Fandom: Harry Potter

Genre: Friendship/Romance

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle Jr., Hermione Granger,

Pairing(s): [Harry Potter/ Tom Riddle], [Remus Lupin/Sirius Black], [Hermione Granger/Fred Weasley]

Rating: T

Summary: What if Harry had a pen pal as a child another boy who was all alone. Harry makes friends with the young Tom Riddle as their letters bounce through time to the one they needed the most.

DISCLAIMER!: I own nothing or Harry never would have ended up with Ginny.

WARNINGS!: Child Abuse. Gender confusions. Cross dressing(eventual). Timeline screwery. This story will contain several slash pairings. There will be no hardcore(explicit sexual or gory content) scenes of any kind but there will the references to such things. There will be character analysis's and Q and A sessions sporadically through the chapters and those will be well marked as such and may be bypassed with no repercussions to the story.

A/N: EDITED! I'm slowly going back and editing my old chapters. It will mostly be me applying fresh eyes to old chapters and tweaking them as I go. Most of the story points shouldn't have changed but there may be new details added. (Like this one)

A/N2: This was the old prologue that was saved on a flashdrive from when I was actively working on this fic. I never posted it because it just didn't flow with the first chapter but looking back I feel like it made later bits make a lot more sense. So here you guys go. Read it or don't. Next chapter is the real beginning.


In a dark room, barred from the world outside, a young boy gazes out at the stars forever beyond his reach and wishes. He wishes against all hope that he'd stop being so alone. He's alone and tired of being abandoned

-tired of being forsaken.

-afraid of being forgotten.

-just tired. Tired and afraid.

A world apart a man feels the same and two souls wound and stitched together through impossible odds and peculiar circumstances begin to glow with a golden thread; unseen by the world of men and wizards, connecting them.



Somewhere far off- sand falls in an hourglass. Wild magic rises and the air becomes thick.



The airy chimes of bells echo with the words from both the boy and the man. More than this single moment but all the ones like it before. The glittering thread weaves through a hundred moments of whispered longing and a hundred more- links in a chain. Each moment burning heavily with its own wild magic pouring it into the swollen thread.

The voices of children join the cacophony. The world is shifting, everything rearranging…a strong breeze blows and the world is still once more.



A water droplet falls and ripples spread over a still surface.



Something wicked this way comes.