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Chapter 3

Bad Intentions

Piper sat on a stomp as Joseph whittled away on a piece of wood with a sharp knife. She was quiet for the most part as she hoped that footsteps would break the silence or someone would call her name in the distance. It took almost an hour to get to where he found her on horseback and her inner thighs were killing her as she was not used to the bucking or the motion. She looked up to the darkening sky that already show twinkle starlight and a half moon taking its rightful place. Occasionally she would hear branches shift in the crackling of foliage on the forest floor but her hopes would be dashed by a passing animal usually dear or rabbit.

"We have been here for five hours and it is getting dark," Joseph said while a pile of wood shavings adorns his feet. She was not looking forward to the ride back as her body still ached from the ride there, but he was right, they needed to get back before nightfall as the path would be impossible to navigate in the dark. She grunted as she raised herself from the stump the stitches still fresh and still stung with every movement.

"Can I borrow that?" she asks pointing to his knife. He handed it over to her and watched her carve something in a tree. His curiosity piqued, he got up from his spot and walked over. Piper carved her name into the trunk and then the word cabin hoping her sisters would get the hint.

"You think that's enough information?" he asks as she handed him the knife.

"I hope so," she replied and he helped her back on the horse and they rode off. Piper looked behind her one more time again in hopes to hear something that was familiar but nothing but the sound of nature in the distance.

Leo stood in the attic biting his fingernails while he looked over the book as he waited for his sister-in-law's to come back with hopefully the key. It has been over three days now without the warmth of his wife's arms and her smile to comfort him. The kids were getting more and more worried and the boys were arguing continuously about how to help. All he could think about was that Phoebe had a lot of blood on her when she came through and knowing that Piper was not only stuck in the past, but also hurt was making his insides burn. He was not one to stand idly by and just wait but now that he was human his choices were limited.

Phoebe, Paige and Aviva orbed into the attic. Everyone of them had cuts bruises and gaseous and covered in dirt and grime as they breathe heavily trying to get their breaths back.

"What happened?" Leo asks while runing over to them.

"Lots and lots of Japanese dragons, very mean and heavily clawed dragons," Paige replied as she held her side while blood oozed out between her fingers. "On the bright side we got the key," she finished and then collapsed. Phoebe and Aviva were not in better shape as the two laid on the floor semi conscious with massive wounds all over their body.

"Oh my god," Leo said and ran to get Wyatt and after a few minutes he emerged with his nervous son. "Ok buddy I need you to heal them." Wyatt did what he asks and after what seemed like an eternity all of them were healed but completely exhausted.

"We really could have used Piper's freezing power," Phoebe said as she took in a deep breath.

"Tell me about it," Paige chimed in.

"You have to admit that it was kind of cool," Aviva added and they all looked at her a little surprised.

"Yeah you knew to this," Paige said and patted her on the back.

"so we just have four more to go," Leo said as he held the gold key that was shaped like a Japanese Dragon.

"Leo we are exhausted we just need a few hours to rest okay," Phoebe said as Coop and Henry came in.

"Thank god," Henry said as he hugged Paige and Coop hugged Phoebe. Leo felt awkward and now missed his wife even more as he held the gold key tight in his hand. The home welcoming was interrupted by a elder who orbed in.

"Do you have any information?" Leo asks quickly getting to the point.

"Yes and there is no need to get the keys," the elder replied.

"Now you tell us," Phoebe angrily said.

"I'm sorry but we had to know for sure," he said.

"No what?" Leo asks and walked over to him.

The Elder seemed quite uncomfortable as the family item down slightly. The elders and the sisters always had a history of conflict and he knew this was not going to help heal those wounds.

"We closed the portal before she could come through," he replied and all of them stood silent trying to grasp what he just said.

"Why, why would you do that, she is hurt?" Leo asks while squeezing the key in his hand to the point of drawing blood.

"Because of the spell that her future self cast. Listen this will not be easy to hear but we did this to protect not just Wyatt but Piper," he replied and Leo remembered that his son was still in the room.

"Wyatt go play ok," Leo said but his son did not budge.

"No dad I want to help mom," Wyatt said and Leo got down to his level.

