The Little Ghost

Chapter One

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It was midday in Santa Carla, and Edgar and Alan were sweating like pigs inside their comic book store, due to the broken air conditioning. They wished somebody would come and free them from their boredom. But alas; everyone had gone to the beach. And they had no money to go anywhere. And that was why their summer was completely horrible every year. But at least they were free from the kids picking on them. And it was easier to hunt vampires. And okay, they didn't always get an opportunity to, but never mind. And recently, they'd taken out a whole pack of vampires. With a little help, of course.

Edgar turned his head at the sound of approaching footsteps. Was it a customer? No. It was only Sam. Not that he didn't like Sam, but… it would be really great to have a customer sometime. And air con.

"You guys are still here! Michael said you might have gone on vacation, but I said he was wrong," Sam said, coming over to them.

"Wrong as hell. We've gotta stay here all summer. Damn parents are poor, we can't go on vacation," Edgar said.

"That's true," Alan agreed.

"Oh. We're going to Seattle in a couple of days. You could come… It's this place in the mountains… Shelter Mountain Inn, I think. It's been open for about ten years," Sam said.

"Seattle? Cold. We'll come." Edgar said. Then turning to Alan, "We'll come, right?"

"Right," Alan said. "They don't need air con in Washington,"

"Great!" Sam said, grinning. "There aren't going to be any vampires there, right?"

"Can't say for sure. I've never been to Seattle," Edgar said, his voice and face as deadpan as usual. "Two day's right?"

"Yeah, we're going in two days. Meet us at our house. I'll tell Mom, Grandpa and Michael you're coming. Actually I'll tell Mom, and she'll tell the others,"

"Are you sure she'll let us come?" Alan asked.

"She's let Star come, she should let you guys come." Sam said. The Frog brothers remembered Star. She'd been half vampire, as had Michael and Laddie, until they'd killed Max. Well, Michael had killed him, but they'd come up with the idea. Well, Sam had, but he got it from their comic!

That night, it was cooler. Thank god. Alan had been out earlier in search of vampires. Unfortunately, he'd gone just before sunset without weapons, so they had to go back now. They were gathering some sharp, pointy pieces of wood to take with them, along with holy water pistols and various other vampire killing paraphernalia. It wasn't the safest job, but somebody had to do it.

Sam was lying awake in his room. He couldn't sleep. He kicked the quilt away from him. It was far too hot here. But in two days he would be gone, to a place much colder. And with Edgar and Alan, who, due to school not having started yet, were pretty much his only friends here in Santa Carla. A smiled crept upon his face at the thought. He could hardly wait. He hated Santa Carla. Michael did too, although he liked it a bit because of Star. He wouldn't have met if they were still in Phoenix, though he also wouldn't have almost become a vampire himself if they had stayed. Sam turned the lamp on, and jumped when he saw another one of those poor animals Grandpa stuffed. He sighed, got out of bed and put into the closet. His gaze lingered there a moment. How annoying that he seemed unable to escape a childhood fear. He could never leave the closet door open, despite claiming that he did not believe in the closet monster. There was no closet monster. He sat back down on the bed. He wasn't going to lie down and try to sleep; there was no point. He wondered what it was going to be like. Waking up in a different bed so soon after moving so that he'd barely got used to the one he had. It didn't help that he'd read somewhere that there was a well under one of the cabins. When he thought of wells, he thought of people disposing of corpses in them. And that of course, freaked him out, even if he did live in the Murder Capital of the World. Hopefully the murders would start clearing up now, but by what Edgar and Alan said, Max and his gang were far from the only vampires in this city. He wondered if they'd be in Seattle. He wondered if they had been in Phoenix. He doubted it, but he could never really know. He supposed there must be vampires everywhere, but he knew there were more here in Santa Carla. They were the leading cause of the many dissapearances in the area. And, yes, leading cause. There were still plenty of mundane murders, kidnappings and just angsty teenagers running away. There were in every big city really.

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