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Chapter 10


Syed was lying in the hospital bed feeling so weak and tired after the twenty minute police interview. He had tried to answer all their questions as well as possible. But his mind felt as though it was cloaked in a thick fog, it was not allowing him to think clearly. Two hours earlier Syed had spoken to his parents. Now he was alone, under strict instructions to rest by the doctors. Christian had promised to visit again later in the evening. Syed had never seen Christian look so relieved and emotional. His parents also looked totally drained of energy. His mother seemed to have aged ten years.

"We thought we were going to lose you, I should never have left you alone with that woman." Zainab said tearfully.

"Mum, it wasn't your fault, I didn't want Yasmin in any danger. If anything had happened to her, I would never have forgiven myself." Syed squeezed her hand. Masood was trying so hard to keep hold of his own emotions. "I can't believe Amira has done this, especially after all the support we have given her."

"I didn't see it coming Dad, nobody did." Syed sighed heavily, "the warning signs were there but I just ignored them." Tears escaped as he looked over at his baby daughter, who was sitting asleep on Masood's lap. The conversation soon dried up, but it didn't matter. Syed was alive, that was all that counted. He still felt a pang of guilt for Amira, Even though he wasthe one lying seriously ill ina hospital bed. The nagging thought inside his head was that he had indirectly pushed his wife over the age causing her to snap. Everyone else would have said Syed was being ridiculous feeling like this, but he just couldn't help it. He longed to talk to Christian and to try and explain how he felt, although even Christian would probably not understand how he was feeling right now. He looked at his bandages covering the right half of his chest. Despite the painkillers Syed was still feeling uncomfortable. The doctors had reassured him that the discomfort was only natural, considering all the trauma he had been through over the last few weeks. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a peaceful dream filled sleep.

The next time he opened his eyes, Christian was sitting there, smiling at him.

"How long have I been asleep for?" Syed's voice was croaky.

"Ages, but I don't mind, you needed a rest Sy, and it gave me a chance to think."

"About what?" Syed could see Christian was getting emotional.

"Us, how selfish I was, you mean the world to me." The look in Christian's blue eyes was almost pained, it was as if he had been the one that had stabbed Syed. "I came so close to losing you and that thought just scares the hell out of me."

"I know, but you weren't selfish, I pushed you away and made you feel like the odd one out. I should have included you more, you're great with Yasmin." Syed held Christian's hand, and continued, "I was just desperate to keep Amira onside for Yasmin's sake." Syed closed his eyes and was immediately transported back into the kitchen. The look of anger, and the look of coldness in Amira's dark eyes. The monotone way in which she spoke to him, "I remember the way she looked at me – she wouldn't put the knife down... " Syed gulped.

"Sy, you really don't have to tell me now, it can wait." Christian tenderly brushed away the tears that were trickling down Syed's face. He hated seeing the man he loved so visibly upset.

"No, I want to tell you what happened, I need to tell you, apart from the police I've not spoken to anyone, I can't even speak to Mum and Dad about it yet."

"OK, take your time though, I hate what this is doing to you right now." Christian's voice was soft and comforting." Syed took a deep breath. "She said she wanted me back, that maybe we could try again now that you'd left. Amira was crying at that point."

"The woman's clearly mad and deluded as well as a manipulative cow." Christian was already so furious he wasn't sure if he wanted to hear anymore. But Syed carried on. "I told her that I couldn't live a lie; that I couldn't love her. I told her to find someone else - someone to love her properly. Because I was never going to able to love her. It was like a switch had been flicked, she started yelling at me, saying that I'd tainted her."

"None of this is your fault, please tell me you realise that? You can't help who you are."

"I know that, but -" Christian cut him off, "there are no buts Syed. What she has done is pure evil. She almost killed you!"

"Yeah, I'm just so glad Yasmin is OK, she was asleep upstairs when the argument started, she started to cry so I went upstairs to get her and, when I came back down, I saw Amira holding a knife to her own thoat. I begged her not to do anything stupid. I pleaded with her." Syed voice began to shake. I didn't know what to do. Mum came back and I asked her to take Yasmin out of the house because deep down I knew what was going to happen.. I just kept thinking of you and my baby."

"I love you so much Sy, you've got no idea how much." They were both crying now. "I love you too, more then I can say." Christian leaned forward and kissed Syed, something which just a few days ago he thought he may never do again.

A tall man strode through the hospital doors and walked over to the reception desk.

"Can I help you sir?" The nurse smiled cheerfully as she looked up from the computer.

"I am here to see a Mr Syed Masood."

"Are you a relative?" The man said quietly, "Yes, yes I am."

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