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Kerchak immediately grew agitated. Why would humans help him? They were friends with the hunters. They had lead him to their location. They had lead Tarzan astray resulting in the current events. Kerchak frowned and lifted his arm over Tarzan and placed it at his side. The silverback stood up straight and limped over to where Jane and her father stood.

Tarzan grew tense. Kerchak looked down at Archimedes first. The aged man wasn't tall. He only came up to Kerchak's shoulder, if that. He was old. This told Kerchak that the professor didn't present much of a threat; even so Kerchak remained on guard.

Kerchak then turned his attention over to Jane.

Jane could feel his gaze burning into her. She sheepishly lifted her head to look up at him. She remembered the first time she had crossed paths with the silverback. Like last time he towered over her but now his demeanour seemed different somehow. Kerchak observed Jane's behaviour. She didn't seem threatening. In fact she didn't even look dangerous.

Kerchak glanced back over his shoulder and looked at Tarzan. Worry emanated from within his eyes. Kerchak recognised the look upon his son's face. Kerchak mentally smirked. He himself had once had that look on his face. It was obvious. Tarzan loved this woman.

Kerchak sighed in defeat and shook his head. He really was hopeless. He turned to face Tarzan. Tarzan tensed even more when Kerchak looked him straight in the eye.

'' Tarzan'' Tarzan straightened up upon hearing Kerchak's voice.

'' Come here.''

Tarzan made his way over to Kerchak's side, so that he and Jane stood facing each other.

'' What is it Kerchak?'' The silverback held out his hand. Tarzan got his meaning and joined his hand with Kerchak's. Kerchak looked expectantly back at Jane as he held out his other hand for hers. She hesitantly looked up at Kerchak and then to Tarzan. Tarzan smiled reassuringly. She cautiously placed her hand in Kerchak's. Kerchak smiled at her softly. Jane smiled back and then looked at Tarzan. Kerchak placed their hands together and let go. Tarzan looked at his father in surprise.

'' But I thought..'' Kerchak smiled

'' As long as you're happy, that is all that matters my son.'' He smiled at Jane left the young couple. He returned to Kala's side and sat down. Tarzan smiled at Jane and the Professor.

Jane looked at her father. The Professor saw the happiness in his daughter's eyes and that was enough for the old man. He nodded his head in agreement. Jane smiled him and embraced her new fiancé . Tarzan laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. In turn he encircled his arms around her. The couple danced around the room while the rest of the family cheered and laughed. Archimedes smiled proudly.

'' Well Serena my dear. It looks like our little girl has finally found her one true love.'' He silently wiped a tear from his eyes. He remembered his wedding night and how he and his bride, Serena had danced like this once to.

Kala sat beside Kerchak and smiled proudly. She glanced up at Kerchak, who had his eyes on the young couple.

'' Kerchak what's worrying you dear?'' He sighed heavily.

'' Is this really the right thing for them. I mean, with the burden of being Leader will Tarzan be able to live his life happily and will the humans accept living the way we do.'' Kala chuckled.

'' Seems that old habits die hard.'' Kerchak caught her meaning and laughed.

'' Yes it seems that they do. I just want what's best for our son Kala, nothing more, and nothing less.'' She placed her hand over his reassuringly.

'' Kerchak, Tarzan will learn in time, and if Jane really loves him, then she will follow him anywhere. Besides I've seen how they look at each other. I have no doubt that she is the right one for our son.'' Kerchak smiled.

'' You're probably right.''

Kerchak smiled softly as he observed the young couple share a tender kiss. Yes the future seemed brighter already.

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