Just to avoid any confusion: I know Twitter presents the most recent tweet at the top but for ease of reading I've presented it the other way round so that this starts with the oldest tweet and finishes with the most recent. In other words, read it the same way you would any normal story. :)

Huh. Seems that FFN won't let me insert the 'at' symbol into this at all, which is a bit of a problem when trying to reproduce Twitter conversations. Please just take anything in italics to be a Twitter username, so if a statement starts IheartPi, then CG_in_LA is tweeting to Twitter user IheartPi.

Is that as clear as mud? Hopefully it makes sense.

Twitter account

Long day at work but Ranger41 arrives today to complete my ranger series collection. Can't wait to get home!

What takeout should I get on way home? I'm up for anything except Chinese.

Thanks for suggestions – went with Thai, but disaster: Ranger41 not here!

crap day at work. went for unexpected swim, and colleagues said I couldn't have leather bikini as my avatar. Discrimination!

Yes it is possible to go swimming unexpectedly. All u need to do is have my job. Just keeps on happening to me.

italian_dollhouse Ranger 41 still not here; what is going on?

italian_dollhouse Thx for proof of posting.

Can't believe anyone would steal army action figure. what is wrong with people?

But then I didn't know so many people shoplifted either. they don't in Idaho. I don't think so anyhow.

Day off! Surfing, then buddy, beer, game and takeout. Awesome.

So how do I get my bud to make a twitter account? he thinks I should call him every time I want to talk.

I know, right? But he's still my buddy.

italian_dollhouse think this now solved, were problems with LA carrier: barcode guy out sick & boxes missing. All sorted now, just waiting.

Tell me, am I more a chicken salad kind of guy or a roast beef kind of guy?

No I don't know what it means either.

number_5 thx for follow. What do you mean I'm a 'venison kind of a guy'?

number_5 BAMBI?

number_5 'beseeching eyes and long legs'! think u got me confused w someone else there, bud.

What does beseeching mean?

(just kidding)

haven't slept in almost forever. work is kicking my ass right now.

number_5 you know this about my ass how? am I going to have to take out restraining order?

number_5 not THOSE sorts of restraints or orders.

think I'll call it a night. ranger41 still not here, and some people getting weird.

swat_ruler Good work today, TK.

swat_ruler You still owe me 20 bucks.

Crap crap crap – disaster at work.

bossman Um, the package we were supposed to pick up? Slight problem.

Shit about to hit fan any second now…

bossman Yessir. on our way.

Anyone got spare tickets to Uzbekistan they can let me have in next 10 mins? 1 for me, 1 for my buddy.

Ranger41 finally here! He's awesome, every detail perfect & his clothes come off so can optimise for different scenarios

number_5 No, Ranger41 and I don't get naked together, u weirdo.

italian_dollhouse thanx for safe delivery; will order from u again if I can.

Ugh. This sucks. Either last night's tequila keeps coming back or I'm pregnant.

swat_ruler Twenty bucks. Sound familiar? I need it for child support.

swat_ruler settle down buddy – it's not yours.

swat_ruler because you can't get pregnant from what we did, my momma told me so.

MGinWinchester sorry mom. no it wasn't funny.

MGinWinchester hope to be there for Christmas this year. xx

number_5 no I'm not getting hot and swatty with TK on regular basis – jeez!

IheartPi Joke for Larry: The barman says 'Sorry we don't serve neutrinos in here'. A neutrino walks into a bar.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Idaho is rock-climbing nirvana? Huh. Who knew?

Ok, ok, so ev1 but me knew.

swat_ruler If you're so knowledgeable, what comes after 19 and before 21?


Why arnt you on twiter buddy? need to kick ur ass to cheer myselfup.

bossman if u ever have kids, don't ask IheartPi to babysit.

bossman Just sayin

IheartPi you think kids are easier than a gerbil? i rest my case

still cant blieve they wont let me wear leather bikini at work

number_4 thank u – i think i would rock it too

not feelin 2 good

IheartPi sorry charlie. had few beers last night 2 drown sorrows of #rydercup. buy u new marker as apology? heard they do lemon-scented ones now. david loves them.

number_4 Are you the artist formerly known as number_5?

number_4 says 'I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.' Ev1 thinks they're a comic.

Did I tell you my buddy is the biggest comic geek EVER? Srsly and he doesn't get twitter?

number_4 So how'd you move up a number?

number_4 'skill', huh? Not going to ask what sort.

number_4 u want to show me ur skills by kidnapping and handcuffing me? Bud, u better unfollow me right now or face consequences. i mean it.

Sorry for no updates. Got kidnapped and handcuffed. All good now though, Stockholm syndrome finally kicked in and am in love with kidnapper

That wasn't me! Damn number_4 stole my phone when I was in shower.

I'm fine ev1, thanks; not like it sounds, really. He was just joking.

MGinWinchester Mom, I'm fine, promise. Battery low so will call u tomorr…

This is number_3: Sorry everyone, CG_in_LA is signing off. He's going to be a little busy for the foreseeable future.