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Pairing: Eventual Ichigo/Kagome, Isshin/Nodoka, Eventual Karin/Souta/Yuzu

"Err... Ichigo...?"

The pretty girl couldn't help but to wince as the punk's head smashed rather brutally into the cement ground, "Quit your talking!" Ichigo growled, stomping his foot into the punk's back repeatedly and ignoring his pained groans, "Don't any of you thugs know a little respect?" He asked with strong irritation.

"Toshirin went down with one blow!" The other thugs whispered among each other, shaking at the raw power the orange-haired teenager was displaying, "One frikin' blow!"

"Ichigo...?" Kagome tried again, stepping a bit closer when Ichigo didn't respond to her, "I think you made your point. I don't think he'll be bothering me again..."

"When a girl says 'no', she means it!" Ichigo stated, digging his heel into Toshirin's head, "It doesn't give you permission to sexually harass her!" He frowned, glancing at the telephone pole to his left, "And look at that!" He pointed to the fallen bottle and the flowers that had been scattered all across the ground, "What the hell did you do? Do you know what this is?"

"I-it's the tribute to the kid that just died recently?" A punk answered weakly, shaking as Ichigo glared at him, "I think–?" He couldn't even let out a cry of shock when Ichigo's foot met with his face and sent spiralling to the ground.

"That's right!" Ichigo swiftly turned around, thrusting his elbow quickly and hitting the last thug right in the stomach, "And I would like to know why it fell to the ground!"

"W-we knocked it over!" The thug on the ground practically squeaked in fear, "But it was an accident! We were skateboarding!"

"Ichigo! I think they get the idea," Kagome sighed, kneeling down and placing the bottle upright while sticking the flowers back into place, "You don't have to go too overboard."

"What the hot chick said–!" Toshirin was completely knocked out cold by the next blow that Ichigo let out before he could even finish his sentence.

"Bother Kagome again and I'll make sure that people will be leaving flowers here for you!" Ichigo snorted, watching in disinterest as the remaining thugs clumsily got to the feet and ran away as fast as they could while leaving the unconscious Toshirin behind, "Bastards..."

"Well," Kagome looked rather amused, "If you scared them that badly, I don't think that they will coming back to this area anytime soon," She said, "And really, Ichigo, you should have let me get a punch in. I didn't appreciate that bastard flipping my skirt up to they could get a peek."

"You sure that's all he did?" Ichigo was prepared to run after them if Kagome said 'yes', "I'll get them if they did anything else to you."

Kagome smiled, "I'm fine, but..." The schoolgirl gestured with her head to look down which is what Ichigo and wasn't exactly too surprised to the spirit of a little girl, "I think she wants to thank you, Ichi."

"I'll bring you new flowers tomorrow," Ichigo said, glancing at the spirit, "And those guys from before won't be bothering you again."

"Thank you," The spirit bowed low with appreciation, "Thank you for chasing them away," The spirit smiled at the two older teenager, "I can rest peacefully with them gone." And then she quickly disappeared from view of the two.

After a full few minutes of silence, Ichigo glanced over at Kagome, "Let's get home," He said gruffly, earning a smile from the shorter girl as she caught up to his long strides, "I'm sure Nodoka-san has dinner ready by now."

Kagome smiled, almost in a teasingly manner, "Defending my honour back there, Ichi?" She grinned, laughing when Ichigo mumbled under his breath about something she couldn't hear, "Yeah, we should head home now... or else Isshin might accuse you of doing something naughty to me~!

Kagome burst out laughing and ran ahead before Ichigo could respond and snickered when she heard a few curses thrown at her from behind her, courtesy of Ichigo.

However, neither Ichigo nor Kagome knew that the Shinigami that was about to change their lives forever was watching them from a distance with narrowed violet eyes...