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Michaela let herself be seduced and headed to the kitchen to bring the plates but Sully stopped her: "No please, sit down and let me do this"

She looked at him and opened her mouth but no sound came out. Sully was looking at her with a sad and pleading glance so she could only give in.

Sully pulled a chair for her and headed to the kitchen to retrieve their dinner. He sat in front of his "wife" from whom he couldn't take his eyes away.

Michaela waited for Sully to sit down and said: "I can't believe the children let Katherine do this!"

If they had said no, she would have become suspicious, and I don't know if you noticed but the children are looking quite happy since we started playing the married couple. I've the feeling they like seeing us together

As soon as he finished his sentence, he wondered if he should have said that. But Michaela smiled and added: "Yes, especially Brian. But everybody in town looks at us differently. I almost have the feeling the forgot we're not married"

They looked at each other, smiled and looked down at their own plate to taste their dinner. They closed their eyes to savor the taste of the food and when they opened them again, they gazed at each other. They smiled, knowing no words were needed to know what the other was thinking.

Sully wanted so much to tell her what he felt but he was only a mountain man with no education. He didn't like talking and had promised to stay faithful to his late wife.

Michaela too was thinking how much she liked Sully, so much more than she wanted to admit. She didn't want Mrs McBride to leave the town, it would mean he would leave too. On the other hand, she knew she was getting more attached to him each day, so the sooner Katherine left, the better.

He had never showed any feelings towards her. After the kissed he gave her on her birthday, he became a lot more distant. How could she believe a man like him could have any interest in her? On the other hand, she was the wife he had pretended to have in the letters he wrote.

They spent the dinner deep in their thoughts, but none of them could share them.

After diner, they didn't want their time together to stop so they tried to find subjects to talk about. Most of them had no interest but they didn't care, they just wanted to stay together. After an hour, they couldn't find anything to talk about, so Sully stood up and head to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Michaela started doing the same but Sully stopped her: " No please ! Let me do this for you"

She didn't want to let Sully alone and couldn't stand to stay inactive, she answered: "Please Sully, let me help you, I can't stand watching you working while I'm resting"

Sully understood he couldn't win so he helped her standing up and kissed her hand in the process. Michaela had a big smile on her face.

They washed the dishes and Sully accidently splashed Michaela. She looked at him with a reproachful look, but he knew her now and knew she was about to burst in laughter. She took a pitcher and splashed Sully as well.

Once they finished, none of them knew what to do. Sully wanted to talk to Michaela about his feelings for her but didn't know how.

- I wanna thank you for your company tonight

- You should thank Katherine, she's the one who cooked

- The meal was delicious, but what I'll remember of this night is spending it alone with you

Michaela smiled at him, she was in heaven, Sully was finally telling her his feelings.

- I enjoyed your company too

Sully wanted to go on, but no words came out of his mouth. Silence was back in the room.

Sully took his jacket and headed to the door. Michaela was surprised at his actions and stopped him: "Sully, where are you going?"

- I…I'm going to sleep in my lean to"

She was blushing, what did she asked that?

Sully noticed and decided to tease her a little: "Why are you bushing?"

Her face was turning redder, she needed to find a plausible answer…"I am not blushing!"

- Yes you do, and quite often

- Fine if you say so, I believe you. But why are you leaving to your lean to? If Katherine and the children come home early in the morning, they will see that I am alone.

Sully wanted to confess his love for her, but he needed to be sure of her feelings first.

- I could come back early so she wouldn't notice.

Michaela was looking for an answer, but nothing "appropriate" came to her mind.

Sully, too, wanted to spend the night with her, and before she answered, he added:

- But if something happened during the night and Katherine came home, she would wonder why I'm not here with you…

Michaela wanted to explode in joy, but contained herself. What her mother would think if she know her daughter had been sharing a bed with a man for more than 2 weeks, even though this man was a perfect gentleman and had never had an inappropriate behavior.

"Yes it would be better, I mean, in case something happened and Katherine came back in the middle of the night…"

Sully smiled, they both knew the reason why they couldn't leave other but were too shy to admit it.