Tony walked into the bullpen and very quietly sat down at his desk.

Ziva was diligently reading various reports. After a few minutes her head popped up and she said "I believe the lieutenant killed his wife! There is no other suspect that stands out more then the husband. We questioned him and so far nothing he told us is true. He is hiding something. We have to go back and find out what he is hiding."

Tony stood up and began to sing, looking at Ziva the entire time.

"Then I saw her face,
Now I'm a believer,
Not a trace of doubt in my mind
I'm in love...oooo..I'm a believer,
I couldn't leave her if I tried!

Ziva's eyes widened and her jaw dropped open. Tony walked into the center of the bullpen and began to talk. "You know, most people think The Monkees were just a knock off boy band, which is what they started as, but they were all very gifted musicians their own right."

Tony took the plasma remote from McGee's desk and brought up a picture of each Monkee, rattling on about how the band was created.

Ziva was lost. She whispered to Gibbs "What is going on? He's insane."

"Let him talk for two minutes and then we can move on."

Ziva watched as Tony explained to the team about how he would rank each member of the band and why they were each important. When Tony finally stopped talking, Ziva noticed something about Tony. He had a rather large red lump forming on his forehead. She walked up to him and bushed away the stray lock of brown hair that had fallen across his forehead.

"Tony! What happened to your head?" She asked worriedly.

The word 'head' sent Tony off on a tangent about the movie called Head, which starred The Monkees.

Gibbs pulled Ziva aside and whispered "When you went with Tim to question the husband, Tony was in Ducky's lab. He slipped and hit his head on Ducky's scale and then hit his head again on the floor. He doesn't have a concussion but he hit the scale and the floor very hard. Ducky gave him..."

"Pain pills. That explains the bizarre rambling." Ziva exclaimed

"Take McGee and follow up on your theory. I'll babysit DiNozzo until the pain pills wear off."

She walked up to Tony and placed her hand on his cheek. "I am a believer." She stood on her tiptoes, giving Tony a kiss on the cheek. She walked off to the elevator with McGee, leaving a giddy DiNozzo behind.

"She loves me Boss! "

"Not a doubt in my mind, DiNozzo. She is in love. Now sit the hell down and shut up about the Monkees or I will tie you to the chair until next week!"

Gibbs sat down at his desk, doing his best to be quiet, not wanting to send Tony off on another tangent. It was going to be a long afternoon.