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Chapter 9 – Second Chances

The team raced into the ICU, an they all nearly screamed with relief when they saw that all of the doctors were not crowded around JJ. They only had a few seconds to process their relief before JJ's doctor came over to them and said

"We have a donor match."

"What?" asked Reid. Did the doctor say what I thought he just said?

"A young man down the hall has just been declared brain-dead. He is an organ donor, and he is a match to Agent Jareau. We need to take her into surgery immediately." The doctor said as they prepared to roll JJ to the operating room. As the doctor went to leave the room, Garcia stopped him.

"Who is he? Who is the organ donor?"

"Ms. Garcia, I'm not allowed to reveal patient information to you." the doctor said calmly. "If the family of the donor wishes to contact you, then you will know." with that, he turned and walked away.

The older nurse came up to them again.

"It will be a while, maybe a couple of you could get some food." She had watched in amazement as all of the agents had sat vigil for their coworker. As she had watched them she realized that their bond surpassed that of coworkers. If the agents hadn't had their badges and guns, she would have thought they were family. An odd family, but family nonetheless. The nurse was interrupted from her thoughts when Hotch said

"Rossi. Morgan. Get something for us to eat. Emily and I will get coffee. Reid and Garcia will stay here." His tone left no room for argument. Garcia and Reid went to sit in the waiting room as the others left the building.

JJ watched the team and doctor and nearly cried with relief. She turned to talk to Lewis and a shocking sight met her eyes. Lewis was slowly fading away.

"Lewis, what's going on? Why are you fading?"

Lewis looked at her sadly and said

"I'm the one who was just declared brain dead. You'll be getting my kidneys."

"Lewis, I..."

"Don't be sorry. I had a feeling I wasn't going to be the one getting out of here. You have a much greater destiny than you would ever believe, JJ. Just promise me something."

"What?" JJ couldn't believe that this man, whose life was going to be cut short today, was completely fine with saving her life at the expense of his own.

"I want you to follow your heart. Spencer is your soul-mate. Don't let him get away. It's not often that you get a second chance." Lewis said as he disappeared even further. "Promise me."

"I promise."

Lewis gave her a smile, and vanished from view. JJ knew he was gone, and said, to the empty hallway, two simple words

"Thank you."

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