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The only reason I'm writing this is because Kerchak was such a great character and they just killed him off. Anyway this how I think the movie should have ended.


Kerchak heard the sound of Clayton's gun, ringing in his ears and then Tarzan cry out in pain. Anger surged through the silverback's body. Kerchak lunged forward and roared. Clayton saw him and fired. Kerchak felt pain shoot through his entire being. He fell to the ground in pain. Tarzan glanced back toward Kerchak and saw him go down.

Kerchak opened his eyes and found himself looking at Tarzan's concerned gaze. The great ape's eyes closed as Clayton's gun rung out again along with Tarzan's yell. Kala approached her husband's side. She pulled the mighty silverback into her arms and laid her face alongside his. Kerchak felt the familiar feel of his mate's fur and with great difficulty opened his eyes. His dark charcoal black ones met her soft gentle brown ones. She had tears in her eyes. He smiled at her and somewhat chuckled.

'' Kala, I'm sorry...for everything.'' She smiled sadly at him.

'' Don't be silly. You did great. Now lie still.'' Kerchak shook his head.

'' No, not that. Everything else...about Tarzan. You were right all along. He has always been one of us'' Kala smiled sadly.

'' Well when he gets back you can tell him that yourself.'' Kerchak lifted his hand and placed it against her cheek. Kala placed her hand over his.

'' m'ok'' He closed his eyes again and rested in her arms.

Suddenly a terrifying scream echoed from above, within the surrounding trees. A moment later Tarzan fell from the canopy with a thud. Jane quickly made her way over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. They both glanced over to where Kerchak lay. Tarzan took a deep breath and made his way over to Kerchak's side. Kala looked at her son sadly, and left Tarzan and Kerchak alone.

Kerchak opened his eyes and saw Tarzan leaning over him


'' Kerchak...forgive me'' Kerchak shook his head slightly.

'' No forgive me for not understanding...that you have always been one of us. Our family will look to you now.'' Tarzan slowly shook his head at the silverback's words.

'' No Kerchak.'' Kerchak ignored Tarzans pleasing words.

'' Take care of them...my Son.'' Kerchak lifted his mighty hand and gently but firmly placed it on his son's shoulder. Tarzan's eyes widened at Kerchak words. Tarzan placed his hand over his fathers and frowned as sadness pulled at his heart. He glanced back down at his father.

'' Take care of them...'' Kerchak's eyes closed and his hand went limp in Tarzan's.

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-The Voice of the Wind