"You think you can resist me," Darkar exclaimed. Bloom was tied down to a stone table. The spell that she was under had worn off. She looked away from Darkar and shut her eyes. "When I'm done with you, you'll be as evil as me! Your heart will be colder than the Omega dimension and all three of us will have the ultimate power!"

Will smiled and watched from the table with two Codex' on it. "No way, that will never happen," Bloom shouted.

Darkar and Will started laughing.

"I'm not like you! I'll never be evil," Bloom shouted again.

"That's what Will said," Darkar informed.

Will crated black lightning in her palm. "And I'm enjoying every last second of it," she added. The third Codex appeared in her hand were the lightning had been a few moments ago. She placed it beside the other two then brought her attention back to Darkar and Bloom.

"Will used to be a Guardian of the Veil," Darkar laughed. "Now she's on my side." Darkar stroked his finger across Bloom's cheek. She grinded her teeth and tried her best to avoid contact with her enemy.

"Soon you'll be on our side too," Will predicted. She laughed again.

"I have a good heart and I intend to keep it that way!"

"A Guardian's heart is filled with good magic. If I can change Will's heart, then I can change anyone's, and that includes you Bloom," Darkar retaliated.

"It doesn't matter what you do to me! My friends will stop you," Bloom cried.

"You're going to end up stopping your friends anyway. So, if they do show up, they won't stand a chance against us," Will replied.

Dark purple spheres appeared around Bloom. They had strange markings on them and really made Bloom nervous.

"It really doesn't matter what you friends do, because as of right now, you belong to the dark!" Red smoke appeared at Darkar's hand. He held his hand out towards Bloom and the smoke traveled towards her. It faded into her heart and she passed out from exhaustion.

Seconds later, Bloom opened her eyes. They had changed to an evil shade of gold and her clothes changed to a dark blue form of her Winx. Bloom glowed orange and the metal around her wrists and ankles melted from the heat.

Will grabbed Bloom's hand and pulled her off the table. They were surrounded by black and red smoke and in the middle of them Will's guardian symbol appeared. It was a dark pink and was soon surrounded by a dragon made of black fire.

"So it's true then, the two of you will be unstoppable," Darkar shouted evilly. Will and Bloom smiled, and then laughed too.

"Bloom has been kidnapped and brought to Shadow Haunt. I'm counting on all of you to rescue her," Mrs. Faragonda said worriedly.

"Don't worry Mrs. Faragonda, I know a secret way in. It'll bring us straight to the bridge," Layla calmed.

Chatta flew to the front of the group. "Everything will be just fine," she agreed.

"The passageway to Bloom's heart is being clouded over," Locket screamed.

"And Will's is pitch black," Helena added.

"I was trying to be positive, but if you all want to worry then go right ahead," Chatta shouted. She folded her arms and sat on Flora's shoulder.

"We'd better hurry," Taranee said quickly.

Hay Lin nodded, "Yeah! I'm going to give this Darkar character a piece of my mind for turning Will against us!"

"He's going to pay for taking our Bloom," Stella commented while punching her fist into the air.

"Be careful girls. I know you stopped many villains, but Darkar is a pure evil creature. He could do many things that you all would have thought impossible," Mrs. Faragonda cautioned.

"We all understand the dangers," Brandon replied.

"And we're willing to do anything to save the planet," Caleb replied, his hand on his sword.

"Let's go," Cornelia commanded. Taranee, Irma, Hay Lin and Cornelia started glowing brightly.

"What's happening," Elyon gasped.

The light faded and the four girls looked very different. Cornelia was in a green dress with no sleeves and gloves with holes for her fingers that matched the color of her dress. If you took a rose and flipped it upside down, that would perfectly explain the bottom of Cornelia's dress, and if you took two petals from the rose, that would match her wings. Cornelia also had matching long high heeled boots.

Hay Lin was wearing a short, light purple, sleeve less shirt and a matching three layered skirt. Her shoes were small and baggy, matching her guardian ones, only they were a lighter purple. Her hair was held back in one ponytail instead of two, and a white headband held the rest of her hair out of her face. Hay Lin's wings were a beautiful shade of purple and twirled at the top reminding people of wind blowing freely.

Taranee was in an orange top that matched her guardian's shirt. Her skirt was short which made it easier to run in the orange high heels. There were two orange bands around Taranee's wrists that also matched the ones she wore in her guardian form. Her hair was cut short and the one long strand of hair was covered in two orange beads and one white. Taranee still had her normal glasses on, and she was thankful that they didn't change like her wings did. They were a light orange made of two parts. The top looked like two hearts turned sideways and the bottom looked like two teardrops did the same thing.

Irma was wearing a sleeveless, light blue dress. It was tight until the dress reached her hips; there it looked like an upside down tulip. Irma's hair was slightly longer than her shoulders and was very wavy. Her wings looked like three raindrops side by side and were lightly shaded blue. Her boots were high heels like most of the others, but didn't split at the heel.

"Umm… not to ask obvious questions or anything, but what just happened," Irma asked while examining this strange outfit.

"Your willingness to help the Winx at all costs unlocked your Winx powers," Mrs. Faragonda explained.

"Cool," Hay Lin approved. She grabbed Cornelia and Taranee then pulled then into the air. Irma laughed and followed. Caleb rolled his eyes and started laughing.

Mrs. Faragonda looked at the Winx. "You girls are more experienced than them. If you truly want to save Bloom, you will have to put aside all your differences and earn your Charmix. I know you can do it," Mrs. Faragonda concluded. She gave the Winx and Specialists a small wave then turned around to the school.

"Let's go," Riven ordered.

"We'll follow with the ship," Timmy shouted loudly from the ships speakers. Tecna folded her arms and walked back to the other girls.

Flora sighed. "For Bloom," Musa shouted.

"For Bloom," the others ecoed. The Winx transformed and set off to with the newest members of their club.