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The Kurosaki-Higurashi residence was rudely awakened by Ichigo's loud cursing, "You've got a lot of nerve, don't you?" He growled, shoving Isshin's face further into the floor, "Trying to break my neck first thing in the morning?"

Isshin muttered something about "teaching him well" when Ichigo suddenly blinked, finally realising that it was the next morning, "How is everyone?" He demanded, "Karin, Yuzu, Souta, and Nodoka-san – how are their injuries?"

"Injuries?" Isshin blinked, getting up and forcibly dragging Ichigo to the front of their house, "It's a miracle, don't you think?" He said, though Ichigo could only stare wide-eyed at the massive hole that had been smashed into the house, "That truck did so much damage, but no one was injured last night!"

"I can't believe that we slept through it," Karin mumbled, surveying the damage, "The stupid truck driver got away." Yuzu and Souta agreed with a silent nod of their head.

Ichigo stared until he felt a hand land on his shoulder and he glanced down to see Kagome standing beside him, "Was last night," Her voice was rather hesitant, "Just a dream? Or did it really happen?"

"No, it happened," Ichigo said quietly so the others couldn't hear, "It must have been that Shinigami and her version of follow-up care," He said, though was only guessing, "She somehow made it so that everyone forgot what really happened."

"Now, then," Nodoka said with a kind smile to her children and step-children, "If you don't hurry up and eat your breakfast, you will be late for school."

"Yeah," Ichigo absently agreed, following after Nodoka and his sisters, "The Shinigami must have gone back to the Soul Society or whatever she mentioned." He said to Kagome.

"Have a good day at school!" Nodoka said, waving as Ichigo and Kagome finished their meal and began walking down the street.

The two stayed silently awkward, unsure what to say to each other while they pondered over last night's events, "Well," Ichigo scratched his head, "We're here," He muttered, gesturing to the train station as Kagome nodded. She took the train since she had wished to remain at her middle school in Tokyo in order to stay with her friends (and the ride every morning wasn't too bad, only about a half-hour), "I'll pick you up here after school."

"Yeah," Kagome proceeded up the stairs, "Say hi to Tatsuki for me." She said, running up the stairs and narrowly catching the next train.

However, neither student could get last night's events out of their minds...


Kagome felt guilty about skipping school that day (and knew her mother would be very angry with her), but she couldn't help taking the train back to Karakura Town and proceeding into Ichigo's high school.

She navigated through the halls easily, having been to Karakura High many times before. She ignored the stares she received for wearing an obviously different school uniform and the muttered whispers that were saying "She's Kurosaki's hot step-sister".

Her blue eyes brightened when she caught sight of Ichigo's hard-to-miss orange hair and she quickened her pace towards him, only stopping when a pretty redhead slammed into him and crashed down to the floor.

"Oh, it's you, Inoue." Ichigo blinked, looked down at Orihime and not even noticing how she suddenly seemed nervous around him.

Tatsuki would have berated Ichigo, though Kagome beat her to it (much to the surprise of Ichigo and the two girls), "Ichi, how rude!" Kagome shook her head, "You don't just bump into someone and say 'Oh, it's you'." She scolded lightly.

"Kagome!" Ichigo looked a bit taken back, "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in school!" He watched dumbly as Kagome huffed and turned around to offer Orihime a hand.

"Just ignore Ichigo," Kagome said, helping Orihime up when she hesitantly accepted her hand, "He was never one for manners, Inoue-san." She smiled at Orihime's jumbled response.

"Nodoka-san won't be too happy with you, Kagome," Tatsuki said, getting over the surprise of seeing the middle school student, "Skipping school like that."

"Ugh, don't remind me," Kagome sighed, shuddering at the thought of her mother's anger, "I just... wanted to see Ichigo." She muttered with an embarrassed look, much to Tatsuki's amusement, though Ichigo knew it was much more than that.

"Aww, Ichigo! It must be nice to have a sister with such a brother complex!" Tatsuki teased, enjoying the red that appeared on Kagome's face and the rather clueless expression on Ichigo's face.


Ichigo sighed, placing an arm around Kagome's shoulder and moving her out of the way just in time for Keigo to land brutally on the floor where she was just standing, "Keigo." Ichigo greeted with a roll of his eyes.

"You're so mean, Ichigo!" Keigo whined, pouting at the orange-haired boy, "I just wanted to give Kagome-chan a welcome hug!"

Kagome simply giggled nervously and gave Keigo a wave, "Hey, Keigo-kun," She greeted, earning a far-too-enthusiastic response back, "Mizuiro-kun." She nodded at the other when he finally arrived much slower than Keigo.

Both Ichigo and Kagome tensed when a small but very familiar girl approached them from behind, "Ah, so you're Kurosaki-kun!" She said with a big fake smile and a falsely nice voice, though Ichigo and Kagome could only stare at her with wide eyes to even notice.

"I-it's you!"