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Chapter 5: Sailor Melody VS Rubues

"Where are we? Are we in the future?" Ask Sailor Mercury.

"Not yet, we must meet someone before we go to future" Reply Sailor Melody.

"Who?" Ask Rini.

"Your special friend,Rini." Reply Sailor Melody with smile.

"Welcome to the gate of time." Suddenly Women with sailor suit appears in front of them.

"Puu!" Cried Rini.

"Long time not see you,small lady." Said the women.

"Hi, Sailor Pluto." Said Sailor Melody.

"Hi, Sailor Melody, thank you for protecting Small Lady." Said Sailor Pluto.

"But…. I can't protect her mother, I'm so sorry." Said Sailor Melody with sad tone.

"It's okay… You can save her later." Said Sailor Pluto.

"Who are you?" Interrupt Sailor Venus.

"I'm guardian of time, Sailor Pluto. I'm protect this time of gate since Moon Kingdom ruled by Queen Serenity. Now you must meet with King Endymion." Said Sailor Pluto.

"King Endymion? He is….." Said Tuxedo Mask but but his sentence cut by Sailor Pluto.

"He is your future self." Said Sailor Pluto.

"What? I thought this girl was lied!" Cried Tuxedo Mask.

"See? I told you, I'm not a liar!" Said Sailor Melody.

"Now, I will open time of gate, so you can go to future." Said Sailor Pluto.

"Thank you Sailor Pluto." Said Sailor Melody.

"See you later, Puu!" Cried Rini.

"Sailor pluto, why you not join us?" Ask Sailor Mercury.

"No, I can't. I can't leaving this place, But I rely on you, becarefull." Said Sailor Pluto. Sailor scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Rini enter time of gate.

Suddenly, they are appear in Crystal Tokyo, the city was quiet,freeze, and very messy.

"Rini, what happened with this city?" Ask Sailor Mars.

"Black Moon family destroyed this city, that's why my Daddy sent me to the past to met Sailor Moon… But…But…." Rini almost crying.

"Shh…. Don't blame yourself Rini. If you always blame yourself, you will never able to help your mother, and if you want save her… You must strong, your mother rely on you, so you must strong, besides you are not alone, don't you?" Said Sailor Melody.

"Thank you, Melody. Now we must meet my Daddy." Before they can go. Suddenly, Rubues appears in front of them.

"Hi little rabbit." Said Rubues with mocking tone.

"Rubues… What do you want?" Ask Sailor Jupiter.

"Of course, I want that little rabbit." Reply Rubues.

"Sailor Scouts! Take Rini to the Crystal Palace! Hurry up! Cried Sailor Melody.

"What about you?" Ask Sailor Mercury.

"I must take care this clown, NOW GO AWAY!" Shouted Sailor Melody. Sailor Scouts finnaly takes Rini they hide behind a big crystal.

"Well,well…. My opponent is a little girl? I can't believe it!" Laugh Rubues.

"Hmp! Yes, your opponent is a little girl, but a little girl with SUPER POWER!" Sailor Melody takes her harp, it shapped heart and colored pink and white with pearl decorated it.

"MELODY RAINBOW WAIL!" She cried, muti colored heart wave crashed Rubues.

"Damn you little girl…." Cursed Rubues and he throws fire ball to Sailor Melody, but he miss it.

"That is your best shot? You are a loser, don't you?" Mock Sailor Melody.

"I'm not a loser, you little brat!" Shout Rubues.

"Really? I can't believe it. You know? Don't you ever underestimate your opponent, I will give you punishment, because you underestimated a little kid, MELODY HURRICANE!"Sailor Melody attack Rubues with hurricane, and this time, she makes him badly hurt.

"Damn you,Sailor Brat This time I let you win, but another time.. I WILL KILL YOU!" And Rubues disappears.

"Geez… He is an idiot, He may win in the battle, but I will win in the war."

"Sailor Melody!" Suddenly Sailor Scouts come out from hiding place.

"What are you doing? I told you to took Rini away to the Crystal Tokyo! Not Hiding behind that crystal and watched me fight with that stupid clown!" Said Sailor Melody with angry tone.

"I'm sorry, but we must watching you." Said Sailor Mercury.

"Why? You don't trust me!" Said Sailor Melody.

"We are sorry, We thought you are enemy." Said Sailor Venus.

"Yeah, we must apologize to Serena too, I'm so mean to her." Said Said Sailor Jupiter.

"You are right,Jupiter. I was betrayed my best friend! What kind of friend of friend am I?" Said Sailor Mercury with guilty tone.

"We are sorry, Sailor Melody." Said Sailor Jupiter.

"It's okay, apologize is accepted!" Said Sailor Melody with sweet tone. Inner Scouts was apologized to Sailor Melody, only Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask still not believe her. But Sailor Melody doesn't care about it, because she must save Serena now. Serena, I will save you!

To Be Continued…

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