Elyon stood proudly on her balcony. She waved to everyone in the kingdom and they waved back. Elyon's eyes wandered over to the dungeon and she sighed. Her brother had been locked up there for a long time, but he still kept his evil wishes.

"Umm… Elyon," Caleb muttered behind the queen.

Elyon turned around and smiled. "Yes, Caleb," she replied.

Caleb shared her smile and pointed to the stairs, "Cornelia, Matt, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin are here. They say they need to talk to you and that it's urgent."

Elyon smiled and joy filled her eyes. "Come along Caleb. I know you want to see Cornelia too," she whispered.

Caleb turned and walked behind Elyon. He kept one hand on his sword, because he never knew when his partner was going to surprise attack him.

"Caleb," Cornelia shouted first thing. She ran and hugged him in her white cotton sweater and he hugged her back.

"Whoa," Taranee exclaimed while examining Elyon's new look. Elyon's dress had a few layers. One was a blue collar dress that was tight against her neck and showed her shoulders. The next was a light silver material covering her arms and shoulders. There were also six petals around Elyon's neck that were slightly smaller than the guardian's wings and blue too. Then finally she had a small metal band with a red jewel in the middle around her head as a crown.

"You look good," Cornelia complemented.

"You too," Elyon replied. Cornelia looked at her green spaghetti strap shirt and examined her grey-brown jeans. Her hair was held back by a pink flower that matched the smaller flowers on her necklace. She smiled and gave Elyon a hug.

"So, why are you guys here," Elyon asked after hugging everyone, "And… where's Will?"

"That's why we're here," Taranee started.

"Will just disappeared in thin air," Matt explained.

"Yeah, without Will we can't transform. You might be able to help us because you're the real Heart of Meridian. Matt is just the keeper of the Earth's Heart until Lillian is old enough to… control that kind of power. So, he can't give other people… permission to use Lillian's power," Cornelia tried to explain. She stuttered when she couldn't find the right words.

Irma nodded, "That's one way to put it."

"Well, I don't know if I can't unite you guys," Elyon started, "but I'll defiantly help you guys find Will!"

"Thanks Elyon," Cornelia said while Matt did his best to open another fold back to Earth.

"Okay, I can't just leave Meridian unattended. I'll be back in a few minutes." Elyon disappeared in a bright green flash. In about three minutes, she was back, but she was wearing jeans and a purple hoody instead.

"All right," Hay Lin asked.

"Let's go," Elyon answered.

"Locket, are you okay," Chatta asked. Locket was shaking and shivering in the corner of the magic barrier. "We're going to get out of here. Layla will come and save us, don't worry."

"Layla will come and save us," a girl mimicked in a baby voice. "You are all so pathetic. Layla fell two thousand feet from that cliff. Darkar destroyed her!"

"You're lying," Tune shouted.

"You want to bet," Will shouted. She pointed at Tune with pale hands a black nails. Will stepped into the cage and gave all of the Pixies a fright. She had really dark brown eyes and red hair. Will smiled and gave a nasty snarl at Locket, who screamed and hid behind Chatta.

"You leave them alone," Digit shouted.

"Yeah, and what's a little squirt like you going to do to stop me?" Will laughed while Digit immediately quieted down.

"Carmen, you okay," Amore asked. Carmen continued to stare at her light purple, waist long dress. She had caramel coloured hair held back by a dark purple headband. Tears were forming in her brown eyes and her light purple wings slowly moved up and down on her back.

Will noticed this disgusting act of kindness. "'Carmen, you okay,' what are you made of, sunshine and sugar? Look around you Amore; you're going to be here the rest of your pathetic little life, unless you tell me where the Pixie village is."

"We'll never tell you," Lyrisa shouted. She had white hair in two ponytails and grey goggles holding the loose parts of her hair out of her face. She also had white sandals and a free flowing gown with different layers of white on. Attached to her back were large grey wings that twirled at the bottom.

"Yeah," Beatriz agreed. Beatriz walked around in bare feet. She had long red hair and green eyes. Beatriz also had a small green shirt and a long green skirt. To go with her clothes she had green wings that looked like leaves.

Will smiled and waved her hand up in front of her. Helena flew off the ground and hovered in the air. She had short black hair and blue eyes with small red petal wings. She also wore a red hoody and blue pants. Will starred at her and felt strange. She blinked and let the pixie fall to the ground.

"You all have until tonight to make your decision," Will hissed as she walked away.

"What happened," Helena asked as Amore helped her up.

"I don't know," Amore replied. She began wiping dirt and dust off of Helena's clothes.

"I think that Will's your bonded fairy. Maybe Darkar did something to her," Chatta suggested.

Helena thought about it. Then she came to the same conclusion and added some of her own thought to Chatta's. "Yeah, that must be it. When I fell yesterday, maybe it was because Darkar was hurting Will or something… When Layla rescues us, we'll check it out."