Author's note: Covert Affairs and said characters are not my property; I just like to play with them now and again. I did this because I'm challenging my students to write poetry and after hearing a full day of it I was going to go crazy if I didn't write some of my own. Auggie was my muse. It's a little dark for him maybe (he's usually fairly optimistic), but you never know what he is feeling deep down inside. Enjoy!

I think it would be better if she walked in darkness.
Then I wouldn't see her.
But she doesn't walk in darkness as I do.
She brings me the light.

Every morning I can tell,
The exact time she enters the building.
My heart skips a beat, my ears strain,
For the sound of her voice.

Every morning, my darkness is shattered,
By a floodlight called Annie.
Annie, who's laugh is full of warmth,
Like the summer wind.
Annie, who's smile I can hear,
Like I feel the sun on my skin.
Annie, who's caring is so deep,
She makes me care again.
Annie, who brings me back...
From the darkness.

She doesn't know she affects me so.
Certainly she can never know.
For if she knew, I could never follow her on missions,
Never give her advice,
Never be her friend.
You see, she is far above,
As I am far below.
I am content to bring her coffee,
Content to teach her to fight,
Content to bask in her glow.

Should I tell her how I feel,
When she'll be in danger again?
Should I distance myself from her?
Too late, she's reeled me in.

I wish that I could see her,
And yet I'm glad I can't.
For she's far prettier to me as the Annie I see,
Than the Annie that's the outer mask.