Title: Pen Pals

Author: Nekoanima

Summery: What if Harry had a pen pal as a child another boy who was all alone. Harry makes friends with the young Tom Riddle as their letters bounce through time to the one they needed the most.

DISCLAIMER!: I own nothing or Harry never would have ended up with Ginny.

A/N: The dreams that Harry has been having are the connection between himself and Voldemort(through the Horcrux). In that state they both have all of Voldemort's knowledge about what happened between them. (I.e. Harry would have knowledge of what older Harry has told older Tom. Harry and Voldemort's subconscious are interacting. after they leave that state the knowledge they have goes away exactly like a dream)

Oh and I got a question to why Harry never told Tom what school he goes to. There are a few reasons

A)because I said so and I have a sort of plot in mind. (mostly )

B) Harry is the only Harry in his year at Hogwarts. He knows Tom is incredibly smart and if he told Tom what school he went to Tom would figure out who he was and he worried that Tom would treat him different if he knew that he was the Boy-Who-Lived.

C) Originally he had thought that they would be going to the same school so he wouldn't have to tell him.

Feel free to ask questions on things you guys don't get. I cant always keep track of what is in my head and what i've already written.


You were right this tornament was bad from the start. One of the other Champions… he died right in front of me. Just for being there. I keep seeing it happen over and over again in my head. I want it to just stop. I cant stand it. It's my fault that he's dead. That his parents who were so proud of him don't have a son anymore.

I won the tournement, I gave the prize money to Ron's brothers. The twins needed funding for their joke products and I didn't want blood money. No amount of gold is worth this.

Tom stared at her letter, he felt absolutely nothing for the fact that a boy had died but he did feel for the fact that his friend was so upset by it. He felt jelousy that his sweet little friend was so attached to the boy. Harry seemed to have an ablity to care for anyone at all. If it had been him in that boy's stead her reaction would most likely be the same if not many times worse.

I'm finding it just a tad bit ironic that the best DADA teachers we have had were one a dark creature (he was a werewolf- you were right. Just in case I didn't tell you before.) two a dark wizard. The man was a genius… ok a bit of a mad genius but still I think we learned more this year and last individually then we did in the first two combined.

By the way Tom do you know anything about dueling? I need to learn and quickly. What I remember from the colossal bust that the dueling club in second year is almost nothing. Except launching a cobra into the air pisses her off.


Tom instantly felt worried at the lighthearted words coming from her letter. In the midst of her guilt driven depression she was trying to make light of something. Two things stuck out the most though. One it would seem as though her teacher all year had been a dark wizard, though she had thought him a retired auror. Perhaps he had been disguised or perhaps he had merely been dark all along and had decided that being an auror was a 'noble' path.

Tom didn't particularly care about the details with the man it was quite obvious by her speaking of him in passed tense that he was no longer a problem. No the greater problem was her asking to learn to duel. Not just to duel but to learn to do so quickly.

"Oh Harry, what have you unleashed upon yourself, my friend." 'And how much worse will it become?' He thought solemnly.


I know it will seem cruel but I don't care that that boy died. I am just thankful that you didn't. He entered this tournament by his own choice knowing full well that he could die. You were forced into it.

With all this I do wonder what would you do if it were me instead. If I had died?

On another note I am not sure if I can teach you to duel though a letter my friend. I may be able to teach you spells but you have to condition your body to have the stamina to duel. Running would be the best starting point I believe. Then followed by shortening the time it takes for you to cast spells.


Harry's heart froze as he read Tom's letter. How could his friend even think of that. Why would he say that? It made no sense at all.


Don't say that. Not even joking. Not ever. It hurts terribly that a boy I barely knew died in front of me. If you died I would never forgive you or myself.

Don't you dare. You may not care about anybody else but I care about you. You are my best friend in the whole world Tom. I know you don't have a lot of reasons to trust anyone or to care for anyone but believe me. I care for you.

I kind of figured that you wouldn't but thanks for the advice anyway. I'll give it a try. I'm already quick maybe I can be quicker. Then Dudley wont ever be able to catch me. I'm not sure how I can shorten the time it takes to cast a spell though.



Tom looked over Harry's letter in near shock. He had expected something along the lines of her being sad but such a vehement response was highly unexpected.

And for a moment it seemed that she forgot that he cared about her in her terror at the thought of him dying. She had even wrote out the valation (A/N: its what the sincerely at the end of a letter is called I don't think I spelled it right though) normally they didn't bother with them. Her powerful reaction defiantly soothed his jealousy of the boy she was mourning. Though perhaps it wasn't truly mourning so much as shock. She did say that he died in front of her. Though most of his jealousy was soothed by her exclamations of barely knowing the other champion.

Voldemort stared out the window of his study. It had been thirteen years since last he had been there. It was good to have a body again. Truly one did not know what they had until it was gone. That was a lesson he had learned painfully too many times.

