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Chapter 16

For Ichigo the day was a good one: he was walking under his own power with very little pain and Shiro and Grimmjow were indisposed for the moment. He really couldn't believe that they had actually eaten that concoction and all it took was a little taunting on how only real men could eat a banana and hot sauce sandwich. Why was his gender so predictable?

He grinned wickedly at the sound of retching from the bathroom as he continued his trek toward the big black door that signified his temporary freedom, at least until those two dragged him back kicking and screaming. It would probably make Shiro either pissed or amused, depending on his mood after the close relationship with the white friend. Ichigo smirked knowing that it would most certainly just amuse the psychotic Arrancar. He simply didn't want to dwell on what would happen if he was pissed instead.

He stopped just a few feet from the door, looking down at the dirty clothes he was wearing. He blushed remembering why they were dirty in the first place. He immediately turned to the wardrobe to search for something decent and clean. Upon opening it, his eyebrow twitched in irritation. He let out a sigh and grabbed the white lined with red that was clearly Shiro's favored outfit. It was kind of big at the shoulders since Shiro had broader shoulders causing it to slip and ride low on his collarbone, but other than that the yukata fit just fine. Now in a clean outfit, he was ready to face the world outside the walls of Shiro's room with glee. Even if it was only for a short time.


Shiro lay by the garbage can, moaning in pain and growling at his own stupidity. He swore that he would never ever allow his pride to cause him to do something this stupid again. Grimmjow was in much the same state except he was hunched over the toilet with his head resting on the seat.

"For the record, Grimm-kitty, I blame you for this," Shiro groaned, "I will never again be curious about Queeny's eating habits nor will I let him bait me into . . . ." Shiro stopped mid-sentence just in time to empty what was left in his stomach into the garbage can. "Fuck me!" He whined.

Grimmjow gave a weak laugh before he replied, "Maybe later."

Shiro flipped Grimmjow off and groaned, his stomach rolling threateningly yet again. A few minutes later he was feeling better, when he noticed it. Shiro felt Ichigo's Soul Pressure somewhere outside of the room that they had left him in and from the feel of it he had left some time ago.

"Why, that conniving bitch!" His tone was harsh, yet in awe at Ichigo's pure guts.

Shiro was torn between being pissed at Ichigo for leaving the room without protection and being proud of his resourcefulness. He settled for proud, even though he was still somewhat pissed. Ichigo would have to be punished for putting himself into danger like this; Las Noches still had traitors lurking in the shadows, despite Grimmjow killing most of their numbers. Still Ichigo's pure nerve was something to be proud of in his Queeny.

Grimmjow noticing Shiro's tense posture took in the lack of Ichigo's Spiritual Pressure and grinned knowing that something entertaining was going to happen soon. Grimmjow knew that look from experience. Either someone was about to die or Shiro was thinking of punishment for someone who disobeyed him. As long as it wasn't him, he was in for some quality entertainment, but he knew for a fact it would be Ichigo suffering punishment this time.

"So how are we going to punish him?"

Shiro was thoughtful for a moment before a wicked grin broke out. "I have an idea."


Orihime blinked at the feel of Ichigo's Spiritual Pressure wandering aimlessly around. She looked up at her silent escort. He sighed at the unasked question, then adjusted their course. It wouldn't do to let the Kings' mate wander around in that condition anyway. Plus Orihime's smile made it worth it.

"Kurosaki-kun, you're alright!" She smiled as she approached him though she stopped short of touching him.

Shiro may not have said it when he delivered his warning, but she had a good feeling that he would not appreciate her touching what he considered his property. She had no wish to die at his hand, and she figured that was exactly what would happen if she did not heed his warning to an extreme degree.

Ichigo gave a small smile, happy to see that Orihime was okay. Well, as okay as one could be being locked up within the white walls of Las Noches. He briefly wondered about her hesitance, because she usually gave him a bone crushing hug at this point. He shrugged thinking nothing of it, this was Orihime after all, she was a bit of an airhead, and no one would deny that.

"Hey, Inoue. It's good to see . . ." he trailed off as his eyes caught the bite mark on her shoulder, and then softly asked, "Were you willing?"

