So I was reading AdaraLove's A Promise In A Ring, and in her Sims stories (fucking hilarious btw) Yamamoto seduced Gokudera with a teddy bear. I told her I would write a fanfic about it, so here it is! Hope you like :D

Yamamoto was lounging at Tsuna's house, laughing as he watched Lambo and I-Pin chase after each other in the living room. He was babysitting the two kids along with Gokudera (which in all honesty, wasn't the best idea on Tsuna's part)

Sure enough, Gokudera was scowling at the sight of the two kids. He huffed and flopped backwards in his chair, crossing his arms.

Yamamoto leaned over and smiled widely.

"Gokudera, cheer up. We're doing his for Tsuna, remember?"

Gokudera rolled his eyes, and flushed a dark red when Yamamoto pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"You idiot! Not in front of them!"

"Maa, they already know." Yamamoto waved his hand dismissively.

"The whole world knows" Gokudera mumbled, recalling Yamamoto's not-so-secretive confession. Why did he accept the idiot's confession again?

Oh yeah, because of that.

Yamamoto had reached over and grabbed a teddy bear that was lying next to the couch, bringing it up to his face. He used his hands to make it look like the teddy bear was moving its arms.

"Aww, is Gokudera grumpy?" Yamamoto lowered his voice and talked the same way he would to a young child. He made it look like the teddy bear was walking closer to Gokudera.

"Gokudera-chan needs to smile, or Mr. Teddy won't be very happy with him."

It was taking all of Gokudera's self control not to laugh at the ridiculous sight.

"C'mon Gokudera-chan~" Yamamoto sang.

"Smile or Yamamoto-san will have to do something naughty~"

Gokudera couldn't stop the snort of laughter and small smile from breaking out of his face. Yamamoto lowered the bear and leaned in closer to his lover, the baseball player's eyes half opened.

"Good job Gokudera-chan." He was still using the ridiculous voice.

"You get a reward now."

Yamamoto closed the distance between his lips and Gokudera's smiling ones, leaving a chaste kiss. But when he pulled back, he felt Gokudera's slender fingers pull him in for a deeper, not-so-innocent kiss.

When Tsuna got back, his two best friends almost ran out the door.

Reborn shook his head and smiled slightly before looking at Tsuna.

"Ten dollars they don't make it to Gokudera's apartment before they do it."


I had fun with that mental image. I wrote this in my study hall and actually started saying Yamamoto's lines out loud in that voice. God the looks I got were hilarious XD.