Title: Confessions
Author: DebC
E-mail: debchilson@yahoo.com
Keywords: Declan, missing scene for "Muti"
Rating: PG
Summary: Thinking they are about to die, Johanna & Declan reveal their own secrets about Peggy
Feedback: Yes, love it!
Disclaimers: Mysterious Ways belongs to PAX and Lion's Gate. They don't belong to me.
Author's Notes: If you don't know where this came form, you don't know my mind very well. :-)


"So," Declan said after Peggy and Miranda left to continue searching for a cure for the disease ravaging the village. "Peggy speaks highly of me in her letters?"

"Very highly," Johanna replied, sitting down on the bench opposite him. "All her letters are about you, in fact."

"Oh, really? What... what does she say?" he asked and then instantly wished he could retract the words. It really was none of his business what Peggy said about him to her friend, even if he was curious.

"She told me how you met, and how crazy you are."

"Crazy? She thinks I'm crazy?" ::Great,:: he internalized. ::My friend the shrink thinks I'm crazy.::

"But in a good way," Johanna added swiftly. "I like hearing about your investigations. Peggy tells them with such passion, like I haven't heard since her husband died. You've been good for her."

"Yeah," Declan said quietly. "Peg's come a long way since last year. I only wish I could have..." he trailed off, shaking his head. "It's not important."

"No, it is. You wish you could done what?"

"Told her how I feel about her. I love her," he admitted, his voice tinged with frustration. "Now, here I am, locked in the cell about to die." He sighed. "Not that it matters. Even if we survive this, I'll never be anything but a friend to Peggy. She'd made that clear enough."

Surprise showed in Johanna's eyes. "She's never told you," she all but whispered.

"Told me what?" Declan sat up straighter, moving to the edge of the firth-ridden bench he was sitting on.

"Declan, I..." Johanna struggled for the right words. "I shouldn't be the one to tell you this, but..." she looked around their jail cell with an air of fatalism. Their eyes met, and her silent thought communicated between them. But they could very well be dead by morning. "In Peggy's letter, she told me she loves you... is in love with you. I guess she was too afraid of losing you to let herself tell you."

Declan was stunned, overjoyed, and angry all at once. He was stunned because he'd never have guessed it from the way Peggy behaved when they were together and overjoyed because the woman he loved returned his feelings. Yet he was also angry, because they might never get the chance to see their feelings for each other requited.

Silently, Declan made a vow: should they come through this okay, he would tell Peggy that he loved her and somehow make her see it was safe to love him back.

(the end)