He felt rage boiling to the surface. He could deal with being raped, he could deal with being kidnapped by two sadistic Arrancar, hell he could even, if only somewhat, deal with being pregnant, even if his masculinity was taking a steep dive. What he could not deal with was his friend suffering the same fate, because that would mean he had failed again, just like he had failed to protect his mother.

At first Orihime was clueless as to what he was asking, at least until she saw him fingering the bites on his shoulder.

"Oh," her face turned to face Ulquiorra questioningly, who was now sporting a faint spot of color on his nose. She turned to Ichigo and smiled brightly, "Of course, I was, Ichigo."

She flinched when Ichigo narrowed his eyes further instead of relaxing.

"And did you know what you were getting into?" His voice was icy as he turned his glare to Ulquiorra. "Because I highly doubt that he took the time to tell you, am I right? So did she know?"

Ulquiorra flinched slightly at the perceived threat. If Ichigo truly wished that he could go to Shiro and have something done to Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra knew he was on thin ice with Shiro as it was, just because he had genuinely served Aizen. But he knew now that Aizen was weak; he would not serve weak trash.

"She did not. I knew she was human, but I did not take that into account during our joining."

"Ulqui, don't say it like that!" Orihime said in worry stepping between them with her hands waving frantically, and her face red in obvious embarrassment.

"Ulqui . . . That is what is known as a nickname, correct?" Ulquiorra said in a lost tone, his attention completely on Orihime.

There was an awkward silence. After a few minutes, one of them interrupted the silence.

"At least you were honest," Ichigo choked out, still trying to comprehend Ulquiorra's bluntness. He was blunt, but he at least tried for subtle when it was needed, this guy wouldn't know subtle if it kicked him in the ass.

Ichigo's face was matching Orihime's in color at this point. Ulquiorra stared blankly.

"There is no reason for me to be dishonest. Orihime is my mate and you are my queen."

Ichigo winced, "Could you not call me that?"

"If that is what you wish, Kurosaki-sama."

Ichigo winced at the formality but let it slide. It was better than Queen. Shiro got away with it because there was nothing Ichigo could do to stop him. Everyone else however, he would beat to a bloody pulp.

"So, Kurosaki-kun, have they been treating you well?" Orihime asked thinking of his screaming echoing through Las Noches.

"Well enough, although they won't let me out of that damn room!"

"Really, but then why were you screaming last week? You didn't stop screaming for hours, it was horrifying."

Ichigo's hand went to his stomach. "Do you know why I am here? Why they brought me here?"

"Well," she said thoughtfully. "Shiro-san seemed like he was in love with you when we spoke. I would have to guess because he wanted you by his side!"

Ichigo let out a bitter laugh. "I'm pregnant and that bastard's the sire. He doesn't love me, I'm nothing more than a possession for him to own. A breeder to him and Grimmjow, and I don't even want to talk about what this has done to what little masculinity I had left. Damn that Shir . . . He is standing behind me isn't he?" He asked whining at the end taking in Orihime's star struck expression, and the fact that her gaze was locked on something just beyond his head. Shiro's amused cackle was all the answer he needed. At least it wasn't his pissed one. Oh fuck! He sweat dropped: he could already tell the differences between his cackles.

Ulquiorra immediately moved closer to Orihime, his hand coming to rest over the mark on her shoulder. His body language was very protective, even though he knew if his King wanted to do something to her, there was almost nothing he could do.

"Ohoo, congratulations, Ulquiorra, on taking a mate. I hope she is behaving for you unlike mine, who was not supposed to leave the room." Shiro said gleefully.

Ichigo winced as he caught the undertones in his voice. Well it looked like he was wrong about the cackle; Shiro was definitely pissed.

"She has been no trouble. I am satisfied with my choice. She will bear strong young, I am sure." Ulquiorra replied stoically.

Orihime turned to gasp at Ulquiorra's choice of words.

"I am sure that she will; now me and my mate must return to our chambers. Do enjoy your walk." Shiro cackled as Ulquiorra guided Orihime down the hall and farther away. "Now Queeny, let's discuss your impromptu stroll." His voice was hard and icy, but Ichigo could detect no anger and that terrified him.

"I'm. . . ."

"You're not." Shiro cut him off and started walking towards his rooms.

