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It Will Rain

By: EJJCullen

I pulled off the main road and onto the driveway leading to my parent's house. I passed the two lion statues at the end of the drive and the house came into view. Every time I come home I am amazed at the beauty that is my parent's house. Growing up in it was a different story. I grew up wanting for nothing, but was raised to appreciate all that I had and to not take anything for granted. I was often embarrassed growing up in a large home situated on a spacious lot when most of my friends lived in town in smaller homes. My parents had wanted to put me in private schools, but I was adamant about not being separated from my best friend when it came time to enroll in school.

The driveway was a little over a mile long and was line with cherry blossom trees that were a spectacular sight during the spring when they were in full bloom and absolutely breathtaking during the winter months when my mother would carefully decorate them with white, twinkling Christmas lights. Since it was the last weekend in September I knew that I would be asked by my mother to assist in the process of hanging said lights during my stay.

I slowed to a stop as I approached the main house. It had never changed in the twenty eight years that my parents lived in it. It was a three story white house with a large wrap around porch. The walk way was lined with solar powered lights that cast a glow along the front path leading to the front door. In between each light was a potted plant that reflected the season – they were currently filled with red, orange and yellow mums. Off to the right of the front door were two white, wicker rocking chairs that my sister and I would sit in while talking for hours. Something I avoided a lot lately.

Parking in front of the four car garage, I turned the engine off and took a deep breath slowly exhaling in order to help myself relax. I was accosted with memories every time I visited my parents. Today would be no different. I slowly exited my Aston Martin and leaned against the door taking another breath before finally pushing off and walking around the back of the house to the back door clicking on the alarm over my shoulder as the 'chirp, chirp' echoed in the silence around me.

I entered the back door, closing it quietly behind me as I toed off my shoes and shrugged out of my black, leather jacket hanging it on the hook beside the others. I recognized my mothers tan trench coat and my sisters Northface jacket on the hooks beside mine. Placing my shoes in the boot tray beneath the coat hooks I took another calming breath. I dropped my keys onto the glass tray on the accent table as I made my way into the house.

Walking down the hall towards the kitchen I could hear the voices of my mother and sister as the talked excitedly about something. Both sides of the hallway were decorated with large black and white framed photos of my sister and me over the years. I laughed at the one just outside my father's office, it was Alice and I dressed in jeans and matching Fork's High sweatshirts in our back yard. We were supposed to be raking the leaves per my mother's request, but had ended up throwing handfuls of leaves at each other after I got frustrated with my sisters constant teasing. The photo captured us laughing as leaves fell all around us. My heart tightened at the memory – I remember exactly what she was teasing me about and I suddenly found it difficult to breath.

I glanced into my father's office knowing full well that he would not be home this early. It was only a few minutes after 5pm on Friday evening and I knew that he would not grace us with his presence until at least 7pm. His shift at the hospital was over at 6pm, but he would always tie up loose ends before heading home for the weekend. The office was dark except for a small reading lamp that was on in the corner. I remember playing in his office as a child – it was one of my favorite rooms in the house and when I was in trouble it was the first place I would hide. Beneath the massive cherry desk was where I would go when my mother called my name in 'that tone' – the one where she used my full name and the usual sweet tenor of her voice turned hard. Standing in the doorway, I glanced at the bookshelves that lined the entire left wall. They held countless medical books and a few random picture frames filled with Alice and me during family vacations.

The voices of my mother and sister once again caught my attention as I continued on my way to the kitchen. They were seated at the island looking at something in Alice's hand with their back to me, unaware of my presence.

"Next September," my sister said, "that will be a beautiful time of year, I wonder if she will ask me to be a bridesmaid?" She giggled softly

"Alice lets not get ahead of ourselves here." My mother chided, as she placed a hand on my sisters shoulder.

"What do you think Edward will do?" Alice asked.

"I'm not…" my mother started.

"What do you think Edward will do about what?" I interrupted, making both women jump and turn at the sound of my voice. They quickly exchanged nervous looks.

"Um," my mother paused. It was so unlike her to be nervous about anything that I was suddenly fearful about what the two women were talking about. Alice slowly slid off the stool she was sitting on and thrust a piece of paper at me.

"This" she said as I looked down at the paper she had pushed into my hand. "What?" she said as she met my mother's eyes. "He is going to find out eventually, might as well get this over with."

I felt the bile rise in my throat as I read over the elegantly scripted words on the black invitation. The words were centered in the middle of a large engagement ring with a diamond and the words 'Engagement Party' across the top.

Jacob popped the question

Isabella said 'yes'

Now its time to celebrate

Please be our guest

Cocktails, dinner and dessert honoring

Isabella Swan and Jacob Black

Saturday, December 3rd at Six o'clock

At the Swan Residence

Given by Renee and Charlie Swan

I read the words over at least three times. My chest felt tighter and tighter each time. I couldn't breath. I lifted my head to meet Alice's watery gaze. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. I dropped the invitation to the floor and turned swiftly running back to retrieve my shoes and coat pulling them on quickly before storming out of the house. I was back in my car in the blink of an eye. I threw the car into drive and sped out of the driveway to the sounds of my mother and sister calling out my name.

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