Everything went black. I could faintly hear voices, but they were the whispers of my past. Mello's pleading voice was interjected between painful hallucinations. I felt hands on my shoulders, waist, ankles, and Mello's hands on mine. Images of an underground hospital flickered across my eyelids and I realized I was screaming. My heart felt like it was going to burst, but my lungs felt like they were going to fall flat.


"Matt, please, come back to me, I promise-"

"Maman, sauve-moi!"

My lungs were on fire. Blood was flowing like a river out of my mouth and my body convulsed under the hands that held me to the bed. I opened my eyes, only to squeeze them shut in pain. Tears slid down my face and were instantly dyed red from the blood that came out of my mouth. My throat was raw and I could barely whimper. Mello squeezed my hand reassuringly and prayed for me under his breath. My body shook and I tried to curl in on myself, only to be detained by the somewhat irksome doctors. I coughed and more blood dribbled out of the corners of my mouth. Mello was crying and my vision tunneled.

When I woke up, there were tubes attached to my lungs and wires sticking out of my chest. Mello was on the other side of the crystal dome again. My chest hurt with every breath I took and Mello seemed to be mouthing words to me. Tears slipped down my face and I heard the heart monitor slowing and missing thumps. I felt my own heart skip and flutter. Mello was crying again, but I couldn't hear him. I wanted to reassure him that I wasn't in any pain, that death was always looming over my shoulders. But, more than anything else in the world, I wanted to tell Mello I loved him. L himself had sat by my bedside, as had Near, and as had Mello. I could have died then and there and been dreamily comforted. But of course, doctors were doing anything and everything to keep me alive. Mello put his hand on the glass. I reached up and put my hand to his.

"Mello, I love you."

Whatever Mello's response was had been lost between him and the crystal prison. I smiled, not noticing the thin, steady trickle of blood falling down my lips. Almost instantly, my lungs lit on fire. It was so painful I could barely move. My eyes were open wide and Mello was crying. Doctors grabbed him by the arms and frog marched him out of the room. They did the same to Near and L. I watched them lock the door from the outside.

I would die alone. And no one would ever know my last words.