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Chapter 1

Entering his inner world wasn't exactly a new experience. The sideway skyscrapers a comforting sight. A grinning face of his double with his sword under his chin, not so much.

"What ya doin' King? Coming here during this time of tha' year? Or… do ya not know?"

One look at his King's confused face and maniacally smiling white double cackled.

Ichigo flinched, an uneasy feeling creeping up his spine. "What are you yammering on about, Horse?"

The cackling stopped, but the grin remained, "The King is clueless, he does not know, and so I'll devour him, yum yum. I'll ravage him so he knows." The double said in a singsong.

The orange-head didn't know what had happened, one minute he was watching his double very carefully, the next he was on his back, one of his doubles hands pulling at his belt, the other wrapped around his throat. "The season is here, but don't worry little King, for soon I'll be King and you'll be Queen."

"Wha…" He attempted, flailing his arms frantically in a bid for an escape.

The double gave a soft sigh before slamming his head into the building under them, effectively stopping his struggles. "Now, now, no fighting Queeny." The double used his stunned state to flip him over and tie his arms behind his back.

"What are you doing, Hollow?" He managed to growl out past his growing fear, trying to dispel black spots in his vision due to the mild concussion he suffered from the collision of his head and the building.

The double lifts him so he's sitting in the double's lap, with Ichigo's back held firmly against the hard chest of the creature behind him. "Isn't obvious Queeny," The double whispered in his ear. "I'm claiming ya, but you would probably consider this rape." He muses.

"Don't!" The orange head cried out angrily, fighting past his fear.

"You're mine Queeny. I'm just making sure ya know that. I'll make sure ta carve it on to ya body so ya can't forget." The doubles voice lowered turning more and more sinister with each uttered word. "'m neva gonna letcha forget."

Ichigo couldn't hold back a gasp of pain as his double bit into his shoulder, violently tearing at the flesh. Then he was pushed forward, his hakama pooling at his bent knees, one hand on his head forcing him to stay down. He heard the rustling of a fabric and then felt the doubles hardness pressing against his backdoor. He choked back a sob of pure horror. The bastard was going to make this hurt as much as possible. He screamed at the agony of the sudden violation.

"It has ta hurt." The double's voice sounded almost remorseful. "I have ta burn this moment inta ya soul. But I'll give ya a little present at the end of our session."

His double resumed his violent thrusts, grinding harshly before nearly pulling out all the way out, then pushing back in just as hard. With each thrust Ichigo cried out in agony until he couldn't think past the white hot pain. He wanted it to end. He wanted it to be over. At this moment he just wanted to give up. It seemed like hours. Hours of unending pain. Mind numbing agony, but not enough to knock him out.

Finally the double came; the hot, salty liquid burning the torn insides. His double pulled out, making Ichigo sob in relief.

"Shh. It's over now. Sleep and recover." He flinched as his double's hand ran through his hair in a gentle caress. "Just remember I-chi-go," the double drew out the syllables of his name, "you're mine."

Ichigo closed his eyes, wishing for death. Oh gods, he hoped he would die.

The double looked up to sky, a large grin stretching across his face at what he saw.

"Looks like ya really a Queen now."


Ichigo awoke to Shinji's face hovering over him. Ichigo was confused. What was he doing here?

"Ichigo, what the hell happened?"

"What…" That's right he was supposed to fight his hollow. He bolted up, hissing at the pain that shot up his spine. "I don't know. What happened out here?"

Shinji had a very serious expression as he stared at Ichigo. "You didn't hollowify which means you didn't fight your hollow, but you were in your inner world and we couldn't get you out. Then you started screaming."


"Ichigo you need to tell us what happened."

Ichigo nodded and attempted to stand only to yelp at the burning pain shooting up his spine.

"Shinji, I don't think I can move, never mind walk right now." He said calmly as he fell backwards.


"We didn't fight, but he was there waiting, he asked me why I came especially at this time of the year."

Hiyori gasped. "Shit! We forgot. Damn! Berry, what did your hollow do?" She asked quietly.

"You don't think…." Lisa asked before Ichigo could answer.

"That's exactly what I think. And if I'm right this could be really bad. Even the Berry doesn't deserve that fate."

Ichigo shifted again biting back another cry of pain. Then so softly they almost couldn't hear it, he whispered. "He… he raped me." Then Ichigo burst into tears. "Why?" He yelled. "Why?"

"And then he let you go without taking control?" Shinji clarified. "That doesn't make sense. All the others who were raped by their hollows became hollows. Why are you still in control, Ichigo?"

Ichigo turned his head away to avoid looking at them. "I don't know. I wanted to die, I wanted everything to end. And then he told me I was his and to never forget that."

"This is very important Berry. Did he bite you… never mind I'll find out myself." Hiyori said as she crossed the room in a blink. She kneeled down next to Ichigo, pulling his haori off his shoulders before he could react. Both she and Shinji stared at a ragged bite wound that had been barely hidden by his top.

"Shit. We were wrong. How the hell did your inner hollow become an arrancar?"

Ichigo blinked slowly. "What?"

"Hollows have little reason, and mostly operate on instincts. Arrancar have better reasoning and gain a little of their humanity back with the transformation. Not much, but enough, even if it's tainted by their time spent as a hollow."

"I don't know. He's always been like that. That still doesn't explain why…." He trailed off unable to finish his sentence breaking down into sobs again.

"Shinji, take him to Urahara's. We can't deal with this properly…" Lisa said quietly. "And stay with him just in case."

Shinji nodded lifting Ichigo into his arms, a bit disturbed at the blank expression that settled across the teenager's tear streaked face. He hoped Ichigo could recover from this. The kid had grown on him and he really preferred not to be forced to kill him.


The hollow within Ichigo's soul kept admiring the glow of a new soul in the inner world. It would be strong, it would survive. He could only hope. He hated that it was raining, but that was his fault so he really didn't have any right to complain. That didn't stop the old man though.

"Do you even regret the pain you put him through?"

"Yes, but it had to be done, even if he doesn't understand it."

"I wish I could say I hate you for this, but I can't hate what came of it. I also wish I could have killed you when you first entered this world and took Ichigo's form."

"I won't be here much longer. And it's not like I didn't help him."

"He should know the truth! You're not a part of him; you are just a parasite who took refuge in his soul so you could survive."

"Yes I did. I don't deny it. I'm a hollow; I do whatever I need to do in order to survive. That's my instinct. I intend to leave a portion of my power here when I leave. At least there's that. You're such a nag."

"I despise you hollow. You hurt that which I wish to protect. And you don't regret it at all! You're so smug, it sickens me!"

"I do regret hurting him, but I have to start early, he needs to fear me, so his true Vizard powers will grow. I had to break him so he could rebuild himself to be stronger than before. I don't regret doing what is necessary. Next time though, it will be about him. Only a few more weeks. Then I can really claim him, and take back my throne from that bastard Aizen. He's lucky that I wasn't there when he took over."

The zanpakuto spirit glared. "You're going to destroy him."

"Yes, I am. And then I'm going to rebuild him stronger than before. After all, he's the only one worthy of me." The hollow said smirking. "After all, he's my Queen."

Noriykoi: Well for now this is a one-shot. I do have an Idea for more but I don't know when I'll have the time to update. Hope you enjoyed.