I have to look around every damn corner now. Amnesia's fucked up, as in, it literally mind fucks you. Goddammit. I hate that game.

Also just found out America played it too. Now I know why he wouldn't come out of his room for an entire week. The electric bill was damn high last month...

But I needed a serious stress reliever. So I snuck into Lucille and lasered some asteroids for fun. Couldn't take her up cause America still has the keys [damn that bastard], but I can still use the other stuff. Like the nukes. Or lasers. I kinda accidentally may have created a new crater on the moon, but SHUSH. Nobody knows that. I wanna see how long it takes the scientisty dudes to find out hehe.

Al said I have to get a valid U.S. license in order to start driving again. He said it was "for my safety and his".



But I can't get my keys back until I do. Tony does not approve :(

Gonna drown out my sorrows with FUCKING MINT CHIP ICE CREAM,

'Twas a bit rushed, sorry. I has to study for a test on Alfred's attic :/

Au revoir, my lovlies! :D

~ Amie S.