Ichigo clamped his mouth shut and started to silently trek after the albino. Even though he could have had Shiro drag him kicking and screaming, he did not because it would do him no good to do so and it would only amuse Shiro further. Ichigo started to contemplate it just to make Shiro calm down some.

"Do not even think about it. It would only annoy me further." Shiro growled without even looking back at him or pausing in his stride.

When they arrived back at the room, Grimmjow was already waiting and there was a new addition to the bed, shackles. He turned to stare at Shiro.

"You are now grounded Queeny, strip."

Ichigo had had enough at this point and said one single word, "No!"

Grimmjow laughed knowing that there was no stopping Shiro once he got something like this into his head from past experiences. Grimmjow shivered slightly at the memory.

"So defiant," Shiro whispered "But you do not have a choice."

Then he pulled Ichigo over to the bed. Ichigo desperately tried to pull away. He stopped cold as the first shackle closed around his ankle. Shiro took the opportunity to rid Ichigo of his clothes before shackling his wrists as well. Ichigo lay naked and chained to the bed. He pulled at the chains and whimpered, he had enough slack to move around, but he was effectively rendered unable to get off the bed. Damn

Shiro and Grimmjow! Damn them to the deepest pits of hell!

"I hate you." Ichigo rasped, voice thick with fear.

Grimmjow started rubbing soothing circles on Ichigo's back as Shiro began disrobing.

"Please don't." Ichigo begged.

"Quiet Queeny. You're being punished. Grimm-kitty, hold his head still." Shiro commanded.

The soothing circles stopped and Grimmjow held his head so he was staring right ahead and at Shiro's dripping cock. Ichigo shut his eyes trying to block out the image, until he was given a light smack on the cheek.

"Keep your eyes open I-chi-go. I want you to see every second of your punishment. Do it again and Grimm-kitty will smack you much harder," Shiro said lowly positioning his cock so that it was pressing against Ichigo's tightly closed lips. "Now suck. If you bite, you will regret it."

Then he thrust forward forcing his cock into Ichigo's mouth. Ichigo gagged, feeling tears prick his eyes. He didn't like it, but tentatively sucked unsure of what he was doing. He pulled back at a particularly hard thrust coughing and gasping for air. Shiro waited for a moment before grabbing his head and forcing his cock down Ichigo's throat.

Grimmjow let go of Ichigo's head as Shiro took over and moved his attention to Ichigo's semi-hard cock. The first stroke had him moaning around Shiro's cock. Shiro brought his other hand up to pet Ichigo's hair as he continued his violent thrust down Ichigo's throat.

"Yer really good at this, Queeny. If I didn't know better I would say you've done this before." Shiro said as his thrusts became even harder. "I am about to come. You will swallow."

Ichigo cringed at the salty taste of the cum. He tried to swallow it all but some dribbled down his chin. Grimmjow climbed up his body to clean up the mess left behind.

Ichigo pulled away and grabbed the bucket by the bed and threw up. He groaned.

"You looked so beautiful with yer face streaked with tears like that." Shiro commented while lazily stroking his erection so that it was hard again. "But I'm still horny, and your punishment is not over. Now I want you to watch."

Grimmjow backed away towards the door as quick as he could before Shiro decided to turn his attention to him. Grimmjow knew that tone and exactly what it implicated. Once again past experience came into play. The tone Shiro used meant that torture for Grimmjow was on its way even if it would be a good kind of torture. Last time Shiro used that tone… Grimmjow didn't even want to think about that again. It just meant really bad things for him. Grimmjow had just about reached the door when Shiro turned to look at him.

"Where do you think you are going?" Shiro demanded as Grimmjow's hand touched the door knob.

"I am not being a part of this," Grimmjow growled back as he moved the handle down to quicken his escape. "I am not doing that again. The last time you did that. . . ."

Grimmjow shut his mouth as soon as the door opened and rushed out of it. He was hoping for at least a second head start, but he knew that it was inevitable. All Grimmjow really wanted to do was burn off some of Shiro's bloodlust so that Grimmjow could come out of the upcoming disaster with minimal wounds rather than be confined to a bed rest for a week. The last time Shiro did something like this Grimmjow was stuck in his bed unable to move for three days, before Shiro repeated the process, and it went on like that for a couple of weeks. Grimmjow was pissed after that and like any semi sane person vowed that if it ever came to it again he would help Shiro burn the bloodlust a bit before the event.

