I hope you like this story. It's my first attempt at writing for these two.

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Coming Between Us

Christian feels jealous even angry, as he watches his partner fuss and play with Yasmin. He bites his tongue as Amira sends him a steely stare across the room. It had been a few weeks since Syed had found out that the baby girl was his. Things had started to finally settle down after the paternity test fiasco. But Christian couldn't help but notice that the whole atmosphere had become a little tense between himself and Syed recently. Hardly surprising really, he thought – of course Sy deserved to know his own daughter, Christian had always thought that Syed would make a perfect dad and he's proving it now. Christian gives a little smile in his boyfriend's direction, Syed grins back briefly before turning his attention back to Yasmin. Christian's smile slowly fades away. Before Amira turned up he and Syed had been getting on brilliantly, even Zainab was coming around to the idea of them being a couple. Christian knew he shouldn't be feeling envious of a one-year-old but he couldn't help feeling this way, it was sneaking up inside him without warning. As Amira was laughing and joking with Syed it seemed to hit Christian like a ton of bricks.

"Amira would you like to stay for lunch?" I'd be love to spend more time with Yasmin."

Much to Christian's relief Amira shook her head. "I really must get back, Yasmin will be getting tired she will need a nap. But thanks for offering." Christian saw Syed's face fall in disappointment. "Maybe some other time then?"

"Yes, of course," Amira touched Syed lightly on the arm. Christian felt his stomach lurch and he turned away. She said a curt "goodbye," to Christian as she turned to leave. They sat down on the sofa. "We need to talk Sy, about Yasmin." Syed nodded thoughtfully, "I know, I want to be a father to Yasmin, but I want you to be part of that too." Christian appreciates Syed's good intentions. "Sy you know as well as I do that Amira won't agree with you, as far as she's concerned I'm the evil man that wrecked her marriage."

"You were not the only one," Syed runs his fingers through his dark hair.

"Yes but like I said, Amira will forgive you because you are Yasmin's Dad."

"I don't know what to do, why can't our lives ever be simple?" Christian grimaced as he replied, "I've been thinking that myself." Christian knows what he's about to say will possibly change things between them forever... "Listen Sy, maybe you need to think about what really matters in your life?" Syed looks at Christian with an expression of annoyance and confusion, "What is that supposed to mean?" He snaps angrily.

"Ever since Amira came back to Walford it's like I don't exist anymore -"

"Don't be ridiculous, you know how important you are to me." Christian raises his eybrows. "I'm not so sure Sy, you obviously don't trust me enough, you proved that with the paternity test. Syed sighs impatiently. "I'm sorry about that, I do trust you, completely." Yasmin is my daughter, and of course I love her."

"What about Amira?"

"Amira is the mother of my child Christian, nothing more."

"Amira is coming between us, and she's using Yasmin to get to you." Syed shakes his head, as Christian yells, "She is, but you're so wrapped up with Yasmin you can't see it! She wants you to choose, either it's me or your daughter. Deep down you know it, you just don't want to admit it do you?"