"How could you do that to her? She's your other half!"

Yes, those words have stuck with him like the taste of sour milk. He doesn't usually think too hard about things maybe because he's so adept at extracting only the important bits from the junk and all that really matters are those important bits, anyway.

This time is a bit more challenging and it bothers him because it's so unnecessary, so very unnecessary but he knows what it is: she should have said 'she's your kirin' instead. Other halfs... an acrid flavor tickles his tongue when he says it out loud, to himself; the word hanging uncomfortably in the air.

Why those words? He feeds the bird she gave him and continues to frown.

Youko does complain a bit and she also escapes a lot but when she is tired of running, tired of avoiding her 'other half,' she'll always return and he'll always be there. It's nothing like her affection for himself and yet, at least in the hanjuu's mind, it seems to be infinitely more.

Rakushun waits, but the bird is silent today.