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Codename Sailor D Note: I don't own Sailor Moon

Chapter 1: My Friends Betrayed Me

"What's wrong guys you call me with suddenly? Meeting about new enemy?" Ask Serena with puzzled, today after school, she must go to meeting at Cherry Hill Temple with Amy,Raye,Lita,Mina, and Darien.

"We are not talking about new enemy, Serena. But, we make decision about you." Said Raye.

"Yeah, Serena. Now you are not our leader and our princess anymore." Said Mina.

"WHAT? WHY DO YOU THINK LIKE THAT?" Said Serena with shock.

"Because you are klutz, cry baby, and lazy!" Said Lita.

"A… Amy, you too?" Said Serena as she turned to Amy.

"I'm sorry, Serena. But Lita is right." Said Amy with guilty.

"And Darien, why are you here?" Said Serene as she turned to Darien.

"Serena, I don't love you anymore. Now I love with Raye." Darien Said. That words want makes Serena's heart broken into million pieces.

"Now, Raye will become our new leader. Because she is more mature than you! Now don't ever come here again!" Said Mina.

"But…" Said Serena, but Raye cut her words.

"Serena, I'm Raye Hino as leader of Sailor Scouts, give command to you, GET OUT FROM THIS PLACE!" Said Raye with loud.

"Okay! If you guys want I go, it's ok. But, somedays I will show you I'm a true soldier! And I will show you I'm not klutz, cry baby, and lazy anymore!" Said Serena with cry as she exit from Cherry Hill Temple.

"Good, now that stupid girl was go!" Said Raye with satisfied.

"But Raye. Do you think this is our best decision kick Serena out?" Said Amy with worry.

"Of course Amy! She is never will be a good leader. She is too childish to become a good leader just like me! Anyway forget it Amy! That just Unpleasant problem! How about go to Arcade to for forget it?" Said Raye.

"Raye right, I'm so bored." Add Mina.

"Me too." Add Lita again.

"Ok, I'm guess." Said Amy with guilty.

At the Park…..

Serena still crying in the park. She really really sad. Because her best friends and her boy friend was betrayed her.

Why they are so mean to me? Why? Yeah because I'm klutz, cry baby, and lazy! But… They are so mean! Just because of that I'm not a good leader! They not care about me anymore…

"Why are you crying?" Serena surprised with that voice. As she turned to left, there is a little girl. She has black hair and her hair along the soulder. She wearing a glasses, her clothes is school form, she looks like ten years old kid.

"No…. I'm okay…." Said Serena while wiping away her tears.

"No, you not. What's wrong with you? Maybe I can help you, so tell me what's wrong with you?" That girl know Serena is lying, Serena surprised because she knew Serena is lying to her.

"Okay if you want, my best friends and my boy friend was betrayed me because I'm klutz, cry baby, and lazy! But.. I do my best, they underestimate me! Why they are so mean to me?" Serena's tear flowed down to the her cheek.

"Serena, you must show your friends you are Sailor Moon the leader of Sailor Scouts and Princess of the Moon. You must try it Serena." Said that girl with calmly, Serena Surprised again, because that girl knew she was Sailor Moon and Princess Of the Moon.

"Who are you?" Ask Serena.

"My name is Dela, I'm from future."

Be continued

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