The method that he had returned made him think of her so much. He hadn't been the one to instigate the tournament's return but he had utilized it's presence all the same. But his encounter with Potter had cemented it's connection to her. Somehow every time he met the boy all he could think of was how like her he was.

Voldemort growled in fury, the boy was nothing like her. No one was. There were no innocents left in the world. It didn't even matter if there were. He had killed men, women and children in cold blood. Innocence didn't matter to the world and it didn't matter to him either. He hated her for this weakness she caused him, he feared her even more. Perhaps that was why he feared death so. Perhaps he had simply been running from her instead. But it seemed that no matter the fear or rage he felt towards her, he would have done anything to have her back.

Dumbledore was wrong. So very wrong. The old man thought that he found love to be weak because he had never experienced it. But that couldn't be further from the truth. He knew love to make men weak because he still felt it.

"Hello Severus." Voldemort found amusment at the ever so faint shudder that went through the potions master as he spoke. A lesser man than he wouldn't even have noticed but that was what made Severus such a good spy, he lived by hiding and he breathed by deceiving.

"My Lord."

"So you have finally returned to me."

"Of course my lord. I have always been loyal to you" the dark man didn't even realize when he went too far. The loyal traitor. Oh how he hated traitors more than anything.

It made him think of the little trick of words that that his Harry had wrote to him when they were small.

'if a liar says he's lying, is he really? or is he telling the truth.' It had been nothing but a riddle of the mind but it was a phrase that suited Severus Snape like none other.

"Tell me Severus. What do you know about Harry Potter?"

"I teach him my lord. He is as arrogant as his father was before him."

"I see and what of his location."

"I don't know my lord. Dumbledore has him hidden somewhere in the muggle world where he is waited on hand and foot like the brat he is." The last part was hissed under his breath but Voldemort still heard every bit of it.

"I do not care about age old squabbles Severus. What I want to know is if the boy is truly the threat that Dumbledore seems to hope he is."

"I don't know my lord."

"Has he given off any signs of this supposed power?"

"No my lord, not that I am aware of."

"Tell me of the events that have taken place in the years of the boy's second and third years at Hogwarts I will decide if he is a threat or not. I do not believe as of right now that he is a threat."

"Potter is lazy my lord I highly doubt he will ever be a threat to you. His grades are mediocre at the best of times. "

"Spare me you're opinions and tell me what happened."

"Yes my lord." Severus flinched slightly at the tone in his master's voice.

"In the boy's second year the chamber of secrets was opened. The staff were never informed as to who opened it but the Weasley girl was taken into the chamber and Potter instead of waiting or telling an adult mounted his little group together and charged in."

Voldemort scowled darkly. He knew that there was only one way that the chamber could be open. How could his younger self have been so foolish as to leave the chamber entry open? He was going to have a nice long and particularly painful chat with Lucius after he was through with Severus.

"Continue Severus."

"No one knows what actually occurred in the chamber only that the boy rescued the Weasley girl and lost Lucius his house elf. All that I am aware of beyond his is that he still has the book."


"Potter. Lucius threw it at him when he lost his elf." Rage and fear began to flood through the dark lord. This was not a good thing.

"What was the state of the book upon its return?"

"Very poor my lord it had a hole run through it."

"Crucio." The word was said softly with no accent of emotion to it but it may as well have been screamed as it echoed in Severus' ears.

The dark man soon found himself writhing on the ground in agony as every nerve in his body was constricted by the curse.

After a few moments the curse was lifted. But for Severus those moments seemed as if each one was an eternity.

"Continue with your report."

"Yes my lord." The potions master gasped, pulling himself up from the thrown room's floor.

"In his third year Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban. I am sure that most of that year has already been told to you by Pettigrew my lord."

"Humor me Severus." The Dark Lord drawled as he lazily twirled his wand. Severus' flinch at that was even less well hidden as the first. The Dark Lord found amusement in how at his most relaxed appearance could be more unsettling than anything else.

"Yes my lord."

"Potter has to my knowledge grown close to Black. He saved Black from the dementor's kiss at least twice. He learned to conjure a corporeal patronus that year as well. He proved that he has little care to when people are trying to protect him as he charges into situations blindly."

"Do you care for the boy, Severus?"

The question was strange coming from such a man, if he could be called such, as Voldemort. The very phrase of it threw him off kilter.

"No, my lord. I hold no more feeling for the boy than I did his father."

"I see. Leave me now Severus."

"Yes my lord." With that he aperated away and quickly returned to his post. After returning to Hogwarts he found himself in the same position as before just with another master.

"What happened Severus?" Dumbledore asked with twinkling eyes. The man always did ask questions to which he already had the answers.

"The dark lord summoned me to give a report to him of what has happened in his absence. He is not pleased."

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