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The night air was cold, as Caleb stalked down the neat gardens of privet drive.

He was on a case, a weird one; he knew this because he was partnered with the worst – and yet best – hunter he knew.

John Winchester.

The worst because of his shit attitude, the best because… well, that one word said it all.

They were trailing some demon, John only bringing him along because Bobby Singer had threatened to castrate the both of them if he didn't come along… yeah, with a threat like that, how could he refuse. Not to mention it was Caleb's aunt who called.

They were following up on some freaky demonic signs that Caleb's aunt – who lived in England – had mentioned to him. He had told John, and Bobby had told them to work together.

Done with his scan, he gracefully tumbled into the rental car next to John.

And now they were sitting outside number four privet drive, little Whinging.

Waiting and watching.

So far the only interesting thing was a stern looking cat!

After a few hour of waiting, John gained Caleb's attention with a pat on the shoulder.

An old man had, quiet literally, just appeared out of thin air down the road. He wore strange dress-like clothing – which were horribly colored - , and had long, long pure white hair. Even his beard was long enough to tuck into his belt.

Both hunters tensed, watching as the old guy made each light in the street turn off.

They sank down in their seats as he drew closer, and both tightened their grips on their guns when the stern looking cat turned into a severely strict looking woman.

"Shape shifter?" John breathed looking over at his temporary partner.

"Don' know." Caleb hissed back, eyes glued on the now slightly distraught looking woman. He would have made another suggestion had a sudden roaring sound not started growing steadily closer.

"What the hell is that?" Caleb asked looking around and gripping the gun in his hands tighter.

His question was answered a moment later when a flying motorbike just went and plunked itself down in front of the house, with some massive man on it.

The two hunters watched with gob smacked expressions as the three 'people' in front of their designated house spoke; then the shit hit the fan.

The massive dude pulled a baby out of his coat and handed it to the old guy. The strict lady was arguing as they neared the house and then old dude put the baby down. A few more words were spoken and then… they left.

Just like that.

The two hunters were about to move into action – though what the action was they didn't yet know – when the old guy popped up again.

He looked around carefully and then pulled a long stick out of his dress and pointed it at the baby.

This got the hunters attention, but before they could do anything a blue light engulfed the baby and the guy vanished again after placing a letter on the bundle.

They were left with a high scream from the baby.

Inside the house there was movement and then a large fat whale of a man opened the front door.

He stared in shock for a moment then reached down to pick up the letter, unknowing of the two hunters watching his every move.

John didn't like how the man's face turned purple and he looked down at the little bundle like it was grime on his shoe.

Caleb didn't like how the man raced back inside, grabbed his car keys and went back out; carelessly picking the baby up and nearly tossing it into the back seat!

The hunters were disgusted to realize they might be facing a whole different kind of monster…


They followed the fat man discretely, and both were confused when he pulled up by a dump site. They watched, moving quietly as they got out of the car, as the man got out and fetched the baby.

They would have stayed quiet if it weren't for what happened next.

"- little freak! I wont let you stay in my home, you deserve this!" and then he moved with a murderous intent in his eyes toward a large tub of black slime.

"Hey!" Caleb called out; saw-off leveled on the man. "Put the baby down!"

The fat dick turned; eyes red rimmed.

"What? This freak deserves it!" he screamed, mustache twitching.

"Now!" John called, his own gun leveled on the guy.

The guy gave a crazed smile and laughed, throwing the baby in the direction of the sludge.

He ran as both hunters dove towards the bundle, but the blanket holding a squirming, whimpering baby was swallowed by sludge. John quickly pulled it out, removing the blanket from the babes head so that it could breath.

He found himself looking into teary emerald green eyes of one of the prettiest baby girl he'd ever laid eyes on; a tuft of black hair swayed in the wind as John heard gun shots.

This shook him out of his daze to see Caleb cursing and swearing as the fat guys SUV drove off at top speed.

John himself felt like cursing, when his eyes fell on a torn piece of… parchment?

He bent down to pick it up, carful of the baby girl, and quickly read over what he could see.

"Caleb! You gatta see this!" he handed the parchment over to the dark skinned hunter as Caleb walked over, still muttering about the man. The younger hunter looked at the baby girl, smiling slightly before reading.

Dearest Mrs. and Mr. Dursley

Your sister and her husband were murdered by Voldemort. It would seem you are the only living relatives so please look after your sister's child. His name, as you well know, is Harr-

Caleb looked confused. "This dumb fuck can't even give her to a good family, much less get her gender… what do you think her name is?"

"Looks like Harley or Harrieta… let's stick to the latter, as I doubt her parents named her after a bike."

"Let's get going then-" Caleb was cut off by his phone blaring. "Yeah?"

He was silent for moment, eyes growing wide and a large smile spreading over his face.

"Yeah, thanks aunty Figg." John watched, rocking a cooing babe and suspicious as hell. "I got good news and I got bad news. Bad news; the house we were staking out got hit by the Demon, burning it down. Good news; the wife and son got out, and by the time the police got there, the bastard got home… he's been arrested after throwing a mad fit and screaming at the top of his lungs; 'its that's freak childs fault, good thing I killed her'" Caleb was grinning, and John joined him. He then looked down at the baby.

"How fast can you get Fakes for her?"

"Give me an hour."


"Winchester! You said you'd call." Bobby singer hissed as he pointed a shot gun at the younger hunter, not seeing the bundle of blankets in his arms.

"Bobby, before you shoot, I have an excuse!" John hissed back, though he did it because he didn't want to wake Harrieta up.

This was when Bobby noticed the blankets; mainly because, much to John's distress, a small cooing whine came from the blankets.

"What's that?" Bobby asked suspiciously. He held out a flask of holy water – which John drank then fed a little to the baby – and walked into the house.

"This Bobby, is Harrieta."

Bobby did not react the way he thought he would.

"Jesus ya idjet! why'd you go knock some girl up for?" he demanded.

John gave him a deadpanned glare. "I didn't; me and Caleb saved her when her uncle tried to kill her."

This stopper Bobby short. "What?"

"You heard me… and well…" this was where Bobby became suspicious again.


"Well… I was wandering if you'd adopt her…"

Bobby started ranting – which woke the boys up – when a giggle rang through the air.

Bobby started as wide emerald eyes stared at him, small pale hands clasped the air in front of her as she reached for him. And a single word slipped past her rosy lips as she reached towards Bobby.


John watched as the anger almost literally melted off the man face, and quietly handed her over when Bobby reached for her.

"Fine," he said, as two boys shot through the room and tackled John. "But I'm still ganna shoot your ass."

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