Dear… Diary,

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not doing this because I want to. Toris gave me this journal for my birthday like two fucking years ago and I felt bad for throwing it under the bed. I'm not sentimental or some shit; I'm writing here because it'd be a waste of good paper, okay?

Goddammit, I dunno even know why the fuck I'm doing this. What the hell am I supposed to write in here anyway? My feelings? Ugh, that makes me feel so emo. I guess that leaves telling you about my day…? But I didn't do shit today except put more crop circles in Texas, so that's useless.

Whatever. I've written enough.


Muwahaha, I'm breaking off from my letterfic to start this as well. I seriously frickin' love Tony to death XD.

I should also give credit to lifeisinteresting because she inspired me to write this, so VOILA :D

~ Amie S.