The next day, Owen made it to the school without any hassle, which was an unusual first for him. As he neared the Math block, he saw Kenny and the other bullies standing by the double doors. Owen ducked behind the low wall, and watched them talk. Kenny was wearing a large white bandage on his ear from yesterday, after the pole incident.
Suddenly, a large guy walked up to Kenny, and it appeared to be his older brother, who was two years above in school.
"Hey little girl," he mocked. "How's the cripple?" He let out a huge guffaw which made Kenny turn red.
"Fuck off, Jimmy." Kenny said, shoving him away.
Jimmy's mouth made an 'o' of mock horror. "Whats that you say? Fuck off? Such language on such a little girl!" Jimmy laughed again, then punched Kenny in the arm. He walked off, leaving Kenny with the other guys.

"Shut up." Kenny mumbled.
Bradley said, "We didn't say anythin-"
Kenny shot him a death glare. "I said shut up!" he hissed. Bradley and the other boy shrugged at each other, then they all walked off towards the gym court.
Owen sniggered silently. He enjoyed seeing his tormentor get hurt by his own brother.
Abruptly, he realised something. Little girl? That must be why Kenny called him that. He knew now why Kenny was such an ass to him. Jimmy looked like a complete douchebag, but that didn't make Owen feel sorry for him, at all.

Kenny was a bully. He was always going to be one.