Shiro stayed in the room for two seconds allowing HIS Grimm-kitty a small head start and a little bit of hope. As soon as the two seconds passed, Shiro ran from the room at medium speed and began to enjoy the chase. Shiro allowed Grimmjow to run away from him for a few hours but had started to tire of chasing the panther Arrancar around. Shiro finally made his move and grabbed the Arrancar around his waist as he made a leap to move to the higher levels. In less than a second, Grimmjow was being dragged back to the room by Shiro. He hissed and growled the whole way back to the room. When they reached the room, Shiro threw Grimmjow in and shut the door behind him. Shiro summoned a key and locked the door from the inside.

'Damn him, damn him. When in fucking hell, did he have that key made? He may be the Arrancar King but . . . . Fuck there is no escaping now,' Grimmjow thought with a growl.

Ichigo watched in shock at Shiro's actions. Apparently he wasn't Shiro's only victim, the fact that it was Grimmjow though actually made sense in a warped way. He stared wide eyed at their tousled and aroused state, causing his hard on that had faded with all the time Shiro spent chasing Grimmjow to come back full force. He groaned at the realization that his body was now addicted to sex. Damn those two bastards.

Shiro turned to Grimmjow with a smirk on his face before snapping his fingers causing the key to disappear until such time when he would summon it back. Shiro walked over to Ichigo and placed a gag in his mouth to keep him voicing his displeasure. Ichigo for his part grumbled internally realizing exactly what Shiro had meant when he said he wanted him to watch. How could such a good day end so badly? Oh right, because Shiro was apparently suffering from emotional constipation.

Shiro turned and stared at Grimmjow with a wider smirk than the one that was on his face less than a minute ago. For each step that Shiro took forward, Grimmjow took one back. A few steps later and Grimmjow's back was against the wall with less than two steps between the two Arrancar, as due to the height difference between the two, Shiro had longer legs and therefore could cover more distance in the same amount of strides.

In less than a second, Shiro closed the distance between them and started kissing Grimmjow. He pulled back and licked his lips before he came back and licked a trail down Grimmjow's jaw and back up again. Shiro's hands made their way down Grimmjow's chest tracing the contours of the muscles beneath the skin. The combined feeling of Shiro's tongue and hands had shivers going down Grimmjow's spine, fearful at first but they slowly started turning into shivers of pleasure.

Grimmjow brought his fingers up and started tracing them across the already naked arrancar's chest and stomach. Grimmjow pulled away fast when he heard a growl come from Shiro. If Grimmjow angered Shiro in this state, things would get worse than they already were going to be and a lot faster. And while he preferred bloodshed in the battlefield and occasionally in the bed, he didn't love it as much as Shiro. Grimmjow shivered again at the thought of how much blood he had lost the last time. It was enough to drench the area they had been in in the fluid, painting the whole place red.

Shiro grabbed Grimmjow's hands in a vice grip with his left hand and pinned them above their heads on the wall not allowing the panther Arrancar to move and touch as he would like. Shiro kissed Grimmjow a little harder on the lips before creating a wet path down Grimmjow's chin to his neck. Shivers of pleasure went down Grimmjow's spine and goose bumps traveled Grimmjow's neck and chest as Shiro breathed on the areas he traced with his tongue.

Grimmjow fought hard for Shiro to release his hands. The urge to run his claws down the Arrancar's chest was driving him crazy. Shiro nipped at the muscle near the hole in Grimmjow's stomach causing the Arrancar to moan as the sharp teeth nicked his skin. The moan turned into a gasp as Shiro's tongue moved over the slight wounds his teeth created. Grimmjow could feel the smirk that was on Shiro's face. Grimmjow growled in irritation as Shiro had already removed his pants but would not move any lower than Grimmjow's hole in the stomach.

