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Sincerely, Ronald Bilius Weasley

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I told you to lay off, but you didn't listen, did you?

Now, what the bloody hell is chikron?

Even the Malfoys can name their children better than chikron!


Ron Bilius Weasley

A/N:- Hehe well, that was kinda hard to write... but I couldn't resist.

So guys, I guess, this is probably the end of the whole "Dear Fanfiction Writers" series, 'cause I think I've covered almost everything major and I don't know, I guess I've developed the writers' block for this. But it feels kinda complete now, even though the last chapter is on Chikron or Ricken (I really don't know what the shipping name is called!)

I loved writing the letters. I knew I had to stick within a word limit so that the letters could be "short and sweet" and you guys wouldn't be bored. And I did that so I couldn't run out of stuff!

I might start a spin-off. Instead of Harry Potter, I'll do Percy Jackson. Turns out, that fandom is as crazy as ours. Oh, and I might update the "Gred and Forge Show". The latter is entirely dependent on my mindset. I don't know guys, I'm like this really unpredictable thing. I might do one thing and in a few years (heck, or days!), I might do something completely polar opposite. But there's one thing I'm sure of: I'll start off with "The Riddling Life Of Tom Riddle!". Do check it out in a while!

But the whole thing was really entertaining to write. I really love you guys for being sooo, sooo supportive and making me wanna write more (my writing is heavily dependent on people's reviews, 'specially fanfiction). I love all of you, I really do. I might have been a complete idiot by not giving you an individual shout-out as I used to but, I really love you all! Thank you so much! Thank you for putting up with me... for two years! Thank you for sticking with this story until the very end!

Thank you so much, I love you all SO, SO MUCH!