Chapter one: We're shinigami now!

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The tall woman strolled through the streets of Seireitei, glancing around her with a sigh, she admitted it, she was lost. She was meant to be meeting her two friends and fellow academy graduates nearby at some pond or something, but she had absolutely no idea where she was, she looked down, smiling to herself when she realised she couldn't see the floor past her amazingly large bust which was blocking her vision of her feet. Her bronze skin was starting to prickle as a cold breeze blew her short, fox coloured hair around,

"aw! It took me ages to get it ready for the special day!" she complained to herself aloud, stopping to try and pat it back into shape with her hands, combing through it with her long and painted finger nails. She sighed in defeat when she found it was no use, continuing her aimless journey through Seireitei. She wasn't surprised when one of the shinigami men nearby called to her,

"Ew! A ginger!" with a snicker, pointing at her and looking at his friend next to him. She was so used to it by now, she just found it amusing,

"It's not ginger, honey, its fox coloured. Foxy hair for a foxy lady, eh?" she giggled, winking, fluttering her eyelashes over her grey eyes. To her amusement, the man's face glowed red as she continued to walk by, it worked every time~

Suddenly, a familiar reiatsu caught her attention,

"Jun-Chan! I'm here, I'm here!" the excited woman called, waving her arm in the air so that they could see her through the crowd of other graduates wandering around aimlessly. She smiled brightly as she spotted her two friends, An average height, long haired beauty with sakura pink eyes, skin smooth and pale and hair a deep shade of shiny and silky navy, this girl was Jun Hisakawa, one of her closest friends. And of course she couldn't forget little Michiki! Michiki was Jun's small, hyper and bouncy sister, who never seemed to tire out and seemed as if she was forever on a sugar-rush. She had spiky, sky blue hair tied into two messy pigtails with some pink beads, genetics-wise-apart from the hair- she was very similar to her sister, Jun, with the same pink eyes, although cuter and younger of course. Michiki was so little, she only reached up to the woman's waist!

"I finally found you!" the red-haired woman exclaimed happily, throwing her arms dramatically around them, Jun immediately stepping away before her friends mammoth-bust suffocated her.

"Good afternoon, Aika." Jun greeted her friend politely as her sister jumped up and down hyperly yelling Aika's name.

"Hi Jun! Okay, enough jumping about for now Michiki, we have matters to discuss!" the woman declared, holding up her fist before laughing at the seriousness and leading her friends to a quitter place where they could converse in peace.

When they finally reached a quiet street where shouting in order to be heard wasn't necessary, they decided their journey was over and glanced at each other, eager to hear the news, "So…" Aika started, taking a deep breath, "What division did you guys get put into?" she asked, letting the breath out at the same time, Michiki quickly raising her hand and jumping up and down childishly,

"Me first!" she exclaimed, giggling when Aika nodded, "I got put in thirteenth division!" the small girl said excitedly, clapping her hands while running around.

"Good! So you got put in thirteenth too, Jun?" Aika asked, closing her grey eyes into the typical anime smile, widening her eyes in shock when she heard a "no." from Jun, there was silence for a second. "What do you mean 'No'? Michiki can't be in a division with nobody she knows! She's so little, just look at her!" Aika explained, pointing to the smiling Michiki in panic. Jun just shrugged,

"There isn't anything I can do about it. We only graduated yesterday." She pointed out calmly and coolly as if the two didn't know, her expression not having changed the whole time.


"You're acting as if I'm not worried myself, Aika. Of course I am, but Michiki has to learn to be independent." Jun interrupted the panicked woman mid-word before adding, "And I heard the thirteenth division Taichou is good with kids anyway."

"I hope so. I wouldn't want our adorable wittle Michi-Chan to get into any trouble now, would I?" Aika sighed before smiling and pinching the Michiki's cheeks gently and ruffling her hair.

"Too right we wouldn't." Jun agreed, turning her expressionless face to Michiki, "You are my sister, after all, Michiki." She said warmly before stiffening up again and adding, "Annoying as you are." Receiving a giggle from Aika and a chibi frown from her sister. Aika frowned when she noticed that Jun's expression still hadn't changed,

"Don't you ever put any emotion on your face?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow before shrieking as her sister gave her the 'death glare' waves of darkness seeming to surround her, "Not that kind of emotion!" Aika exclaimed with a shiver, sighing in relief when Jun's face returned to normal, adding a muttered, "Moody." At the end before smiling innocently when Jun glared at her, suddenly remembering the reason why they were there in the first place, "So, Jun, what division did you get put in?" she wondered, starign at her friend, awaiting an answer,

"Sixth division." Jun replied in a deadpan tone, receiving a blank stare from Aika as her jaw dropped,

"S-Sixth division! I hear that's the division that the hottest Taichou out of Gotei 13 is in charge of!" she exclaimed before adding with a smirk, "And one of the largest amount of fan girls too."

Jun gave an irritated sigh, "I have no interest in men." She said coldly, getting slightly confused when Aika burst into hysterical laughter, "What!" she demanded angrily, waiting for Aika to calm down and wipe the laugh-tears from her eyes and answer.

"J-Jun…Ha-ha! You should've told me!" Aika snickered, Michiki tilting her head side-ways in confusion at this remark,

"Telled you what? Jun! What have you not telled us!" she asked, turning to face Jun, who was just as confused as she.

"What in Soul Society are you on about, Aika?" she asked with a sigh, thinking her friend was just being her normal stupid self again, perhaps drunk.

"Well, Jun! If you have no interest in men…Doesn't that make you a lesbian?" Aika said before bursting into laughter again, Jun, for the first time, accidentally let some emotion escape and settle on her face, her eyes wide and her jaw dropped as if it had a 1 tonne weight attached to it, before her face turned dark, her teeth bared and her eyes murderous,

"I. AM. NOT. A. LESBIAN! I HAVE NO INTEREST IN ROMANCE ALTOGETHER, AND THAT IS THAT!" she shouted before jumping off of the stone they had settled themselves on and started storming off,

"Wait!" Michiki called, running after her, "Don't you want to know what division Ai-Chan is in?" she asked, staring at her sister with an innocent and worried child face on.

"I don't care." Jun snarled, which Aika had to admit made her feel kind of…Hurt.

"I'm…I'm in eighth division…Just to…" she called, her voice trailing off as her friend used shunpo to disappear out of sight, dragging her surprised sister with her. Aika sighed, she was so…Moody. Well, Aika declared in her mind, standing up and crossing her arms, a triumphant smile crossing her face, She'll be over it tomorrow…And even if she isn't, I have to cheer up. The graduates are meeting their Taichou and Fukutaichou for the first time tomorrow! She had to be cheerful to set a good image. They were most likely going to take part in some group training. Hopefully it would involve Kido or Zanjutsu…

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Omake: Perfect division matchups!

Jun and Byakuya: the two deadpan snobs.

Shunsui and Aika: The two crazy, drunk, perverted middle aged people.

Michiki and Ukitake: The kid and the pedo.