Scandals was all they expected it to be.

Kurt and Blaine had already picked up Rory, and parked the car a couple of blocks away. Rory looked so nervous he made everyone look calm by comparison. His hands were clearly shaking, and even though he was clearly dressed to impress with tight fitting black clothes, his wide puppy eyes still made him look extremely innocent.

Sebastian met them round the corner, outside a battered apartment building, abandoned and weary. He arrived at 10:00pm sharp.

Fortunately, they had no problem getting to give Rory a fake I.D as well as them. He seemed to think 'the more the merrier' with a dangerous smile. No one could deny that Sebastian wasn't beautiful; he was in that obvious, film star way that you'd hardly expect in Lima. That's what made him so intimidating.

"Had no problem getting here?" he said, with a gorgeous smile. He greeted Blaine first lingering, before greeting Kurt. He turned to Rory, giving him a leering appraisal. "And who is this fine young fellow?"

Rory turned bright red, but smiled back. Good for them, Kurt thought, less competition.

"I'm Rory," he said with his Irish lilt. You could see Sebastian's interest piqued, and he raised his eyebrows.

"Well Irish Rory, no time like the present! Time for a (much more) wild ride."

He led the way round the block to Scandals. It didn't fit the stereotypical view Kurt held of a bar - which is grimy, dirty, and plain crap, but it didn't look too good either. The building had clearly seen better years - the old grey bar had only one main feature which was a neon 'Scandals' sign, which was multi-coloured. It wasn't busy, but then again, Kurt didn't expect it to be.

One bouncer guarded the door, checking for I.D. He wasn't the huge, stereotypical bouncer, but he looked as if he could handle any small trouble there might be.

"Sebastian! Pleasure to see you again. Who are your friends?" he said, tired and in a low voice. "Gonna' have to see some I.D. I'm afraid." Sebastian was an obvious regular.

"These are John, Matt, and Clark for you." They diligently showed him the corresponding I.D. This was the most dangerous thing Kurt had ever done. His palms sweated and Kurt knew they were going to get caught and beaten up - but then Blaine just took his hand and looked him in the eye. He knew their was no way Sebastian was going to get the better of him.

"Looks fine to me," said the bouncer. "Have a nice time. See you later Sebastian."

Sebastian just grinned. "It's going to be a busy night for me I'm afraid." He looked at Blaine and Rory, than Kurt to his surprise. He winked.

"Very busy."

They entered the club and were immediately assaulted by loud thumps in a beat that some might even call it music. It wasn't as empty as you would expect. The place looked old, but the dark lighting and crowded spacing made it more of a half-hearted club. Or at least what Kurt expected a club to be like. There was at least 30 people squeezed into a confined space; some dancing, some at the bar. Some heatedly kissing in the corners, making Kurt blush deeply and look away nervously. He tried not to lot at anyone.

He'd had sex with Blaine a while ago - but being confronted with it made him feel awkward. He was not experienced enough yet to be used to it, and sex with Blaine was more intimate and emotional, carnal lust.

Sebastian got the group a lot of shots. "Come up drink up! It's part of the fun!" he shouted over the banging music. He caught Kurt's eyes, the challenge clearly written in them. His smug smirk lingered in Kurt's mind. Kurt quickly downed one, trying not to cough on the burn. It tasted like hell but he felt better than before after a few minutes. Looser. Blaine downed his without almost choking, unlike Kurt. Rory looked around nervously, and licked his lips before deciding. He hesitated, but eventually down it too, spluttering all the way. Another round and they were all getting into the scene. They stopped feeling out of place, and were laughing amongst themselves. Another, and another. Kurt felt great!

He couldn't think clearly in a good way and he'd lost count of how many shots after four. All he knew was that Rory was so funny! He would just blush constantly and we'd laugh and he'd blush and we would laugh again. Kurt caught himself on Blaine's shoulder. He could feel the warmth beneath his fingers. Dressed in a tight black shirt and dark jeans, he looked handsome. Less 'innocent schoolboy' and sexier. An easy going smile played on his lips as he looked at Kurt. Kurt couldn't resisted, and didn't want to.

Kurt passionately kissed Blaine, melding their bodies together. He didn't care about the others or where they were. Kurt was breathless. His hands ran through Blaine's hair, as Blaine grabbed his waist. They soon parted, overwhelmed. Kurt could spend the whole day focusing on how brilliant Blaine is and how much he loved him. They pressed their foreheads together, panting.

"Damn, that's hot." Ah. Sebastian. Kurt had forgotten about the world in their drunken focus, but the world hadn't forgotten about them.

Sebastian's eyes were dark with lust as he stared at them almost ready to pounce. Rory was no better, but he was half looking at Sebastian.