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Eragon yelped in pain as he felt cold metal slice across his chest. Instinctively, he lashed out with his sword, instantly decapitating his attacker.

"Saphira!" he called out, as he could not communicate through his mind without being detected by an enemy spell caster.

He, the elves and the Varden were currently trying to break Lord Garvic's (1) fort. Originally it had seemed an easy task, but out of nowhere a team of Galbatorix's chief magicians had ambushed them.

"Shadeslayer! Brightscales!"

Eragon spun round at the shout, and sprinted towards Blodhgarm. (A/N: That is how you spell it, right?)

"Yes?" he asked, once he and Saphira had arrived.

"We need to get you and Brightscales out of here!" The catlike elf was obviously distressed.

"What?" said Eragon in disbelief, "I can't leave! You need us-" the elf cut him off.

"No, you don't understand, Shadeslayer: Galbatorix is coming! As powerful as you are, you are not ready to fight him!"

"But I- What?" Eragon wasn't sure he had heard right.

"Galbatorix is coming! You need to get away!"

"I've been practising! I can do non-verbal spells now, and-"

"No arguments Eragon!" Arya shouted, before launching into a spell, "přepravy tento řadič prvků a jeho měřítka zvíře do jiné dimenze!"

"What're you-" he was cut off by the twelve other elves joining her chant.

"Dovolte nám pomáhají naše sestra ve své snaze zachránit poslední volné jezdce!"

Eragon felt a pulling sensation deep inside his gut, and distantly he heard Saphira roaring in panic before sinking into impenetrable blackness...

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