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"Saphira? You haven't eaten anything you're not supposed to, right?" Eragon said with much apprehension as he stepped into the forest. The massive trees felt oddly comforting, a bit like Du Weldenvarden, even though these trees were nowhere near the size or age of the whispering elven trees.

A glittering blue mass landed next to him, but he sensed his dragon coming long before she was actually there. These days, they lived more inside each others' minds than in their own.

"Little one," Saphira greeted, rubbing her muzzle against her Rider's side. Eragon smiled, but wrinkled his nose.

"Really, Saphira, what did you eat?" he said, as the stench coming from her mouth was terrible. "That smell could floor a dozen Urgals."

Saphira growled. "You may be my rider, but that won't stop me from throwing you in that lake. And as to what I ate, there was a particularly large, three headed dog. It was irritating me."

Eragon sighed at his dragon's lack of anger management. "Come, we should get back to the castle. I need to eat to- and shredded three headed dog remains are out of the question," he added before Saphira could offer. She made a disgruntled sound,

"We can do that tomorrow," she said, "That dog was hard to bite on, and I am tired."

Saphira bent slightly so as to allow Eragon to climb onto her back. He slid smoothly into the saddle, but didn't bother to do the safety straps up- it would be a short flight.

Saphira bunched her muscles, took a few running jumps, and leapt smoothly off the ground. Once airborne, she circled twice, higher and higher, just to let Eragon take in their new surroundings, before tucking her wings in close and hurtling towards the castle.

Having landed without trouble, dragon and Rider found a reasonably nice spot on the extensive lawns in front of the grand old castle. Saphira curled up on the ground and raised her wing for Eragon to climb underneath; in the same manner they had all those years ago in the spine after their disastrous first flight, and many times since.

When he was comfortable, Eragon drew the strange little time piece Oromis had given, to make sure he was on time for lessons. He hadn't had use for it since his first visit to Du Weldenvarden, but was glad he had brought it.

Once he had set it for an early rise, he placed next to him and leaned against Saphira's warm flank, and drifted off to the sound of her rhythmical breathing…



"Gah!" Eragon woke with a start, almost drawing his sword before he realized he was still under Saphira's wing, and if he did so it would be disastrous.

Tapping lightly on her flank, she lifted her wing. He straightened and stretched, his bones popping and creaking. Saphira, too, stretched, and yawned while she did so, making her look like an overly large Solembum. Eragon grinned at the thought.

"What amuses you so?" Saphira asked. Chuckling slightly, he showed her his comparison. She growled, and he narrowly avoided being clubbed over the head with her massive paw.

"Come on," Eragon said, setting off towards the castle, "I set that timepiece for a reason. We need to hurry before breakfast is finished. I, unlike you, didn't gorge myself on three headed dog last night."

Saphira lashed out with her paw again, but he Rider was already halfway to the castle. Sighing, (well, coming as close to sighing as a dragon can) she followed Eragon, albeit at a much slower pace.

She found the large castle doors a refreshing change to all those pathetic little human woodchips back in Alagaesia, as she had no trouble padding through them.

She growled softly at two passing see-through-two-legs-with-no-scent, and they scampered of quite quickly.

'I must try one while I am here,' she thought, 'though Glaedr-elder said not to eat anything that I couldn't smell…'

She glanced at the discreet saddle bag on her back, before quickly looking away.

Eragon, seeing what she was looking at, murmured, "Still no response?"

Saphira shook her head despondently.

Eragon sighed. He was about to press the matter, but was cut off by a loud and undignified rumble from his stomach. Saphira gave the rumbling, deep-chested growl that was her laugh, but stopped soon after, remembering the hiccup epidemic.

Eragon scowled at her. "You try going two days without food," he muttered, and without further ado, pushed open the doors to the Great Hall.

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Eragon strode forward, still muttering over his shoulder at Saphira and effectively ignoring the staring crowd. He had gotten quite good at this; having had to put up with the Varden's awed gasps of 'Shadeslayer' and 'Argetlam'.

He walked over to where Dumbledore was sitting and gave a sweeping bow, as was his custom, earning many strange looks, before heading over to the trio he had been introduced to (sort of) last night.

Saphira, meanwhile, was having fun. The Varden ha long since gotten over their fear of her, while this batch of two-legs-hatchlings were giving her many terrified looks.

She prowled along after Eragon, sending blue eyed glares to anyone who gaped. In other words, everyone.

Eragon smiled at the three students. He only knew the names of two- Hermione Granger and Harry- but didn't know what the name of the one whose head looked like it been doused in Thorn's fire.

"Hello," he said, extending his hand to Fire-Head. "I know the names of your companions, but I don't believe I have had the honor of knowing your title?"

Fire-Head frowned at him, as if trying to work out if he was being sarcastic or not, then puffed out his chest and held out his hand. "Ronald Weasley."

Hermione and Harry dissolved into laughter. "Don't be such a twat, Ron," Harry said, and hit his friend across the head, but in a joking manner.

"Here, have a seat," offered Hermione, ignoring her two friends.

Eragon smiled gratefully, and sat on the bench next to her, between her and Ron, who scowled.

"Bacon?" Harry passed the dish along.

"Bacon?" Eragon queried, "What is this 'bacon'?"

Ron gaped, and Hermione squealed in disgust, as his mouth was still full of food.

"It's pig meat," Harry supplied.

"Ah," said Eragon, "Then I won't be having any."

"Why not?" asked Ron, having swallowed his food.

"I don't eat meat."

"Why not?" Ron repeated.

"When you have lived in the minds of as many creatures as I have, you will understand," was Eragon's only answer.

"I, personally, think it's stupid," came Saphira's voice, projected for all to hear. That was part of the agreement with Dumbledore; all mental conversations would be projected for all to hear, except, of course, for personal ones. "It is how it is meant to be; animals are there to be eaten."

"How would you feel then, if you were eaten?" Eragon asked, helping himself to an apple, completely unperturbed by the gasps of shock and amazement of the students at having Saphira speak into their minds.

Saphira sniffed. "No animal would dare come near me, let alone eat me."

"What about Solembum?"

"Were-cats don't count."

Neither Saphira nor Eragon had realized that the hall was silent, and that everyone was listening to their mild argument.

However, Saphira, being as perceptive as she was, soon picked this up, and turned to snarl at everyone: "Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to eavesdrop on a dragon's conversation?"

The student snapped their heads down to their meals, except for one blonde haired boy from the green and silver decked table, who snapped, "It's a bit hard with you talking into our heads, you overgrown lizard!" (1)

Saphira let out a roar of outrage that shook the building. Eragon only just managed to stop her from roasting the insolent boy on the spot.

"Can I knock him over?" Saphira snarled, and her mind was sending him images of red hot anger and fiery rage.

"No," Eragon said, exasperated. "You can't solve all your problems by knocking people over, I've told you before! Why don't you go for a fly, that always calms you down. I'll take care of him."

Saphira let out one last snarl at the boy, before half-spreading her wings and bounding out the Hall.

Eragon let out a sigh of relief, then turned to the boy, rage etched across his features. "What were you thinking?" he exploded. "You are lucky that the bond between a dragon and Rider is so strong, or I would not have been able to control her, and you would be a pile of ashes scattered, by the wind! Never insult a dragon! They pride themselves in being the most beautiful creatures in the world, and you just called an 'overgrown lizard'! I better go find her before she sets fire to the school... Just," he looked at the boy almost pleadingly, "Don't do it again, or I may be forced to take stronger… methods to insure that you keep your silence."

Looking suitably worried, Eragon hurried out the room to attempt to placate his fuming dragon.

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