Amor fati

Amor fati means Love your destiny. This fiction was written on hypnoweb, a French forum which deals with TV shows, by Dodie. I'm not the author, just the translator.

English is not my native tongue so please, be indulgent.

It was an ordinary day in Colorado Springs, the children were at school, and most people were waiting for the stage to arrive. Horace was waiting for the mail, Loren some merchandises, Hank his whisky and Michaela her medical supplies.

Michaela was walking to the stage which has just arrived and crossed Sully in the main road. He offered his help to carry all her packages. On their way to the stage, he noticed she looked a bit tired and Mike explained that all the recovery rooms in the clinic were busy. There was no epidemic but several people were unwell and the doctor she was wanted to keep them close to her.

They fought their way to collect the packages while an older woman got off the stage. She seemed a little lost and disoriented. Nobody seemed to know her and she didn't know anybody, but with all the people around her, she started to struggle for air and before fainting, hoped somebody would catch her. Hank saw her falling and caught her just before a fragile body hit the floor.

"Dr Mike! There's someone for you!"

Michaela gave all her packages to Sully and ran to the lady

"Hank, do you know her? Take her to the clinic so I can examine her!"

Hank shook his head in answer and followed Michaela to the clinic. Sully was behind them with all the supplies.

Michaela opened the door and Hank put the old lady, still unconscious, on the table.

"You don't need me anymore, I'm going. Got a business to run!"

Michaela looked up with a small smile and thanked him.

She focused on her patient who was slowly waking up while Sully was finally dropping all the packages on her desk.

"She's gonna be alright?"

"Byron Sully? Is that you?"

Sully turned to see who was calling him by his first name. He wasn't prepared for what he saw. When he recognized the old lady, his face showed joy and fear at the same time and his eyes filled with tears.

"Katherine McBride, no that's impossible, it can't be you, I must be dreaming!"

Katherine held her arms out and Sully immediately came into her embrace, just like a child would with its mother.

Michaela had stayed behind, witnessing this reunion. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She didn't know anything about their history but seeing Sully like this touched her very much.

Katherine backed up to look at Sully's face.

"My, you're handsome! You already were a beautiful little boy but my…if I was 35 or 40 years younger, I would totally be on you!"

The three of them smiled at this last comment.

"But I think a certain person wouldn't let me!" She added looking at Michaela but the doctor didn't pay attention to it.

"I find you beautiful and you know you'll always have a special place in my heart!" answered Sully.

They stayed a moment in silence, just looking at each other.

Then Sully asked: "Katherine, why did you come here, the trip from New York must be terribly long and tiring!"

"I came because I'm getting older and I wanted to see you one last time, see how your life out west was, meet your family. You said so little in your letters that I wanted to meet them in person."

Sully kept smiling but internally, he wanted to cry and run away. He had to react and quickly. His stomach was hurting and he was sure that being stabbed would be less painful. Drops of swear were rolling down his brow and his brain was boiling. What should he do, what could he do?

He didn't have time to open his mouth that Mrs. McBride asked: "Is she Michaela?"