hasn't damaged your childlike imaginations. Now, go on. Up to bed, you two. [he gives them each a gentle shove towards the stairs]

[Gaz heads up the stairs obediently, with Dib right behind her]

Dib: [as they disappear up the stairs] I can't wait to get all my pictures developed!

[Cut to the Membrane front yard, the next day, late morning. Gaz is sitting on the front step, playing her GS2 while Dib is flipping through what can only be the photos from their adventure.]

[Cut to an odd camera angle of the sidewalk in front of their house. Black boots step onto the screen, and Dib and Gaz look up]

[Cut to the view of what Dib and Gaz see. Zim is standing on their walk, dressed in his disguise again. Beside him are GIR in his dog suit and FIR in a purple kitten suit. "Still Rock & Roll to Me" starts playing.]

Dib: [stunned] …Zim…? What are you doing here?

Zim: [walks up to them, and leans in towards Dib] I want you to know that even though we were allies yesterday, nothing has changed between us. As soon as Skool starts again, I'm going to destroy you!

Dib: [cocks and eyebrow] What are you gonna do until then?

Zim: I'm gonna steal these pictures! [swipes Dib's photo album and starts to run off]

Dib: [jumping off] Hey! Give those back!

[Dib chases Zim for a minute, and then tackles him in the front yard. The album flies out of Zim's hands and lands open in front of him.]

Zim: [sits up, looking down at the photos, which are at odd angles, but creative, none-the-less] Hmm…not bad…you've even got my good side…

Dib: [crawls up next to him on his hands and knees] I've got better ones, wanna see?

[Gaz walks over to where the boys are and stands over the book, looking down, but trying to seem uninterested.]

[The camera backs up, bringing the yard into full view, the three looking at the album, and GIR chasing FIR in circles around them. The camera backs up more and more until the whole Earth fills the screen. The words "The End" fade onto the screen in letter like the logo. That fades out after a moment, and the credits sequence begins]

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