Shiro smirked at his Grimm-kitty's impatience but continued to tease him in the same manner for a few more minutes before allowing his right hand to go down and play with Grimmjow's cock and balls while his left was still holding Grimmjow's hands tight, though to the side rather than above his head, to allow Shiro to go lower, while still preventing the blue haired Arrancar from sinking them into the albino's white hair. Grimmjow jerked at the first touch not really expecting it and thinking that Shiro would just continue to tease him endlessly. While his hands were working on Grimmjow's cock and balls, Shiro continued to nip and lick his way down Grimmjow's torso. By this time Grimmjow was shaking in pleasure and anticipation. Shiro's smirk got wider as Grimmjow whined when his lips got close to Grimmjow's cock but pulled away to trace the side of Grimmjow's thighs.

Grimmjow continued to shake and could feel his knees about to give out because of the level of pleasure he was receiving. When Shiro reached Grimmjow's knee he switched to the other side and worked his way back up. When Shiro's lips reached Grimmjow's cock once again he removed his fingers and replaced them with a cock ring. Grimmjow growled in irritation at being denied his own pleasure as he finally fell to his knees.

Shiro leaned in and whispered in Grimmjow's ear, "What kind of punishment would it be without any pain or loss, eh?"

Grimmjow growled angrily at him and paid no attention as Ichigo started to struggle hard against the bindings and gag. Mostly because Ichigo was so hard at this point it was physically painful. This really was a punishment, Ichigo thought bitterly. But what the hell did Grimmjow do that deserved punishment as well?

Ichigo's eyes widened as with a single swift movement, Shiro had Grimmjow on all fours and was on his knees behind him positioning his cock at Grimmjow's opening. Not even giving Grimmjow a second to adjust to the position he was in, Shiro pushed his way past Grimmjow's tight ring and grunted once he was fully seated. Shiro only paused for two short seconds to adjust to the tightness of Grimmjow's body before starting a rough and fast pace.

Grimmjow hissed and tried to pull out of Shiro's grasp, but Shiro only dug his nails into the flesh of Grimmjow's hips effectively holding Grimmjow in place. One wrong move and Grimmjow would be lying in a bed for two weeks waiting for the muscles of his hips to heal so he could walk without causing more damage.

Shiro picked up his pace and power. He was repeatedly hitting Grimmjow's soft spot forcing occasional unwilling moans to escape the Arrancar's mouth. Grimmjow forgot to leave his hands where they were on the ground and tried to run his claws down the back of the man behind him. Shiro grabbed Grimmjow's arms and ran his nails down Grimmjow's arms reminding him to keep them planted or suffer further punishment for his actions. This caused Grimmjow to hiss in pain but it soon turned into a loud moan as Shiro hit his soft spot once more and in just the right way.

Grimmjow was getting harder and harder but the cock ring would not allow him to cum and it was getting very painful for him. Shiro ignored the whine that was escaping from Grimmjow and continued with his unrelenting pace. A few minutes passed and Shiro was getting close to coming but Grimmjow was getting extremely aggravated with not being able to cum. In a last ditch effort, Grimmjow moved his hand as fast as he could but just as he was about to remove the cock ring Shiro grabbed his hand and held it to the floor.

Shiro grabbed the back of Grimmjow's neck with his teeth and bent Grimmjow's body forcefully. Grimmjow allowed his body to move as Shiro directed it. He didn't want to suffer from spinal cord damage after all, which he would if he did not move as Shiro wanted. Grimmjow growled at Shiro, but Shiro growled deeper and in an angrier tone causing Grimmjow to shut up. Shiro was tired of his Grimm-kitty moving and going against his wishes and commands. He would be severely punished for that last piece of disobedience. Shiro picked his pace up even more, unwilling to wait any longer for his finish. A few seconds later, Shiro came inside Grimmjow. Shiro released Grimmjow's neck and growled his release loudly. Grimmjow shivered hoping that now he would be allowed his release. Shiro pulled out of Grimmjow but kept a firm hold of him.

Shiro dragged Grimmjow over to a wall which had chains attached to it. Grimmjow had over looked these earlier and now he realized he should have paid more attention and maybe he could have escaped this fate. Shiro chained Grimmjow to the wall and took a few steps back to admire his handy work before moving back to Grimmjow and leaning to whisper in his ear.

"You should have been patient for a few more seconds Grimm-kitty. I would have allowed you to cum as soon as I finished with my own," Shiro taunted with a smirk. "Now be a good kitty while I take care of Queeny."

