A/N: This is just a collection of vignettes that I've written (or will write). They're not connected to each other, they're just things that were based on prompts or thoughts I had and they don't fit into any other stories.

Quinn pulls the car into the drive-thru lane and asks, "What do you want?" while she studies the menu.

Her passenger doesn't even bother to look up from her sheet music. "Just a salad."

That's enough to pull Quinn's attention away from the menu board and refocus it on her girlfriend. "We still have two hours of driving and then dinner isn't until seven."

Rachel finally looks up from the pages in her lap. "Okay, then also some fries. Just a small, though."

Quinn groans and throws her head back against the seat. The car in front of them pulls forward and it's nearly their turn to order.

"Quinn? What's the problem?"

"I need you to order a Happy Meal."

"Those don't come with salads. And, after dating me for the better part of six months, I would think you'd recall that I don't eat cheeseburgers."

"It's not like it's real meat," Quinn jokes, but the smile drops off her face as soon as she sees the glare Rachel's giving her. "Shelby doesn't eat fast food."

Rachel's not sure what to do with that. "I... don't really, either."

"Shelby doesn't, which means Beth doesn't, which means she's not getting any of those cool Pixar toys."

"They're probably made in China and-" Rachel realizes the origin of the toys isn't important. "All right. I'll have a salad and a Happy Meal. With McNuggets. Because you'll eat those."

Quinn leans over the center console and kisses Rachel's cheek. "Thanks."

"You really should consider taking Finn and Puck out when we get back home. They can probably help you round out the whole collection."

"I already did. But we ended up with three Nemos and we were trying to get Wall-E."

"Well, I hope this trip proves to be more successful."

"It already is."