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The doors to the elevator slowly slid open as McGarrett stepped out and ran towards the closed doors of the Intensive Care Unit. Pushing the doors open, he raced inside, his heart rising into his throat as he saw medical staff rushing into Danny's room. Rachel and Gracie stood huddled together in the corridor, their eyes wide in fear as they stared through the glass wall at the scene within the room. The normally hushed ambiance of the ICU was shattered by a familiar agitated voice emitting from the room.

Rachel looked away from the terrifying scene of the doctor and nurses struggling to restrain Danny in the bed as he struggled weakly against them, obviously confused and frightened, as she saw McGarrett hurrying towards her. "Oh Steve," She cried in relief as the Lt Commander hurried to join them. "I'm glad you are here. I didn't know what else to do. … Daniel…"

McGarrett nodded as he gave her arm a reassuring squeeze before he turned and hurried into the room. "What's happening?" He demanded as he hurried to the edge of the bed where Danny was struggling weakly against the many restraining hands that held him down on the bed as he cried out to let him go.

Looking up from the agitated patient at Steve, the doctor answered loudly over Danny's hoarse objections of being held down, "He regained consciousness faster than we anticipated. With the combination of the anesthetic and the head injury he is extremely confused and agitated. I don't want to have to sedate him but I will have to if we can't get him to settle down." He grunted in surprise as Danny managed to free an arm and weakly struck him in the chest."Grab his arm!" he demanded before he turned his attention to the young nurse standing beside him. "Let's start him with 3mgs Midazolam- slow IV push. Also get ready in case we need to intubate."

"Whoa…" Steve gasped shocked at the doctor's orders, "Intubate?"

"The sedation could suppress his breathing, but if we don't sedate him and get him settled, he is going to aggravate his injuries. We can't risk his blood pressure rising too much with the sub dural bleed." The doctor answered distractedly as Danny cried out again and increased his struggles, arching his back off the bad as he tried hard to break loose again. "Where's that damn sedation!"

"Wait! Wait!" McGarrett held up his hand as he shouldered his way between the doctor and the nurse. "Let me try and calm him before you sedate him."

Biting his lip in momentary indecision as he watched the staff's attempts to restrain the critically injured and confused detective, he sighed and nodded. "Give it a go. But if he doesn't calm down soon, I will have to sedate him."

"Let go of him!" Steve ordered as he stepped closer to the bed.

The nursing staff glanced towards the doctor, who nodded silently and released his own grip on Danny's arm as the nurses cautiously did the same and stepped back, watching.

Ignoring the medical staff who surrounded the bed, Steve placed his hand gently on Danny's arm, rubbing it lightly as he leaned closer and softly whispered, "Danny… Danno …"

The blonde haired detective pulled away, his glazed eyes wide with fear as he raised his hands in an attempt to push McGarrett away. "Get away from me!"

Ignoring his friend's confusion Steve gently but firmly captured Danny's hands in his, being careful not to dislodge the IV as Danny struggled to break free, as he continued softly, "Easy partner, easy. You're safe. It's me…Steve… "


The Navy SEAL smiled as Danny stopped struggling and stared up at him, his face still clouded with confusion, "Yeah, Danno, it's me… You're safe partner, you're in Queens Hospital."

"Hospital…" Danny whispered as his eyes travelled around the room nervously eyeing each of the medical staff members who surrounded the bed before they returned to McGarrett's face, full of fear. "Grace…"

Seeing the panic in his partner's eyes and aware of the doctor stepping closer to the bed, Steve quickly waved the doctor back with one hand as he kept his attention on Danny, softly reassuring him. "She's fine Danno. She wasn't with you."

"She's… safe?" Danny whispered weakly as he struggled to stay awake.

Lightly rubbing his hand along Danny's arm, Steve smiled. "She's fine Danny. She's waiting with Rachel just outside but the doctors want you to get a little stronger before you have too many visitors. She asked me to tell you she loves her Danno! Now you need to try and sleep. I promise I will be here when you wake up. Gracie's safe. I won't let anything happen to her."

Danny nodded as his eyes drifted slowly closed and his head lolled to the side as he lost his fight to remain conscious.

Allowing his hand to linger for a few more moments on Danny's arm, Steve watched silently as the doctor stepped forward and read the readings from the myriad of machines that were attached to his partner. "How is he?"

"Blood pressure is up." The doctor murmured, ignoring Steve's question, as he pulled a flash light from his pocket and quickly checked both of Danny's pupils before looking across at the nurse and ordered, "Let's get another MRI on his head. I want to keep a close eye on the sub dural bleed. Also lets give him some light sedation-I don't want him growing agitated again." The nurse nodded and slipped from the room, followed by the other medical staff.

"How is he?" Steve demanded again as his eyes flickered between the doctor and his partner in the bed.

The doctor sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'm worried about the effect his agitation and the rise in his blood pressure has had with the sub dural bleeding. We will know more when we do the MRI. Mahalo for helping us settle him down." The doctor paused a moment before looking down at his unconscious patient before looking back up at Steve and asking quietly." I hope that you might consider remaining with him …"

Steve nodded, as much as he wanted to be out tearing up the islands searching for the bastard who was responsible for what happened to Danny, Danno needed him more to remain here with him. He lightly squeezed the arm beneath his hand, and here was where he most wanted to be. "I'll stay," He quickly reassured the doctor before groaning aloud as he felt his cell phone vibrate.

Stepping outside to answer his phone as the nurse re entered the room, Steve glanced at the caller ID before answering softly as he walked away out of ear shot of Rachel and Gracie, who were both still standing near the door, "What have you got, Chin?"