Grimmjow growled loudly and lunged forward at Shiro. Shiro shook his head and backed away a few steps just outside of the panther Arrancar's clawing range.

"You bastard, when I get out of these chains I am going to kick your ass," Grimmjow growled at Shiro.

"Ah, then I might just keep you there until we are sure," Shiro replied smirking wider than ever.

That gave Grimmjow a pause and through his angry haze he watched as Shiro moved towards the bed with Ichigo, who had managed to come just from watching them. He was panting hard, and groaning in relief. Grimmjow really couldn't blame him for it, as he was still young and unused to sexual activities, but damn if he wasn't jealous of the fact that the Strawberry got off and he couldn't because of Shiro's fucking cock ring. Fuck Shiro; wait what was that Shiro just said? Grimmjow started to do the math and hissed when he realized exactly what the sneaky ass bastard meant. The bastard wouldn't get his wish though and they both knew it. It wasn't the first time he had tried it, but it certainly wasn't the last. Damn bastard.

Shiro unchained and ungagged Ichigo before taking him out of the room and placing him in another.

"What the hell was that about?" Ichigo demanded in a loud tone. What the hell had Grimmjow done to get that kind of treatment?

"Do not push me tonight Queeny. You will find out soon enough," Shiro replied before walking out of the room and locking the door. "Are you willing to share his punishment? Yours is over after all. For now at any rate. I may have to revisit it in the morning if you misbehave, so please do misbehave."

Ichigo felt fear shoot down his spine. What the hell was with Shiro and his kami damned mood swings: one minute he could be sweet and caring (for him anyway) and the next he punished everyone around in anger, it was almost like he had a split personality. At any rate Ichigo was sure he was mentally unstable, and he was sacred for what that could mean for him and the cubs. So he remained silent, and decided to be on his best behavior for a couple of days. Grimmjow's treatment at Shiro's hands was a very obvious warning to Ichigo of what would happen to him once the cubs were born, if he misbehaved. It was a warning he was going to heed for a little while at least. He was almost relieved that he was pregnant at this point. Almost.

When Shiro returned to his room, he saw Grimmjow staring at the ceiling. He appeared to be thinking of the implications of Shiro's words. Shiro knew that soon enough Grimmjow would ignore it in favor of his current situation. It always took Grimmjow just a few minutes to remember his current predicament.

When Grimmjow finally came back to reality, he saw Shiro standing there watching him with amusement and smugness written all over his face. Grimmjow hissed and growled at Shiro for a few moments wanting the bastard to at least remove the cock ring which was still in place.

"Behave and I shall remove it in the morning," Shiro ordered causing Grimmjow to shut up for a while.

An hour later, Grimmjow was aggravated with having no release for so long. The cock ring would not let him cum but it also would not let him calm any either. So Grimmjow decided to switch tactics from aggression to whining. If being aggravated would not get him out of this situation, why not try being the opposite. A few seconds of Grimmjow whining for release had Shiro laughing amusedly which was not what Grimmjow wanted but it soon got him the desired result - a few minutes of Grimmjow whining and Shiro stepped forward deciding to have some mercy on the panther Arrancar. Shiro tightened the chains before removing the cock ring. The albino decided to be a bit more generous and began sucking Grimmjow's cock. It only took a minute or two in order for him to make Grimmjow cum. Shiro swallowed it all and backed away from Grimmjow to sit against the wall across from his Grimm-kitty. Grimmjow slowly came down from his high only to realize that he was still chained to the wall. Grimmjow looked over to Shiro and growled in irritation, wordlessly demanding Shiro release him. Shiro just smirked and walked out of the room leaving Grimmjow to stew.

"I'll let you go in the morning. I think that will be adequate revenge for you for opening your big mouth and giving us food poisoning. I hope you enjoy sleeping alone tonight. I'm gonna go and cuddle with Queeny now." Shiro threw over his shoulder.

Grimmjow gapped in disbelief. All of this over a little food poisoning which was technically Ichigo's fault? That kami damned bastard! When he got out of this he was so kicking Shiro's ass. Regardless of the fact that he's never technically won against the bastard, but there was a first time for everything.



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