"I know son and I appreciate it very much, but the grown-ups need to talk I'm sorry," Leo said and he kissed Wyatt on the head. After his son left Leo shut the door to keep the conversation contained.

"What spell?" Paige asks.

"A spell future Piper sent in the changed time line," he replied.

"Wait the one were Wyatt was evil?" Paige asks.

"Yes," he replied.

"That was years ago how could the spell even survive that long not to mention considering it's a changed future, it shouldn't have been sent at all," Phoebe chimed in.

"Piper knew what she was doing Phoebe and sometimes magic is devoid of time and space, it took time for it to cross through the folds but even know the future has changed the spell has not," the elder replied but everyone was still a little confused.

"So what was the spell?" Leo asks.

The Elder hesitated for a moment as he looked uncomfortable at everyone in the room especially Leo. "To kill Wyatt," he replied and everyone gave off a snort or shook their heads in disbelief.

"There is no way in hell Piper would kill her son," Phoebe said.

"Just as you have the ability to have premonitions so do we, and we know very little about the other future. It could have been her way of fixing it may be the only way," he said but no one was truly convinced.

"So you're saying you got a premonition of Piper killing Wyatt?" Leo asks while his palms began to sweat and his breathing uneasy.

"Yes it would have happened within a couple of days after she came back. The spell is a powerful one, future Piper would have known how difficult this would have been and would have compensated for all the complications," he replied as he looked sympathetically at Leo.

"This is ridiculous Piper would never do that no matter how powerful the spell, and we can stop her until we can remove it," Paige said in a cracked voice.

"Unlike your premonitions we can see different versions, you tried and failed. You trapped her in a magical cage and looked for days for a way to remove it. She broke through and was able to complete her task," he said while looking at Paige.

"I just can't believe she would do this, she loves him so much and I would think she would rather die then kill her son," Phoebe said.

"If the other future was truly as dark as what we think it would have been, then many innocents would have been tortured and slaughtered like sheep at the hands of Wyatt. Just as it is a parents responsibility to raise a child correctly in some cases and only in extreme it is the parents responsibility to stop the madness. My guess is both of you were dead and Leo was an elder, so she was on her own," he said and Leo's hart fell as he remembered those days he was not there to help her.

"So what do we do now?" Paige asks.

"We are trying to find a way of killing the spell but it is a clever one and every step we take, it pushes us 10 steps back," he replied.

"So the spell is just looming about until it can find its target?" Phoebe asks.

"Yes and is the equivalent of a living thing, it learns it evolves and it moves constantly," he replied.

"Piper was ok at spells but not the best," Paige noted.

"No but this would be over 15 years and the other future and she may have used some black magic from what we can tell," he said.

"Why wouldn't she just send a spell to bind his powers or send us a message?" Phoebe asks.

"She tried all those things but none of them worked," he replied.

"We never got a message," Leo added.

"Chris, she knew he would go back after she died and change things but when he came back to the future he died in front of evil Wyatt and Piper who did not move on yet saw it. She must have assumed that things did not go as planned," he said.

"How can she cast a spell if she was dead?" Paige asks.

"Your grams can use her magic when you summon her and even cast spells. Again we only saw snippets of the bad future but it was enough to know what happened, as we can puzzle the rest together. We had no choice but to close the portal until we can deal with this spell." he replied.

"how long will that be?" Leo asks.

"We don't know. I am sorry this is not something we truly want to do and we do not want to keep Piper from her family, but good Wyatt is to important to take any chances," he replied.

"Fine we will wait for your instructions," Leo said and everyone in the room looked confused as why he gave up so quickly.

"Thank you Leo and we will find a way to make it right," the elder said and orbed away.

"Leo are you kidding me we can't just give up," Phoebe said and he looked down at the gold key in his hand.

"Were not go get the other keys and I will work on a way to stop the spell," he said.

"Honey if the elders are having issues what makes you think you can stop this thing?" Paige asks.

"Because I know my wife better then them," he replied and put the key in a small box.

"Ok we need some time to rest and then we will go for the second one, but if the elders find out were screwed," Paige said.

"Then make sure they don't, put on a cloaking spell so they don't know where you're at when you go," Leo said and held the box close to his chest as everyone left the room to get some needed rest.

To be continued...